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Raw Food And Personal Faqs - Part 1

I've been getting lots of questions about eating raw food, how to live a healthy life beyond diet, and about my own personal situation. In this FAQ video I tackle a bunch of those questions. I talk about: 1) How I gained about 20 pounds of muscle on a... - 100.455

Quick Burn Hip Series

These 3 bodyweight exercises will have your hips and thighs burning! Try this quick series and let us know how you do. - 106.685

The Best Pilates Exercises For Toning Your Arms

Trim, tighten and tone your arms with this classical Pilates method fitness video. Lose inches all over with Pilates. - 98.322

Exercise And Fitness Video: Pilates Abs

Try this excellent abs workout that you can do in 5 minutes ! - 93.9254

Sexy Pilates Workout Side Leg Series

Our fitness host turned model, Sarah Dussault brings you a slimming Pilates side leg series that's quick and simple. You can do it anywhere! This free fitness video is best for toning and lengthening the legs, butt and thighs. The Pilates Side Leg Series is... - 101.094

The Best Pilates Core Workout

This is the best Pilates core workout video and also the hardest! Try this Pilates total abs and core workout that you can do in five minutes! - 102.971

Talking Pisco With Junior Merino - Aotd 81

Here's one from the vaults that was never released! Junior Merino and I visit the Pisco Porton distillery in Ica, Peru, for the brand launch, and I have the chance to get his take on all things Pisco! - 87.562

Betty's Quick Tip 117- How To Make Apple Matchsticks

In this video, Betty demonstrates a Quick Tip: How to Make Apple Matchsticks. This is a great way to display fruits and vegetables in salads. - 110.825

Online Safety Tips: Paid Vs Free Antivirus Software

With so many anti-virus softwares available, it is important to recognize the difference between free and paid services. While free programs may seem attractive, research the market and know your needs to ensure you have the right protection. - 111.889

Online Safety Tips: Malware, Adware, Spyware, And Viruses

Protect yourself online by knowing the basics and recognizing the warning signs. Backing up your information as well as anti-virus scanners and software can provide security from malware, phishing, and other cyber threats. - 111.425

Online Safety Tips: Do Apple Computers Need Antivirus Software

Even though Apple computers cannot be infected by Windows viruses they are still susceptible to other cyber threats. Enhance your apple security and experience with effective antivirus software. - 111.073

Best Android Apps & Tips To Keep Your Device Secure - Online Safety Tips

Android smartphones provide amazing connectivity and convenience but this accessibility and customization but can come at the price of personal security. Mobile security software can provide the safeguards you need for your device and information. - 111.58

How To Prevent Online Identity Theft

"The Safety Mom" Alison Rhodes has some easy ways to protect your family online. Keys for password protection and safety software with personal firewall and anti-phishing features can help prevent identity theft and other cyber threats. - 111.633

How To Talk To Your Kids About Online Safety - Online Safety Tips

"The Safety Mom" Alison Rhodes shares key topics for protecting online security and privacy for your kids. Educate them on the dangers of sharing information and use training tools and parental controls to show them only the good sides of the internet. - 112.154

Best Android App To Ensure Safe App Downloads - Online Safety Tips

The convenience of an open applications market for your android device has led to a heightened threat of security. Good judgement and attention to detail are a few tips for good practice to ensure trusted apps that keep you protected. - 111.968

Pet Safety: Top Tips For Winter

It's fun to play in the snow with puppies and kittens, but the cold weather can take its toll on our pets! It's up to us to keep our cats and dogs safe and healthy by following these top tips from Howdini. - 96.1672

Online Safety Tips: How To Keep Your Family Safe Online

"The Safety Mom" Alison Rhodes has tips for limiting risks for your kids online. Educate yourself and them about the reality of the danger, set rules and parental controls and use security software to protect them from phishing and other threats. - 112.057

Online Safety Tips: How To Detect & Remove Viruses From Your Pc

Detecting the symptoms of an infected computer and taking the right steps can help you fix and remove viruses on your own, from the comfort of home. Proper back-up and anti virus software can help protect you from losing important information. - 112.065

Online Safety Tips: How To Choose The Best Antivirus Software For You

Enjoy and explore the internet freely and securely by choosing the best antivirus software for your computer. Knowing your needs and operating system as well as research are the keys to protecting yourself from viruses and other cyber threats. - 111.915

90 Second Circuit Training Workout

This 90-second circuit cruises through 3 upper body exercises, for 30 seconds each. These exercises will target your back, chest and core, while helping you burn fat by keeping your heart rate elevated. - 111.474

Workout Without Equipment: Legs Day

Wendie Pett demonstrates 3 surprising tension exercises for your legs and lower body (glutes, hamstrings, quads) that you can try right now, because they require no equipment at all. Find out what it means to workout with your mind! - Runner's stance with... - 108.806

Buy Jackfruit

Todays Chefs are using dried fruits to energize their menus! A little goes a long way towards adding flavor to many menu items! Salads, Desserts, Stuffings, Sauces, Baked Goods and more! These are one of the best snack foods! Exceptional taste and flavor! We... - 98.3764

Spatula Reviews

Our high quality stainless steel Offset Fish Spatula Turner is a must for every serious cook. This turner features a solid medium flexible stainless steel blade with black hardwood handle. Use this 18/10 stainless steel spatula to simplify lifting and turning... - 100.246

Kyoto Knife

Tamahagane Kyoto Knife,handmade in Japan just like real Katana Swords. - 93.6781

Ginsu Knife Review

Make your #Ginsu knives #sharper in only seconds. Click link for Chef Knife reviews. Amazing knives, whetstones, strops, made in USA. - 98.5877