The vodka market in the US is hot, and the flavored Vodka market is an even hotter subset. That's why, in 2010, Swig Spirits rolled out it's first Sin Spirits brand by releasing it's first product... Behold, Vodgria! Vodgria was the first, and only, vodka with sangria flavor. Made with Ultra Premium Vodka then infused with the exotic and enticing flavors of Sangria, this spirit is sure to add flavor & passion to your next drink. To learn more about Vodgria, check out their website, www.sinspirits.com.
  • Vodgria Highball Recipe

    Vodgria Highball

    1. Mix all ingredients together. 2. Serve over ice. To purchase your bottle of Vodgria, visit www.sinspirits.com.
    By : Vodgria

  • Bellini Vodgrini Martini Recipe

    Bellini Vodgrini Martini

    1. In a martini shaker, mix ice, Vodgria and Peach Liqueur and shake until frothy 2. Strain into a martini glass 3. Top off with Champagne 4. Garnish with Raspberries If you would like to...
    By : Vodgria