Orngpom's Videos

How To Mince Ginger And Store It

In this video, Chef Lisa will show you how to peel and scrape ginger first. Then she will show you how to mince and store them in small plastic pouches in the freezer for upto 3 months. Watch and learn, folks. - 112.539

A Day In The Life Of A Personal Chef

A Time Lapse Experience by Jimmy Bell showcases A Day In The Life of A Personal Chef. Did you know that a personal chef will shop for you, bring the groceries to your home, bring their own cooking tools, prepare 2-4 weeks’ worth of meals, package and put... - 116.112

Tips To Organize Fridge

A messy refrigerator can cause problems. Maybe you buy something that you already had because you could not find it in the refrigerator. In this video tutorial, Chef Lisa Brisch provides some helpful suggestions on how to organize your refrigerator. - 103.977

Selecting Spoons

Chef Lisa Brisch talks about different kinds of spoons that you might use in the kitchen. Follow along in this video tutorial. - 122.632

Juice A Lemon Perfectly

Follow along in this video demonstration as Chef Lisa Brisch shows you how to juice a lemon or lime, to get the most juice that you could possibly get out of your fruit. - 115.617

Zesting Citrus Fruits

You come across a recipe calling for citrus zest. So how do you do that? And to make it more complicated, there are several different kinds of zesting tools. So which one do you need? Chef Lisa shows you how in this video demonstration. - 117.06

Tips To Chop Chocolate

Chef Lisa Brisch of Orange Pomegranate demonstrates one way to chop chocolate in preparation for melting. Watch this video to learn more. - 102.81

What Is Orange Pomegranate

Have you heard of orange pomegranate? It is an online community where people with varying level of cooking expertise meet and discuss on easy ways o cooking delicious meal. - 103.652

How To Chop Carrots

Vegetables play an important part in the kitchen while cooking. Watch the video to know how to chop carrots. - 103.034

How To Chop Celery

Join Chef Lisa Brisch as she shows us how to chop celery in this one. - 94.6191

How To Cut An Onion

Chopping is an essential technique when it comes to cooking. In this video Chef Lisa Brisch is sharing with us some tips to chop onion. - 87.2811

Grilling Onions And Peppers In Broiler

Grilling enhances the flavor and taste of vegetables. But do you know that you can grill onions and peppers in broiler? Watch the video to know more! - 87.3695

How To Make A Mirepoix

Watch the video and know how to make mirepoix! - 86.1075

How To Cut A Shallot

In this video Chef Lisa Brisch is sharing the technique of cutting shallot. Check out! - 86.4827

How To Mince Ginger With A Food Processor

How do you mince ginger in your home kitchen? In this video Chef Lisa Brisch is sharing with us some tips on how ginger can be minced quickly in a food processor. - 87.7137

Mincing Ginger With A Grater

Ginger can also be quickly minced using grater. Join Chef Lisa Brisch in this video and know how. - 98.9229