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How To Prepare A Fresh Whole Salmon - Part 2

This video deals with the finer nuances of filleting a fish. Once you are successful in cutting out two big clean fillets of fish, you are required to do the more detailed trimming of fat and bones and sprucing up the fish fillets. This video will help you... - 105.909

How To Prepare A Fresh Whole Salmon - Part 1

It can be said with certainty that hardly any of us would take upon the daunting task of filleting a fish at home. But it is a skill that can take you a long way. For one, you are always guaranteed of freshness. Second, if you are entertaining, it would be a... - 108.137

How To Know Fresh Fish?

Purchasing seafood can be tricky if you do not know your basics. The first step to a great fish dish is to use a fresh and good quality one. This video will help you recognize a fresh fish when buying and be informed about the parameters that goes in choosing... - 98.3343

How To Cut A Salmon Steak Cutlet From A Fresh Salmon

Cutting out steak cutlets from a whole fish is the least technical of all the tasks involved with butchering a fish. This is the most common cut performed with almost all round fishes. Learn the skill of butchering a whole fish from this video and cutting out... - 93.6227

How To Cut A Salmon Supreme From A Fresh Salmon

Having a perfectly cooked salmon supreme fillet, grilled or poached can make anybody's day. Watch this video to learn how to butcher a perfect salmon supreme out of a bigger fillet of salmon. It is a very technique oriented task and requires you to be nifty... - 90.6969

How To Remove The Skin From A Fillet Of Fresh Salmon

Filleting a fish more often than not involves removing the skin from the fillet. It is a skill that is definitely perfected over time. However, knowing the correct way to do it is important. This video is a detailed representation of how the skin is removed... - 94.5196

Fillet Fresh Salmon Part 2

In this video you can learn to prepare a whole salmon for cooking. All you need to do is remove the ribs and cut into fillets. Check out to know how!! - 91.7135

Fillet Fresh Salmon Part 1

In this video you can learn to prepare a whole salmon for cooking. Check out to know how!! - 90.7869