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Porn Star Joslyn James Gets Nasty @ Millions Of Milkshakes

Porn Star Joslyn James who happens to be Tiger Woods *th Mistress was caught in action at Millions of Milk Shakes showing off some sexy poses. - 121.582

Six Week Slim Down Series - Week 2

This is the 2nd part of six Week Slim Down Series by Sarah, the host of and body transformation expert Stephen showcasing exercises for the second week. These are basically same exercises as done for week 1 but with extra weights and more crunch for... - 113.739

Culinary Olympics Germany - Usacat - Us Army Culinary Arts Team

The U.S. Army Culinary Arts Team competes against 13 foreign military teams during the World Culinary Olympics, Oct. 19 - 22, in Erfurt, Germany. - 101.767

News Canada: The Skinny On Tofu

What's high in protein, rich in calcium and gives you a health boost? Tofu! - 120.916

News Canada: Seasoned Seafood

Whether it's for your daily meal with the family or a fancy feast with guests, here are tips for selecting fish and seafood and preparing with spices, blends, marinades or batters. - 121.639

Six Week Slim Down Series - Week 3

If you are following six Week Slim Down Series by Sarah, the host of and body transformation expert Stephen, it’s time to move on to the next level of exercise. As Sarah says, if you are not yet ready you can stick on to the last week's exercise.... - 113.539

How Pav Bhaji Is Made At A Stall At Juhu Chowpatty In Mumbai

Do you wanna prepare Pav Bhaji for your family? It is a very popular food in India that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Watch out the video shot by Vikas and learn how to make delicious Pav Bhaji. - 148.221

What 26 Days Of Fasting Did To Me

After 26 days of fasting in Costa Rica and 13 more days of recovery, I'm back home and ready to talk about the experience. In this video I talk about the visual changes to my body. - 105.624

The Practical Way To Lose Fat

Losing fat is not difficult. I have been coaching clients to break through plateaus and send their fat cells running for cover for years now. So why does this continue to be an elusive goal for so many people, who "struggle" just to lose a few inches? We can... - 122.465

What Should I Eat Organic And What's Ok Not To Eat Organic? Stacey Hawkins 2/7/13

Join Chef Stacey Hawkins from Time Savor Solutions as she takes your questions and answers your toughest household challenges saving you time, money and allowing you to take great care of those your love. Time Savor TV, the place to be for a home and a life... - 104.393

Pairing Cheese With Pinot Noir Wine

The source of ingredients is paramount to making great cheese and great wine. Cows fed on fresh, organic grasses, flowers and herbs produce amazing milk that, in turn, helps to create award winning, beautiful cheeses. The same goes with wine and the grapes... - 121.576

How To Make Roasted Garlic

Video shows you how to make roasted garlic. Chef's favorite cutting boards. These are NSF certified. The right choice for professionals. - 120.091

Mastering The Art Of Chinese Cooking

Meet the ultimate Chinese cook Eileen Yin-Fei Lo who has mastered Chinese cuisine for decades. She is a passionate cook who loves to eat good food and cook it right. She has come up with a book “Mastering the Art of Chinese Cooking” with intricate details... - 150.056

How To Access Nutrition On The Go

Unable to decide which restaurant meal or dish would be a healthy option? Well, this video is a news episode which shows a technology that helps one access nutrition of restaurant food on the go. It’s free of cost and covers 1700 restaurants in US. So,... - 145.304

Raw Vegan Vs. Bacon On Great Day Houston

If you think you can not live without meat, this video would definitely make you think. Watch Mr. Bacon lover in this video relishing bites of raw vegan dish prepared by Kristina and learn about the benefits of being a raw foodie and how you can implement it... - 133.518

Wegmans How To Cut A Pepper

Ever wonder how to cut up a pepper the right way? Wegmans Executive Chef Mark Makovec shows you his secrets for nice even slices not the curved "c" shape slices we all seem to get. Better looking and better for cooking! - 132.473

