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Best "how To" Vines Compilation - December 2013

Howdini scoured the web for the best how to compilation of Vine videos of 2013, and what a year it's been! Here are 10 of our favorites. - 98.9665

How To Make A Creamy Herb Dipping Sauce

This versatile sauce makes a delightful dip for fresh-cut veggies, breads, or a variety of snack chips. Food Channel expert Cari Martens shares her recipe for a creamy herb dipping sauce. - 99.2665

How To Make First-down Dip

This crave-able, hot and hearty recipe takes "chips & dip" to the goal line with the ultimate combination of crumbly bleu cheese and smoky-sweet bacon. Food Channel's Cari Martens shares her recipe for first down dip. - 99.6326

How To Make Dark Chocolate Caramel Almond Candy

A recipe with almonds, sea salt, chocolate and caramel in its name has to be delicious. Food Channel expert Cari Martens shares her recipe for a treat that will make you the hit of any party. - 99.6949

How To Make Cayenne Pepper Pecans

With a sweet and salty balance and a kick of cayenne, it's everything you crave in a snack wrapped up in a handful of pecans! Food Channel expert Cari Martens shows you how to make cayenne pepper pecans. - 99.8227

How To Choose Between Worm-drive And Sidewinder Circular Saws

When it comes to circular saws, many carpenters have both worm-drive and sidewinders for different applications. So, what is the difference between these two styles of saw? Fine Homebuilding's Justin Fink explains - it's all in how you prefer to work! - 112.043

How To Make A Caesar Salad

Life is too short for bottled Caesar dressing! Using a few ingredients that you already have at home, make your own dressing that turns an everyday salad into a special occasion. Food Channel's Cari Martens shares her recipe for a delicious Caesar salad. - 100.202

How To Choose A Finish Nailer

Most carpenters probably use the full range of pneumatic nail guns, but can't the average homeowner get by on one or two sizes? Fine Homebuilding's Justin Fink shows you how to choose a finish nailer. - 115.713

How To Choose A Circular Saw

Sidewinder circular saws are relatively simple. Aside from the need for lots of cutting power, it's the features that separate one saw from the next. Fine Home-building expert Justin Fink shows you what to look for when choosing a circular saw. - 116.097

How To Avoid Talking Too Much

How do you know if you talk too much? Avoid coming across as a chatterbox with these great tips from communication expert Alexa Fischer. - 110.728

How Rising Intonations Can Project Uncertainty

Rising intonation in your speech can make you seem unsure of what you're saying. Project confidence every time you speak with these tips from communication expert Alexa Fischer. - 111.01

How To Talk To Someone You Don't Like

We may not always like the person we're talking to, but we can keep the conversation flowing by remaining neutral and maintaining space. Communication expert Alexa Fischer shows us how. - 111.289

How To Start A Conversation

A great conversation begins with genuine interest. Communication expert Alexa Fischer explains this approach and suggests some conversation starters! - 110.349

How To Increase The Power Of Your Presence

Your presence speaks before you do. Communication expert Alexa Fischer shares how to be conscious of the energy you project, and how to let your inner light shine. - 111.068

How To Unmold Custards And Flans

Unmolding flans and custards is no easy task! Running a knife around the edges often leaves a massacred mess. Fine Cooking's Nicki Sizemore shows you a neat and simple unmolding technique. - 115.391

How To Sharpen A Knife On A Coffee Mug

When it comes to cooking, one of the most annoying things to deal with is a dull knife. If you don't have a sharpening tool at home, there's still hope! Fine Cooking's Nicki Sizemore shows you a neat trick -- how to sharpen a knife with a coffee mug! - 116.812

How To Roast Garlic

Roasting garlic used to be a messy business. Fortunately, that's all in the past! Fine Cooking's Nicki Sizemore shares a better, neater way to roast garlic. - 119.007

How To Squeeze Spinach

The problem with squeezing spinach dry is the condition of your kitchen towel in the aftermath. Avoid bright green stains by using this handy technique to squeeze spinach cleanly from Fine Cooking's Nicki Sizemore. - 115.585

Best Cleaver Knife

High Quality Cleaver review. Our knives are rated #1, hand made and they stay sharp longer than most knives. Chef blocks and chopping boards made in USA. - 103.011

How To Make Cut-out Cookies That Keep Their Shape

Making Christmas cut-out cookies can be frustrating! When dough sticks to the sides of the cutter, it can result in armless gingerbread men and broken trees. Fine Cooking's Nicki Sizemore shares a great technique to help your Christmas cookies keep their... - 116.27

How To Make An Easy Mustard-jar Vinaigrette

It's impossible to entirely empty a mustard jar, and mustard vinaigrette is a delicious salad dressing. Can you guess where we're headed? Fine Cooking's Nicki Sizemore shows you how to make an easy mustard-jar vinaigrette. - 111.584

How To Roll A Roulade Cake

Roulade cakes are a delicious treat but can seem complicated to make. Fine Cooking expert Shelley Wiseman shows you how to delicately roll a roulade cake using a helpful pre-rolling technique that she developed. - 111.491

How To Wrap A Whole Chicken In Pastry

There are so many delicious ways to cook chicken that it can be impossible to choose one. This video will make your choice easier! Fine Cooking's Shelley Wiseman shows you how to wrap a whole chicken in pastry. - 111.876

The Procrastinator's Guide To Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but you're nowhere near ready! Here are 10 tips to create some last-minute holiday magic. From gift giving and decorating to getting glam and party prep, Howdini how-tos help you do more than trim the tree! - 96.1435

How To Make Toasted Coconut Snowball Cupcakes

Everybody loves cupcakes! These delicious, tiny treats are just the right size to satisfy a craving--if you can manage to eat just one! Fine Cooking expert Abigail Johnson Dodge shares her recipe for toasted coconut snowball cupcakes. - 103.783