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Find out what to look for when buying pasta sauce on this lesson of Grocery School.
While making pasta, you will need a nice pasta sauce, otherwise no matter how great your pasta is your meal won’t be liked.
• Most of the grocer stores stock a variety of pasta sauce in glass/plastic jars or in cans. Avoid canned pasta sauce. It is often made with low quality ingredients with high amounts of salts, and preservatives. Canned pasta sauce absorbs the flavor of the tin as well.
• Look for the freshly made sauces that are usually packed in disposable plastic containers and will last for about a week.
• Whether you buy freshly made sauce or jar sauce, always carefully read the ingredients list. Avoid the sauces having high level of sodium or sugar-salt constituent hydrogenated oil.
• 2 varieties of pasta sauce are available in the market; red pasta sauce and white pasta sauce.
Red pasta sauce is tomato based.
White pasta sauce cream or cheese based.
Both the varieties are equally delicious, but if you mind watching your waistline, go for red pasta sauce. It contains half the calories as compared to the white pasta sauce.
• You can also experiment with your pasta sauce by adding basil, vodka, mushrooms, and bell pepper.



Avid cook says :

I have a question. Whenever we have red sauce, we like to really load it on the pasta and soak up the extra with garllic bread. I usually add a salad for some fresh veggies. When I make a cream sauce, I always use equal parts cream and half-n-half, and always toss the pasta with it. The cream sauce clings to the pasta and there isn't a pool of sauce on the plate, and garlic bread seems redundant, so it's just the pasta dish and a salad and veggie like green beans. Here's the question: taking into account the actual amount of sauce consumed and the absence of garlic bread (meaning butter and more carbs) do you think the red sauce is still a healthier choice? (Both are made from scratch with fresh ingredients, except for the tomato sauce which is canned.)
Posted on: 21 February 2010 - 10:24am
How to Buy Pasta Sauce