Celebrity Chef Visits Uss The Sullivans

Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine whipped up a treat for the culinary specialists of USS The Sullivans when he came aboard to teach the ship's cooks how to cook. - 95.4335

The 5 Keys To Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is about more than calories or following the latest dietary fad. Trends come and go. Healthy bodies have been around for thousands of years. By embracing your individuality, and learning how to apply the five keys of healthy eating to your own... - 119.366

First-time Gift Offer: Special Wooden Six-bottle Wine Box

Second-generation vintner John Jordan announces the limited-production, six-bottle, wooden wine box for Jordan Estate Rewards members. This special gift box features three bottles each of Jordan current release Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. - 119.142

Total Calories In A Thanksgiving Dinner

If you think Thanksgiving is just a day to add calories, here is a video that shows how much of calories a typical thanksgiving dinner would have. Sarah is not unrealistic when she says one can easily consume up to 4500 calories in 1 day. She has her... - 143.778

Reinventing The Pbj Sandwich

Peanut butter sandwiches go down more smoothly when there's a third ingredient in the mix. That ingredient is most often jelly, of course, but it doesn't have to be. There is definitely life beyond jelly. Why settle for an ordinary PBJ Sandwich? Join the... - 134.114

Favorite Valentine's Day Booty Lifting Workout

Try this booty lifting workout featuring Hanneke and Sarah to get your tush lifted for the romantic holiday! - 114.189

Six Week Slim Down Series - Week 4

If you are enjoying the six Week Slim Down Series by Sarah, the host of and body transformation expert Stephen, you are half way though reaching your goals. In this video, as always Sarah is moving ahead with heavier weights and slightly more intense... - 111.194

Full Body Dynamic Warm-up

Warm up your body in all three planes of motion - not just the "forward and back" motion that your typical warm ups may include. Try this dynamic warm up to get your whole body ready for a workout! - 116.474

Magnetic Knife Tool Holder

Razor sharp knives, made in Japan. Chopping blocks, made in USA. Enhance your kitchen with quality tools. - 117.247

Revamping Of Purnima Dillions Restaurant

The name Purnima Dillions restaurant suggests that it's an Indian restaurant, however it's not! It's owned by an American. His restaurant wasn't doing well in the past. He hired an Indian chef and then everything is history. Let's watch the video and know all... - 148.085

Chicken Tikka Masala

You must be drooling after watching this video showing the celebrity chef Vikas Khanna, preparing the Chicken Tikka Masala in his own kitchen. He has some special tips and techniques, which he uses to cook this delicate dish in his style. All of you having a... - 142.574

Custom Pepper Mill

Baseball and other Pepper mill reviews, 1000 pepper grinders in stock, fresh peppercorns, in stock, free shipping. - 117.682

Culinary Certification

This video showcases the importance of the American Culinary Federation certificate. It also covers the views of some of the certified chefs of American navy. - 94.4459

Correct Method For Using Tattler Reusable Canning Lids

Here I describe the proper way to use Tattler Re Usable Canning lids. This lids are perfect for preserving the harvest or for making your favorite sauces, soups, stews. - 118.408

Yoga 102 Basic Back Care With Konstanze Wegman

Konstanze Wegman (aka Stency) is a Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor and created this Basic Back Care Yoga 102 DVD. - 109.085

Microplane Grater Zester

Graters for Chefs and Cooks. Burger Press, Grinders, Sausage Making Tools. Knife Sets. Great knives are razor sharp, in stock, made in Seki City, Japan & Germany. Our USA made chopping blocks are sweet to chop on, these are in stock. - 118.093

Circulon - See What's New

Sneak Peek from the International Home and Housewares Show - we're coming to you live and getting a personalized tour of the latest kitchen products. - 105.47

