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The Kitchen Hacker-cutting Round Things

Slicing rounded things in kitchen can lead to finger injuries and to save many fingers, The Kitchen Hacker shows us how to cut round hings comfortably and safely. He suggests giving a flat base to the thing and then its very easy. Watch how easy it is when... - 98.0256

The Kitchen Hacker - Peeling Ginger, Quick And Easy

Ginger are flavorful addition to any Asian dish. But if you don’t know how to peel it or have difficulty finding the right peeler for it or even if you are not comfortable with your peeler, here is a simple way out. The Kitchen Hacker suggests using a... - 100.593

The Kitchen Hacker - Compound Butters

Compound butter is not only a great way to flavor your butter in a cos effective way but also to use up your bounty of herbs grown in your kitchen garden. The Kichen Hacker shows you how to prepare it and store it as well. You can make a stick out of the... - 99.9771

The Kitchen Hacker - How To Trim A Rack Of Lamb

Trimming a rack of lamb may sound difficult and therefore you may stop yourself from buying it. This often leaves you craving for dishes that are made with rack of lamb. Therefore, The Kitchen Hacker shows us how to trim a rack of lamb with great ease and... - 99.4682

The Kitchen Hacker - Coffee Press Basics

When you are traveling, its easier to buy yourself a cup of coffee but it could get expensive. So carrying a coffee maker is always cost effective. While you can take any coffee maker on a road journey, a French press is something that can give you that extra... - 100.258

Opening A Beer With A Ring

In this video Chris will tell us how to open a bottle of beer when on road! - 94.1809

Tips To Peel Garlic

Garlic adds flavor to the dish and in this episode you will learn how to peel them. - 94.261

How To Peel Tenderloin; Tips

Beef tenderloin is something, which serves as morning breakfast item or a perfect dinner menu item. To know on how to perfectly peel the tenderloin can make the cooking, and roasting process much more easier. - 97.2632

How To Make Hollandaise Sauce

Hollandaise sauce is made out of eggs, and lemon juice with some more ingredients whipped up together to form a perfect thick consistency. The proceeding methods are all shown very clearly in the video. - 120.959

How To Enjoy Mangoes

The video is dedicated to mango talk. Mangoes look and appear in variety of forms, and you must have that sharp eye to choose the best among the lot. The video also talks about how to cut, and skin out the mango, and how to really enjoy the king of fruits. - 97.9061

How To Truss A Roast

The video demonstrates wisely the skillful method of tying or trussing a roast stuff. The twists, and turns are shown clearly, and it can be hand skill of anyone now after watching the process. - 96.9485

How To Use Kitchen Knives: Tips

The basics of using a kitchen knives is must for every homemaker. The video demonstrates the proper way of using kitchen knives, and what kind of knife is perfect for particular cutting, and chopping. - 97.2002

How To Peel A Pineapple: Tips

If you want and consistent texture of pineapple, learn on how to peel the pineapple. The cutting and chopping of pineapple has been also depicted, and this also serves a wonderful way to enjoy the mouth watering fruit. - 97.1165

Tips To Open A Wine Bottle

Wine bottle opening technique is a bit skillful, but easy. Learn wise method of opening a wine bottle, and also get to know what kind of small tools are required to open a wine bottle. - 93.2575

How To Use Steel: Tips

Usage of steel is perfectly demonstrated in this video section. Many people are just unaware of the proper way of dealing with steel, the video caters to the need of such people, and teaches on how to use steel. - 97.3811

How To Cut An Onion: Tips

The kitchen hacker here depicts the accurate process of cutting, dicing, and chopping onions. The most professional way of cutting onions has been demonstrated here, which is effortless. - 96.7015