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http://www.WebCookingClasses.com In today's episode of Cooking Coarse,Chef Todd Mohr will show you how to use your chef's knife to filet a green pepper without spilling the seeds all over your cutting board.

Reviewer’s Note:

Chef Todd is using his basic knife skills to show us how to fillet a green pepper. The tricky thing with a green pepper or even a red pepper is that it has a cage of seeds inside and when chopped right down the middle, the seeds all spill out.
The way to fillet a green pepper is with a chef’s knife. The bell peppers have long narrow depressions running down their sides. That is the part (the pith) where the cage of seeds attaches to the flesh of the pepper. The pith is bitter and not suitable for eating. So the thing to do is to hold the pepper on the cutting board vertically and run the knife from top to bottom at one side of the pepper (not down the middle) so that the pith gets separated and the cage is exposed along with leaving us with a clean fillet. Now that we can see where the pith is attached to the flesh, the next cut is made radially around the cage of seeds, cutting just where the pith meets the flesh. In this way the cage ultimately comes off leaving behind a nice long and clean strip of fillet which can then be chopped, diced and julienned. The fillets can also be used in stir fries, in fajitas, and even pizzas.

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About How to Fillet Green Pepper