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Do you have trouble sticking to healthy green smoothies as a part of your diet? Whole plant foods a are very important part of the diet and the more you can eat them uncooked (not heat treated), the better they are nutrition-wise.

Robyn Openshaw shares her tips and tells you how to keep green smoothies in your diet by not constantly buying them but by growing the ingredients in your own back garden!

• There are 3 perennial garden greens that you can grow around the year and use them in your smoothies. Spinach that is a little old and has gone to seed might not be great for salads but they will definitely work in a smoothie.
• Chard is another perennial garden green that works well for smoothies. You can cut the stalks off and they will grow back. Put the washed leaves and other ingredients in a zip lock bag if you will to keep them fresh and refrigerate them.
• Cabbage may not be perennial but the outside of the cabbage leaves are edible and are very good for incorporating in your green smoothies.
• Tops of carrots, beet slices etc are all potential smoothie ingredients that are wonderfully nutritious too.

If you keep a square of your garden for dumping organic kitchen waste, then that patch will have a very good yield as all the compost will help your garden plants grow much better.

You can also have compost boxes, where you keep adding the waste and turning them every one or two weeks depending upon the rate of decomposition (temperature, humidity, etcetera). You can maintain 2-3 such boxes at a time to have enough compost for every patch of your garden plants.

You can use other ingredients in your smoothies too like Goji berries, which Robyn says are 13% protein and have the highest levels of measured anti-oxidants in any food ever measured.

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Andrea Lee says :

This is a great video to share.
Posted on: 15 August 2010 - 2:02pm
Gardening to Have Low Cost Health Food