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Nutrition by Natalie
Eat Healthy Food on a Budget Tips

Save money and eat healthy foods as the same time. Natalie gives ways eat better without breaking the bank.

Tips to eat better for less. A healthy diet will increase health, weight loss, wellness and fitness.


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Often times quick lacks in flavor!!!!! Great flavour doesn't need to incur big costs. I shop what meats and veggies are on sale. I sort of consider it a game of sorts. Shop what is on sale then plan the recipes and meals accordingly. I mean if I plan a meal for say cauliflower which this week is $3.99 a pound and chicken brastswhich are $5.99 a pound, but brocolli is $.99 a pund and filet of sole is $2.99 a pound why should I pass up the savings? I take the grocery ads and sit down and plan my weekly menu-also keeping in mind what the prices at the local Asian markets and Costco every day prices are. I love to save money and still prepare awesome flavoured meals. Hey those saved $$$ just go towards great vacations. She is so right don't shop when hungry!!!! I don't agree with the only buy what is on your list. I mean if my store overbought on ay chickens and they are oy $ .69 a pound for whole chickens, I will take advantage of this huge savings (regularily $ 1.39 a pound) and cut the chickens up and vacuum pack and reeze for future meals. Also to make healthy BIG flavour meals use spices, chiles, and herbs! Shanti/Mary-Anne
Posted on: 22 February 2008 - 6:24pm
Shopping Smart for Healthy Foods