Betty's Lunch at Windy Corner Market with Family video

Video Description

In this video, Betty, her husband, Rick, her daughter, Chelsea, and her grandson, Carter, have lunch at Windy Corner Market, located at 4595 Bryan Station Road - Lexington, Kentucky 40516.

Windy Corner Market is one of the three restaurants near Versailles, Midway, and Lexington, Kentucky under the direction of chef Ouita Michel. We have already uploaded videos of the other two restaurants: Holly Hill Inn and Wallace Station. The food at all three of these restaurants is excellent, and the atmosphere is different at each one.

Windy Corner Market is an actual market, but attracts a crowd of people for their sit-down lunch and dinner. Since we visited the restaurant for lunch, we dined on sandwiches and salads, and took home giant-sized cookies. With the restaurant also containing a "market," you can purchase some of the ingredients that go into the food served here. Items sold at the market are from local farms and other nearby business establishments, following the "Kentucky Proud" tradition.

Everything in our lunch was really wonderful, and I will be making a couple of the items from our menu to upload in the near future.

I hope you enjoy our trip, which includes some Kentucky scenery
Betty's Lunch at Windy Corner Market with Family