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Skinny Jeans Low Calorie Cocktails Drinks

Elizabeth Dodwell talks about her new book Skinny Jeans Cocktails book. The book is a delightfully delicious collection of low calorie mixed drinks and marvelous illustrations. It contains 45 low calorie cocktails that are lesser than 150 calories. So, don't... - 89.9641

Health Hazard - What Gin Can Do To Women

Elizabeth Dodwell shares her personal views in this informative video on the health hazards of Gin in Women. Gin is packed with both healthy and fatal benefits but this video focuses on its impact on woman's ill health. Watch the video to find out more. - 105.022

Cocktail How To - Essential Home Bar Tools

So you want to set up a home bar but don't know what to get. Here Elizabeth walks you simply through the bare essentials and tells you how much you should expect to pay. - 104.044

Cocktail How To- Spanking Herbs

How to spank herbs for a cocktail. It's easy and can transform your lackluster libation into a potion with pizazz. Elizabeth shows you how. - 103.495

Amazing Liquor Or Liqueur Cocktails

What's the difference between liquor and liqueur? Elizabeth explains all, quite simply. - 98.5642

Skinny Jeans 150 Low Calorie Cocktails

Skinny Jeans are low calorie cocktails. Martinis, vodka drinks, old and new favorites all 150 low calories or less. - 99.2167

Gift Of The Magi

OK, I admit it. This is one of my more unusual creations but I really wanted to go with the gold, myrrh, frankincense theme. Ingredients: 3/4 oz eggnog (preferably really, really creamy eggnog) Dash of cognac 2 drops frankincense (must be food grade) 1/2 –... - 100.818

Rosemary Citrus Martini

Here’s a little sparkler of a martini with orange citrus, rosemary, vodka and a touch of champagne. - 94.9044