ThreeKitcheneers's Videos

Cafe Americano

Enjoy the authentic flavors and more at Cafe Americano. - 81.9228

Penthouse Party With 3k, Kt And Cheri!

Guest Chef Cheri of The Watering Mouth drops by to show Assunta and friend, Katie Biter an easy app and delicious cocktail. Try using this method to impress your guest at your next get together. - 103.571

The Great Beachhouse Restaurant Review

The 3K girls are back and this time around they're living it up at The BeachHouse Restaurant located on the South end of Anna Maria Island. The restaurant sits west of a quaint Cortez fishing village in Bradenton Beach and is the ideal place to get away from... - 105.75

The Three Kitcheneers Love Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant

The Three Kitcheneers head to Mi Pueblo Restaurant in Sarasota. The restaurant also has branches in Bradenton and Venice, Florida and their aim has been to provide an authentic Mexican experience in fine dining. Hugo Nunez, the boss of the restaurant, talks... - 106.149

Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant Review

Mexican Food is amazing and the Three Kitcheneers love it! Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant has 3 locations in Sarasota, Bradenton and Venice, Florida. Offering authentic Mexican food, Tequila, Sangria and even a Living Menu at their University location! After... - 110.488

3k Talk To Don Hall

Don Hall speaks about Transitions, Sarisota which is part of an International Movement that started in the UK around 6 years ago. He talks about talk about how food is the basis of our society, culture and economy and the focus behind the initiative and their... - 81.2445

Three Kitcheneers Interview Ed Chiles

The Three Kitcheneers chat up with Ed Chiles about his restaurant, The Beachhouse. Ed talks about his initiatives to promote organic food from local produces and his commitment to producing good quality food. The four also have a discussion on food economics... - 101.284

Une Affaire En Michael's On East - A Silent Movie About Food

Want to know what is cooking in the kitchen at the restaurant Michael's On East at Sarasota, Florida? The Three Kitcheneer's are having an affair with the menu at Michael's On East and they run you through the specials in a fun way. The video is shot in the... - 98.5767

The Three Kitcheneers At Beertopia

The Three Kitcheneers head to check out the Beertopia festival. Get a look at the food at the festival. They also get a taste of beers from all over the world and try to decide on their favorite. They also dish out some random beer trivia that you might not... - 88.762

Four Bradenton Restaurant Reviews

3K are on a food frenzy in Bradenton, Florida and they eat their way through four more great restaurants. Check out the video to see which restaurants they visit and what are the signature dishes. So the next time you are in Bradenton, you will know which... - 100.789

Piatti Italian Bistro And Bar

Do you like Martini's and Italian food? If you are looking for a great night with friends, look no more, Piatti Italian Bistro and Bar is the place to go in Gulf Gate Village Sarasota, FL. Watch the 3K having a wild time on girls night out at Piatti, a... - 94.5991

3k At The Sarasota Farmers' Market

Three Kitcheneers are searching for fresh, local sustainable ingredients at their local farmers market. There is nothing better than heading to your local farmers market for the freshest ingredients! So buckle up and enjoy the ride. - 83.6809

Venice, Florida

Once again the 3K are teaming up with Sarasota Manatee The Originals Restaurants. This time to Venic! They are going on a food frenzy- 4 Restaurants, 1 city, 1 day, 3 girls = An amazing day! Watch this video and enjoy the ride! - 108.318

Farm To Fork With Joel Salatin And The Three Kitcheneers

The Three Kitcheneers are very excited to see Polyface Farm Owner, lecturer and author Joel Salatin. He is speaking at the beach house Anna Maria Island and the 3K get an exclusive personal interview with him. Watch to know about his holistic methods of... - 89.1296

Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner On The Beach

Breakfast, lunch and dinner on the beach. WOW! - 21.6833

We Tried To Didn't Work!

We tried the black grouper! It was delish! - 21.7323

We Visit Anna Maria Island

We visit the Waterfront and Sandbar restaurants on gorgeous Anna Maria Island, FL. - 22.1038

The Three Kitcheneers top 3 Kitchen Gadgets

The Three Kitcheneers pick their top 3 kitchen gadgets at Sur La Table. What are yours? Get yourself some good kitchen equipment. Just like good ingredients turn into good food, good kitchen tool help you to cook good food! Having a well equipped kitchen... - 103.747

Edible Magazine Can-can Cocktail Party

The Three Kitcheneers show their can-cans at the Edible Magazine's Can-Can Cocktail party. Take a peek are wining, dining and entertainment! - 68.2121

Three Kitcheneers Having Fun With Cupcakes At Pastries By Design

Who said Cupcakes were for kids? Learn some great ways to make some gourmet cupcakes and watch the Three Kitcheneers have a blast at Pastries By Design while they try their hand at making Margarita cupcakes. - 106.568

How To Peel An Onion

Do you know how to peel an onion and how to chop an onion with few tears? Chef Mario Martinez shows you a quick and easy method to cut and peel any sized onion in seconds! Watch and improve your knife skills. - 106.894

Bubbleque Sarasota

Do not miss this great event! One of the Most exciting events, Bubble-Que has more than ever going for it! Barbeque cuisine in every possible incarnation and the world's favorite drink - Champagne. - 87.7491

Florida Wine Fest And Auction 2012

The Three Kitcheneer's love wine! Do you? Uncork at the Florida Wine Festival and Auction 2012. Enjoy fine wine from top wine makers, fine food with celebrity chefs and participate in our exciting live auction—all promising to create a memorable experience. - 92.4767

