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Smith & Wollensky Liquid Lunch

Nothing warms you on a crisp, cool day like a hot bowl of soup followed by a tender, hearty meal. That's the concept behind Smith & Wollensky's new feature menu promotion, the "Liquid Lunch." Song courtesy of Caro Emerald. - 103.84

How To Be A Better Public Speaker

Make your speeches more powerful with the use of thought bubbles! Communication expert Alexa Fischer explains how to connect key points without using a script for a more natural, engaging presentation. - 103.32

3 Equipment-free Exercises

Wendie specializes in bodyweight only exercises, and she's got 3 of her favorites to share with you today. These are exercises you can do anywhere, anytime - with only your body as your gym! - 99.5227

Green Onion Flowers

hef Demo ; Green Onion Flowers. Get cooking and use the right tools. - 105.894

How To Get Closer To Your Tween

The years between childhood and adolescence have their own set of issues. Children are often just as confused as you are by their conflicting desires. One minute they're playing with dolls, the next minute they're worrying about menstruation. Writer Carol... - 97.7801

How To Help Teen Boys And Girls Through Puberty

Parents may groan at the thought of their children reaching puberty, but it's no picnic for the kids, either. Carol Weston has written two books about girls, and is the longtime advice columnist for Girls' Life magazine. Here's her advice on how parents can... - 96.6076

How To Nurture A Healthy Body Image In Girls

If it's even possible to imagine, the pressure on girls to be thin and beautiful is getting worse. Their lives are awash in celebrity body bashing and impossible standards of beauty. Parents need to help nurture a healthy body image in girls. Here's advice on... - 97.9301

How And When To Talk To Your Kids About Sex

You know you have to talk to your children about sex at some point, but when is it really the right time? What should you say? These are good questions for Carol Weston, who's written several books on girls and teens, including "Girl Talk: All the Stuff Your... - 100.855

How To Get Kids To Eat Healthy Snacks - Healthy Snacks For Kids

Kids are gonna snack--but snacks don't have to be junk food. Author and dietitian Elizabeth Somer has great ideas to help you get your kids to eat healthy snacks. Encouraging kids to eat healthy snacks * 25% of your children's calories come from the food... - 104.495

Teaching Kids Money Management - How To Teach Kids About Money

How do you talk to your kids about money? Best selling personal finance author David Bach says it's never too early to teach them the value of money, and that includes how to earn it, save it, and give some of it away. - 96.1309

How To Get Kids Away From Video Games

Do you worry that your kids are spending far too much time on violent video games, and not nearly enough time on games that stimulate their imaginations? Toy expert Chris Byrne has some tips for getting kids away from video games. - 96.012

How To Increase Emotional Intelligence In Girls

Many people think that because girls tend to focus on their relationships with friends and others, that they have more emotional intelligence. Not so, says author Rachel Simmons, who wrote Odd Girl Out. Girls need parents' help to learn how to handle feelings... - 96.673

How To Teach Girls To Be Assertive

Good girls often have a hard time getting what they want because they're not comfortable with asking for it. But, girls who drive hard for what they want can be seen as mean. Rachel Simmons shares how to teach girls to be assertive without being aggressive. - 100.498

How To Protect Your Daughter From Cyber Bullying

With kids on the Internet in so much of their spare time, bullying has moved from the playground to cyberspace. And some cyber-bullying is extremely hurtful. Author Rachel Simmons has some advice on how to protect your daughter from cyber-bullying. - 99.9994

How To Teach Your Daughter Not To Bully

It may be unthinkable that your sweet little girl could be a bully, but bullies have parents too; so its not impossible. What can you do? First, get some good advice from Rachel Simmons, author of Odd Girl Out. - 99.8798

How To Help Your Daughter Deal With School Bullies

How would you handle it if your daughter were being bullied? You'd be outraged, of course, but before you call the school, listen to Rachel Simmons, author of Odd Girl Out. - 99.2709

How To Choose Toys For Your Kids

How many times have you gone to great lengths to get your child the hot new toy, only to find it abandoned in a pile with all of his other stuff? Here's some advice from toy expert Chris Byrne on how to buy toys that aren't just fads. - 96.4123

Cheese Knife Block

Chef is preparing a simple cheese tray on one of his favorite magnetic cheese boards. - 106.071

How To Set A Beautiful Harvest Thanksgiving Table

Bring the colors of the season indoors to set a festive harvest table. Floral and interior designer Rebecca Cole decorates her family table with flea market finds and treasures from the outdoors. - 98.9739

Formal Table Setting - How To Set A Table

Setting a formal table is more than just knowing where the salad fork goes. It's paying attention to the small details that add up to a gracious experience. Watch how designer Rebecca Cole sets an elegant table. Formal table setting - How to set a... - 100.155

Fat-burning Kettlebell Progression

Here are 3 fat-burning progressive exercises you can do with a kettlebell. Pay close attention to form! These exercises will seriously ramp up your heart rate to help you create some awesome muscle and burn fat faster. - 107.783

Trimming And Tying Your Whole Holiday Tenderloin By Wegmans

Wegmans Executive Chef Russell Ferguson demonstrates the step-by-step process of trimming and tying a whole tenderloin. - 106.173

Three Stone Sharpener

Testing out the Tri Stone Sharpening System. Order one on the website. Update your kitchen with thousands of other Chef tools for Pro Chefs and Gourmet Cooks. - 106.993

Buy Chefs Choice

Chefs Choice Sharpener Reviews for fast and easy Knife Sharpening for all your kitchen knives. - 106.19

How To Clean Tenderloin

How to easily clean tenderloin. Watch the other videos for recipes. This method works on beef, pork, venison too. Subscribe for more Chef recipes and useful kitchen tips. Global boning knife = a flexible razor. - 107.602