Jody Ness on a Cruise video

Video Description

Jody Ness is on a cruise on MS Noordam and is enjoying every bit of it. He speaks to the captain, chef, bartender and everybody on the ship concerned about the shipping business and entertaining the guests on board.



Zoya says :

Jonas, There are four things that we never leave home wioutht: (1) 18-200 lens, (2) 10-24 lens, (3) External flash, and (4) Tripod for video. If we're going for any amount of time we take an extra body and the 105 macro lens. We find anymore that less is better. the airlines are more difficult to deal with in regards to carry-on luggage and weight restrictions so we try to travel light. Every trip is a little different because of what we're shooting. Some places we're shooting underwater and in others sand and dust might be the issue, still others humidity and rain so we try to be prepared while still being minimalists. Of course there are items that never leave the backpack, filters, polarizer, cleaning cloths,dust blower, rain cover, LED light, etc. Hope this helps. Look forward to seeing you and Marc next week at Somerset.
Posted on: 18 June 2012 - 12:06am
Jody Ness on a Cruise