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How To Make Play Dough At Home

Homemade playdough (or play-doh or play dough) is incredibly easy and fun to make at home for kids of all ages. Mixing together water, oil, cream of tartar (optional to help make it more stretchy), salt & plain flour gives the base of a super cool play dough... - 128.114

Peppa Pig Cake

In this video, Barry sets himself a challenge of trying to make a Peppa Pig themed cake in 40 mins. Some parents struggle to make cakes for their Children and buy one from a shop, but by cutting a few corners it can be a lot easier! Barry isn't exactly the... - 105.317

Miracle Berry Food Fear

In this video Barry and his Sister Charlene try eating some freeze dried miracle berry fruit. This fruit makes your tongues taste receptors consider sour food to be sweet and is a very strange sensation. In this video Guinness, Red wine vinegar & lemons are... - 104.468

Frogs Legs Food Fear

Food Fear videos are all about overcoming my fear of everyday foods, plus trying some of the quirky ones that you suggest - today it is Frogs Legs. Here's some info on it. Frog legs are one of the better-known delicacies of French and Cantonese cuisine. They... - 112.84

Durian Fruit Food Fear

Food Fear videos are all about overcoming my fear of everyday foods, plus trying some of the quirky ones that you suggest - today it is Durian Fruit. Here's some info on it.... The durian /ˈdjʊriən is the fruit of several tree species belonging to the... - 104.717

My Virgin Cooking Demo

Barry does His first live cooking demonstration at the Foodies Festival, Bristol. - 97.8905

Giant Cupcake House

Barry and Phoebe try making and decorating a big cupcake - 85.3104

Angry Birds Pig Cake

Barry tries making an Angry Birds inspired cake. - 93.2686

Phoebe's Face Mask

Phoebe makes Barry an anti-ageing face pack out of bananas, peaches & honey. Ingredients Used 2 bananas 2 peaches tbsp pine nuts 2 tbsp honey tbsp porridge oats - 110.649

Food Revolution Day 2013 Get Involved

Come and join! It is food revolution day. Barry invites you to join the food revolution day celebrations. It’s a global event, taking place today, that aims to get people to gather together and celebrate, share and enjoy good food and the basic cooking... - 100.487

Tongue Food Fear

Fear of eating beef tongue! In this video Myvirginkitchen shares some ideas to eat the beef tongue. Today, many people enjoy cooked beef tongues. It can become tender and more appetizing in appearance when properly prepared. - 99.2784

Beetroot Food Fear - Myvirginkitchen

It's time to try and take on another food fear. This time it's beetroot, aka beets in some Countries. Myvirginkitchen suggests some ideas to eat the beetroot. - 98.7145

Caviar Food Fear - Myvirginkitchen

I'd never tried caviar before - so in this food fear I try it for the first time. Will it be a caviar - tastic food fail or a fab food ? What's your food fear? - 99.952

Liver Food Fear

In this food fear I attempt to get over my hatred for liver. No seasoning or ingredients alongside to help it out, just me vs the liver. Will it be a food fail or fab food for me? What's your food fear? - 96.3184

Blue Cheese Food Fear

Everyone has some sort of food fear - and I've got several. I'm one of those people that are happy to try something out, so here's an attempt at converting myself to liking blue cheese. Will it be a food fail or fab food for me? What's your food fear? - 93.0329

Bread Making Basics - The Starter With Artisan Baker Matt Kell

The first and one of the most important bits with bread making is it to create your own starter and Matt Kell shows us how it is done. - 103.7


Spinach is the most widely used greens. Spinach has a high nutritional value and is extremely rich in antioxidants, especially when fresh. You can certainly eat it raw, especially baby spinach but steaming, or quickly blanching spinach helps to remove the... - 106.615

Slicing And Dicing

Slicing and dicing is one of the basic skills you need in the kitchen. It is something you really need to learn how to do. You need a good sharp knife and learn the basic chopping term so that when a recipe calls for a certain type of cut, you know what to... - 102.977

Phoebe's Toy Story Cake

If Toy Story Cake isn't the cutest name that a cake can ever have!? Like its title goes, the kids will go loco over it. This is actually a birthday cake that Barry is making for his daughter. Watch him show you how to decorate the cake in this video. Enjoy! - 77.1915

How To Make A German Friendship Cake Or Sourdough Cake

A sourdough cake sounds so much better than a cake made from processed flour and butter. Take a look at this simple guide on how to produce a Herman Sourdough Cake at the Virgin Kitchens Test Kitchen. - 124.865