How To Pair Rum And Cheese

Ed Hamilton of likes his rum. Especially those rums made in Martinique. He also happens to love cheese and be a friend of Barrie Lynn, The Cheese Impresario. In this episode, Ed shows Barrie Lynn how to make a Ti' Punch, an every day... - 109.046

Betty's Daughter And Grandson Color Easter Eggs -- Easter☼

In this video, Betty's daughter, Chelsea, and grandson, Carter, demonstrate how to color eggs for Easter. HAPPY EASTER, EVERYONE!!! - 119.881

2013 Lunar New Year Meal

Ever wondered how the Korean Lunar New Year is celebrated? What kind of dishes would be served at the table. Korean cooking being vibrant and colorful the New Year table can be no exception. Aeri from Aeri's kitchen lets you have a sneak peek at the dishes... - 122.846

Making Martini,margarita And Classic Manhattan

Guests coming over? Why not start the party wit 3Ms? These Ms stand here for martini, margarita and classic Manhattan. Learn in this video how to make these three cocktail drinks and also know why people these days are drinking vodka martinis instead of gin... - 110.788

New Kitchen Knife Sets

Quality Japanese and German knife reviews. USA made Chef blocks and chopping boards. Knife sharpeners and more. - 111.656

How To Avoid Sugar

Learn some inspiring tips on how to avoid fat by ultimately avoiding sugar. Sugar is the end byproduct of every food being processed in your body, be it cereal, junk foods, or breads. This is the secret of losing weight, avoid these foods, and replace them... - 142.593

Six Week Slim Down Series - Week 1

Want to see yourself slim and sexy? Watch this video six Week Slim Down Series - Week 1 to find out the exercises that you can do to get started. These are 3 simple exercises to be done 2 times a week and Sarah and Stephen give a demo with some important tips... - 107.957

News Canada: Wine 'n Dine

Dinner party success with simple tips that are sure to impress! - 107.28

How To Clean Trout

Before you can make that wonderful stuffed trout recipe you’ve been dreaming about, you have work to do. Chef Becky Selengut shows us how to clean and debone trout so it’s one step closer to the table. - 128.689

Quick & Effective Tip For Strong Abs And Flatter Tummy! Ep45

Everyone desires a firm and flat tummy. But despite of intense exercising and work out, people often struggle to shed that stubborn fat on their abs. Is it all about exercising and dieting? Natasha shares few tips which will help you achieve that perfect... - 109.944

My 1st Live Google Hangout

Hope to hangout with you all soon!!! - 98.6858

Courtney Stodden Stuns In A Lettuce Bikini

Vegan Hottie and Reality Star Courtney Stodden showed off her ample chest as she posted for Photographers at a PETA event. The big chested pop singer arrived in a lettuce bikini to promote veganism. What do you think of her attire. - 116.223

Chef's Kitchen Testimonials

TV chefs comment on the Chef's Kitchen facilities. - 109.746

The Super Bowl Push Up Challenge

Try this Super Bowl Push Up Challenge before the big game! This Pilates move is a challenging, advanced exercise move. If you don't have a Pilates circle, try using a block instead or just do regular push ups! - 116.013

Sashimi Knives

Amazing hand made knives, made in Japan. Chopping blocks, made in USA. Enhance your kitchen with these quality tools. - 115.329

Six Week Slim Down Series - Week 5

If you are following six Week Slim Down Series and have some doubts, it will be clarified in this video. In this Week 5 episode, before showing the week 5 exercises, Sarah and Stephen answer a few queries from their viewers and then move on to the demo.... - 106.066

Chicken Biryani

Sanjeev Kapoor the most reputed Indian chef explains the nuances of preparing a classic Chicken Biryani recipe. Chicken Biryani is the most highly prized food item in social gatherings, parties, or wedding, presented here in most comfortable, and easy to make... - 97.5297

Mixology: Samuel Adams Brewery Manager Explains The Boston Lager

The Boston Lager was introduced in 1984 - it is complex and got a good balance between the malt and the hop. The great amber color, the citrus and pine notes to it, is something which is unique. The bubbles drives the aromas up at the top so that you can... - 115.947