Florida Wine Fest 2012

Champagne or Wine? Why choose? Pick your pleasure at Florida Wine Fest 2012. - 82.6147

The Three Kitcheneers Halloween Extravaganza At Ivory Lounge

Trick or Tease! Gouls just wanna have fun! The Three Kitcheneers visit the Ivory Lounge on Main-street, Sarasota, Florida and team up with the famed Diamond Dames of Black Diamond Burlesque to make candied apples and tasty holiday martinis for this Halloween... - 109.394

Making The World Fastest Pizza

Watch Rene Deguia, the world’s fastest pizza maker show you how to make a pizza in 10 seconds! Now you can make more pizzas in less time and the kids will not be screaming out loud “Where’s my pizza?!” What the Three Kitcheneers in the Dominos Pizza... - 116.094

Top 10 Whole Foods for Your Kitchen

Nutritionally, there is no perfect food, although a few come pretty close. And even if there were, who'd want to eat the same thing every meal, every day? Fortunately, variety and healthy eating can go hand in hand, particularly if you know where to look. The... - 114.903

Sushi At Pacific Rim In Sarasota

Pacific Rim in Sarasota a Japanese/Thai fusion restaurant and sushi bar is the place to visit if you want sushi with a Miami vibe or love so pure simple Asian food. Watch the Three Kitcheneers, Assunta, Charlotte and Megan, head over to Pacific Rim and get a... - 103.077

10th Annual Srq Hot List Culinarium

The Hot List Culinarium is a celebration of SRQ Magazine’s Hot List issue which features everything “hot”, on-trend, and exciting in Sarasota. The Hot List Party showcases the highlights of the annual list. Party-goers feast on the finest delicacies of... - 89.7445

Three Kitcheneers Go Food Quizzing Downtown Sarasota

Team 3K stumps people on Sarasota streets with a few simple food questions and get some hilarious and absurd answers! How well do you know your food? - 104.393

Gold Coast Eagle Tour With The Three Kitcheneers

200 brands of beer at Gold Coast Eagle!? The Three Kitcheneers give you a tour that will make you want to make a pilgrimage to that totally wine-filled warehouse store and check them all out too! - 81.3767

Eating Cheese With Molly Klauber At The Gulf Coast Cheese Festival

Cheese lover’s are definitely going to find this video “Cheesy.” The Gulf Coast Cheese Festival sounds great! Definitely can’t get cheesier than this can it? - 100.968

Dick Vitale - Up Close And Personal

Anybody who is anybody knows that ESPN Broadcaster, Dick Vitale loves to hang out at the Broken Egg in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. It is where he goes to promote many things, his charity, everything. Three Kitcheneers get to talk to him about food, sports and... - 82.9781

The Three Kitcheneers At Circus Sarasota

Wow! Circus Sarasota has gone 'gourmet!' You don’t want to miss it. It’s more than clowning around! It’s way more elegant than you think and an event that you must be at if you are in Sarasota. Make sure to get your tickets for the season! - 111.203

Review Of Spanish Restaurant - Michaels On East

Three Kitcheneers go to Spain on an Epicurean Adventure via Hall of Fame Restaurant Michaels on East, in Sarasota, Florida. They give you a preview of their menu. The food looks so delicious and absolutely authentic. It is definitely a restaurant you want to... - 120.015

Three Kitcheneers Go K-walking In Downtown Sarasota

How much do you know about food and cooking? Watch The Three Kitcheneers, Assunta, Charlotte and Megan, as they take over Jay Leno’s role and test average people in a mall by asking some easy and not so easy questions about food and cooking and to learn how... - 101.811

Reinventing The Pbj Sandwich

Peanut butter sandwiches go down more smoothly when there's a third ingredient in the mix. That ingredient is most often jelly, of course, but it doesn't have to be. There is definitely life beyond jelly. Why settle for an ordinary PBJ Sandwich? Join the... - 134.114

The Three Kitcheneers Visit Sangria Mediterranean Tapas Restaurant In Florida

Who doesn’t like sangrias and tapas on a hot summer day in Florida? The “Three Kitcheneers” Assunta, Charlotte and Megan head over to Sangria Mediterranean Tapas Restaurant in Florida to check out how to make some sangrias, refreshing cocktails to beat... - 113.228

The Three Kitcheneers Give Libby's Café And Bar New Menu 3 Thumbs Up

The “Three Kitcheneers” Assunta, Charlotte and Megan head over to Libby's Café + Bar, Sarasota, Florida to give you a sneak preview of its new menu. It’s lively and casually sophisticated, offering a comfortable and contemporary neighborhood-style... - 92.6839

Forks And Corks At The Ringling Museum In Sarasota, Florida

3K is on the scene at The Ringling Museum for The Sarasota-Manatee Original's Premiere Event: Forks and Corks! - 23.0427

Holiday Cheer With 3k: How To Make Drunken Chicken

The holidays are about spending time with friends and gathering around the table to share memories. So, The Three Kitcheneers head over to Kim's house for some wonderful drunken chicken. - 23.3206

The Three Kitcheneers Vs. Chef Arthur Bake Off

The Three Kitcheneers visit renowned pastry Chef Arthur and challenge him to a bake off. - 22.3815

Eating Whiteberry May Cause World Peace

3K goes crazy over Whiteberry! The Three Kitcheneers know about hunger. Whiteberry helped them. It can help you too. - 24.7891

Three Kitcheneers Meet With Infamous Art Critic To Learn How To Write Reviews

The ladies meet up with Joey Panek, better known as The Art Whisperer (and Lego Man Extraordinaire), to find out the proper techniques on 'How To Review.' - 26.9551