Hotdogcouncil's Videos

A Guide To Making Charcuterie

Janet Riley, aka the Queen of Wien and President of the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council, describes how to make a charcuterie plate, including selection of meats, cheeses and other items. The video includes an easy recipe for prosciutto wrapped bread sticks. - 92.9893

Tailgating Recipes - An Introduction

With extensive grilling experience, this video offers you a whole new sneak peek into some tailgating cooking experience. Get some idea on how to grill the best of such recipes. - 87.2182

Take Me Out To The Ball Game - Song And Video Contest

Do some great fitness exercise by watching video, which has got extensive benefit on every part of body. The video demonstrates some of the easy roll out ball gyms workouts. - 79.6737

Grilling Turkey Hot Dogs

How to grill turkey hot dogs perfectly is all detailed out here. So go on, and make some grand meal out of grilling experience with turkey hot dog. - 87.3873

How Safe Is Nitrite Consumptions?

Get the answer on how safe is nitrite consumption in daily diet. The sources of nitrite are mostly natural, and some of great health benefits have been contributed by nitrite. - 88.2461

Hot Dog Etiquette

How to eat hot dogs with all the etiquettes bestowed in. The video teaches you on dos and don'ts of eating hot dogs. The wonderful video on hot dog eating etiquettes are all here to maximize your spicy experience. - 88.001