Kamikaze Cookery - Normal Person Vs Nigella (part 2)

Kamikaze Cookery is testing celebrity chefs. In this video, he is talking about double apple pie made by food porn queen Nigella Lawson and a normal person. Watch out this video to know how to make double apple pie by celebrity chefs. - 128.186

Fresh Ground Chuck For The Microwave

Certified Angus Beef brand ground chuck for the microwave. A fresh, flavorful, no-mess meal option available in the meat department! Real Fast, Real Good! - 123.134

Interview With Drew Edelmeyer Of Nora's Wine Bar

The Food Channel had a chance to sit down with the manager of Nora's and speak to him about the Nora's experience and what separates it out from other Italian restaurants. - 100.358

Quick And Healthy Snacking Ideas

Snacking plays a crucial role in the success of a healthy diet. Managing hunger is challenging, and selecting the right snacks can help to manage hunger. Watch Registered Dietitian, Erin Chaloux as she shares some of her, very cool snacking ideas. - 108.124

Sipping Chocolate With Askinosie Chocolate And Intellegentsia

Askinosie Chocolate paired with Intelligentsia Coffee -- and 'magic in a cup' was born. - 104.874

New Sale Global Knives

Razor sharp knives, made in Japan. Chopping blocks, made in USA. Enhance your kitchen with these quality tools. - 117.763

Chicken Satay

"Chicken Satay" a simple marinated chicken appetizer. - 109.451

Cookin' With Host Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams is the guest on the show, they are celebrating the 4th anniversary by making the chocolate cake using a secret ingredient that helps to make the cake in a rush. Wendy talks about eating out, family tradition for thanks giving and food in her... - 100.37

Oiling Cutting Board

Our Hardwood cutting boards and oils are NSF certified. The right choice for professionals. - 113.134

Having Paan From Muchhad Paanwala

The video is about a very popular mouth freshener in India called "Paan". It’s been shot post midnight at the very famous "Muchhad Paan Wala" in Mumbai. The video talks about paan, Muchhad Paan Wala, and shows the recipe for something we call "Masala Paan". - 132.519

Healthy Lunch Options

Are you among the persons, who frequently skip lunch at their workplace due to some or other reason. Skipping lunch is not at all a healthy proposition, rather it can damage your body in various ways. This video shows you some easy and healthy suggestion for... - 136.911

Energy Drinks For Exercising

Not many people are aware that energy sports drinks are loaded with sugar apart from the regular dose of caffeine and vitamins. These drinks promise to give athletes energy in order to cope with their strenuous physical exercises. But how good are these... - 105.284

Mushrooms Go Pink - Ctv News At Noon Kitchener

Mushrooms Canada's Home Economist & Nutritionist, Clare Jones, talks PINK mushrooms with CTV News host Ross, and serves up a Simple Sauteed Mushroom recipe and a Fresh Mushroom & Squash Bisque; perfect for fall. - 93.1833

How To Remove Fishiness From Sardines And Mackerel?

Do you like fish but dislike its strong fishy smell? Then here is a tip straight from the expert kitchen. By using lemon juice the fishy smell of sardines and mackerel can be removed. To know how to do it, watch this video. - 102.069

Six Week Slim Down Series - Week 6

This is the final week of six Week Slim Down Series by Sarah, the host of and body transformation expert Stephen. In this last video, Stephen has calorie scorcher and muscle tone and they are bit difficult as it requires using heavy weights. If you... - 106.046

Benefits Of Exercising With A Partner

The benefits of exercising with a partner are much more, than when exercising alone. Because, when you exercise alone, you tend to get bored, tired or find the routine monotonous. But with a friend, there is more excitement and you feel more energized. In... - 104.315

Mehdia - The Land Of Fresh Fish - Morocco Trip

Mehdia is a beautiful coastal town near the city of Kenitra , 30 km north-east of the capital of Morocco Rabat . It is known for its fishing port and of course, fish market! You can get the freshest most beautiful fish in this market: sardines, whiting,... - 102.413

"let's Dine Out" Tv Show Presents Warszawa Polish Restaurant In Santa Monica

Warszawa Restaurant Address: 1414 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401 Phone:(310) 393-8831 Menu: Discover more great Restaurants in the IE, OC, LA and beyond on the "Let's Dine Out" TV show. To watch more episodes of LDO, Follow the... - 118.779

How To Make Chocolate Raspberry Buttons

In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make Chocolate Raspberry Buttons. These may be used to garnish a dessert. I hope you enjoy them! - 100.714

Tips For Successful Weight Loss

When you are looking for a new diet to follow often you can get lost with just a simple search, but working out and keeping off the excess weight goes hand in hand with maintaning a healthy diet. Natasha shares some easy tips and tricks in doing so. Watch the... - 111.59

How To Transition Off Of A Raw Vegan Diet Without Gaining Weight

Were you on a raw vegan diet to shed those extra kilos? And do you want make a transition from raw diet to normal cooked food diet without gaining any extra weight? Then do watch this video. Natasha shares some tips which will help you in making proper... - 110.472

Wegmans Simple Pairing With Beet Greens

Including more greens in your daily diet need not be a forced decision. In fact, greens can be a tasty addition to any meal. Wegmans Chef Nella Neeck pairs blanched beet greens with extra virgin olive oil and salt. Quickest and easiest way to make use of... - 109.821

Mixology: Autumn Martini

This video gives you a sneak peek into preparing autumn martini - a concoction of rum and various other things. Watch how the owners of Smith and Wollensky, whip out a drink in matter of minutes without much effort at all. Watch the video and learn more. - 116.927

Jordan Estate Rewards: Customer Loyalty Program Reinvents The Wine Club

Second-generation vintner John Jordan reflects on the creation of Jordan Estate Rewards, our winery's member loyalty program, and the joy it has brought him to share his passion and Estate with our most loyal customers. Through exclusive, intimate... - 120.981

Hot Spots: Glazed & Infused

If you are craving that sweet & savory combo, you have to check out Glazed & Infused. They have a doughnut there that will kill the craving and leave you wanting more. Wash it down with a hot cup of Intellegentsia coffee and you are good to go. - 106.56

Arms Workout During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, women need to stay physically fit and active, as this in turn will help them during and after childbirth. More than focusing on core muscles like your stomach, back etc., even your arms need a certain amount of exercise, as these will be... - 105.74

Make It With Mushrooms Student Chef Challenge

Mushrooms Canada's First Annual "Make It With Mushrooms" Student Chef Challenge, October 19, 2007. - 90.1525

A Song On Food

This video shows how to enter the Food is Fun contest organized by for its viewers and users. This video is a fun video inspiring people to cook and participate. - 75.593

Roasted Tomato Recipe

An easy and healthy Italian meal - Roasted Tomato and Brocolli with Penne! - 34.6063

When Does Pilates Get Easier?

Curious when Pilates will finally feel natural, challenging and easier!? Get the inside scoop from Lisa Johnson, Pilates expert in Boston. - 112.699

How To Make Whipped Cream Topping (substitution For Cool Whip)

In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make whipped cream topping. This is similar to Cool Whip. I hope this will be useful to those of you who do not have access to purchasing Cool Whip--also, to those of you who prefer to make your own whipped topping.... - 111.34

How To Peel Tomatoes Quickly And Easily

In this video, Betty demonstrates how to peel tomatoes quickly and easily by dipping them into boiling water and then into cool water. The tomato skins just slide off! - 105.187

Interview With Hannah Keeley

Hannah Keeley, star of public television's "Hannah Help Me" reality series, visited with The Food Channel and shared some of her Mom Coaching tips—like how to get kids fed and out the door to school in the morning without the tears and travail. - 112.789

Food Plating Tongs

Cool new plating tong, which can be used daily or for some special occasion. It comes in such a nice packing, which can be used for gifting purpose. Check out the video to know the details. - 109.22

10 Raw Foods For Summers

Summers can be nasty, and what better way to keep your body and mind cool than the right food. Watch this video of 10 Raw Foods for Summers. It shares some really cool food items that helps keep your body temperature low. Great way to beat the heat! - 105.791

Heb Chef Events In Tx

HEB Chef Demos in San Antonio, Houston and Austin during LENT, 2013. - 91.1021

Behind The Scenes With Buddy Valastro

Live from the International Home + Housewares Show, we're giving you a firsthand look at the new baking products - presented by the Cake Boss himself. Watch as Buddy Valastro talks you through his brand new line. Coming to you this Fall. Baking will never be... - 97.3303

How To Hamburger

Burger Press, Grinders, Sausage Making Tools. Knife Sets.Great knives, razor sharp, in stock, made in Seki City, Japan & Germany. Our USA made chopping blocks are a pleasure to chop on. - 111.809

Aroma Thyme Bistro Serves The Best Craft Beer

Beer can be one of the most profitable items in a restaurant, especially tap beer. Well, we should say cheap tap beer. Chef Marcus Guiliano often wonders how many fine restaurants totally forget about a craft beer list. Is it that the profits from a $50... - 142.038

Cooking With Leeza Gibbons

This video features an interview with Leeza Gibbons. She tells us about her cooking skills, favorite food and mother's favorite recipes. Cake baking with her mother has been solace from any emotional problem and omelets are her favorite for cooking. Want to... - 97.1644

Experience On Raw Food Diet Plan

Robyn has completed her 1st week of being on raw food diet. She wish to get rid of her obesity through this journey. She also shares her fresh experience of being on raw food diet. - 136.11

Reform Of Seafood Inspection In Usa

This video was submitted as part of the Fox News/Google Debate a while back. It wasn't chosen but the issue is very important. History Channel has a new mini series beginning Thursday that was shot in Bayou Le Batre and hopefully addresses this issue in... - 106.167

An Introduction To Juhu Beach In Mumbai

Juhu is a suburb in Mumbai, famous for its beach, the food stalls, Prithvi Theatre and ISKCON temple. If you wanna know more about Juhu beach, watch out the video and I am sure you can feel the happiness as if you are at the beach itself! - 122.071

Lift Your Booty With Bridges - Pilates Sequence

Lift your booty with this Pilates sequence featuring bridges. This video features Lisa Johnson, a Pilates instructor in Boston. - 106.984

1 Minute Workout For Butts

Want a quick workout for your butts? Try doing this 1 minute butt exercise with host Sarah and fitness expert Stephen Cabral. As the name suggests, this workout takes just 1 minute and is very effective way of toning up the glutes when you are short of time. - 133.936

Chef Wendy Brodie At The Carmel Tomato Fest 2007

The tomato fest sports the largest varieties of tomatoes with over 300 types in its garden. Celebrity chef Wendy J. Brodie alks about her plans for the Tomato Fest. - 90.9601

Fast Food Facts With Soda And Burger

Soda and Burger give you the 411 on drive-thru cuisine like only they can. - 114.377

Ella And The Christmas Star Cookie

This is an original Christmas story that will warm your heart and give you some great holiday recipes at the same time! You first met Ella last year, in The Night Before Christmas Cookie. Now, The Food Channel crew present a new story, with brand new cookie... - 101.952

1 Minute Workout For Abs

You must have heard of 6 minute and ab exercise but today, Stephen Cabral shows us 1 minute ab exercise. He suggests Sarah to do three different moves for 20 seconds each and she could feel the burn in her abs in just 1 minute. So, next time you are in a rush... - 122.335