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Bacon Grease For Vegans

Bacon flavor from plants! This vegan product tastes exactly like bacon, and is great for baking, cooking, and any recipe you would want bacon flavored! - 98.9278

Eco Vegan Fashion: Hoodlamb Winter Jacket Review

Warmest winter coat cruelty free vegan Hoodlamb supporting Sea Shepherd. Marta shows off her new winter jacket, which is vegan (lined with faux fur) and made from hemp, organic cotton, and recycled materials. - 99.3549

How To Deseed A Pomegranate In 10 Seconds

Brock shows how to deseed a pomegranate quickly and easily. - 97.7093

How To Cube A Mango

Mango fruit delicious and nutritious. Brock demonstrates how to cube a mango. Toss it in a salad, put it in smoothies, or use to decorate a fruit display. This tasty and colourful fruit is high in vitamins and flavor! - 95.6935

5 Reasons To Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar for detox and weight loss. Brock shares 5 reasons to start your day with 1-2 Tbsp of apple cider vinegar. - 102.622

Vegan Pizza Las Vegas

Pizza Garlic Bread Vegan in Vegas. Marta and Brock try the Buffalo Pizza from Slice of Vegas, in the Shoppes at Mandalay Place. Not gluten free, but vegan and delicious is this tasty take out dinner. - 95.5123

Blendtec Designer Series Wildside Blender Review

Brock reviews the designer series Blendtec and wildside jar. - 101.683

How To Juice A Pineapple

Homemade Pineapple Juice, fresh from the Omega Juicer. Marta demonstrates how to get most from a pineapple by juicing the entire thing. - 94.1624

How To Make Raw Garlic Powder

Have you ever made garlic powder at home using home grown raw garlic. Check out the video to know more. - 94.4096

Raw Coconut Vinegar

Top 10 reasons: Drink Coconut Vinegar. 1. 17 Amino Acids 2. Minerals 3. Vitamin C 4. Broad-spectrum B Vitamins 5. Nearly Neutral PH 6. Raw 7. Organic 8. Living Enzymes 9. Prebiotic FOS (great for digestion) 10. Very Low Glycemic - 95.2709

Best Vegan Donuts - Las Vegas Ronald's Donuts

Eating vegan in Las Vegas - Ronald's Donuts is a must see destination! Marta and Brock try a great variety of the vegan donuts that this great little business has to offer! - 99.6829

Vegan Food Las Vegas - Fresh 52 Farmers Market

Fruits Veggies Snacks & Treats. Marta and Brock hit up a local farmers market in Las Vegas, outside the Whole Foods Store. - 90.7035

Vegas Vegan Lunch Sunrise Coffee Cafe

Vegan Cappuccino, Burritos, Tea, Las Vegas Style. Join Marta and Brock as the vacation in Vegas and explore various cuisine. - 78.322

Bikini Beach Body Full Body Workout Series 3 Of 3

Easy full body exercises for women. Join Martha in this quick and simple workout to tone your full body and look great in your bikini this summer! - 103.011

Beach Body Abs Workout

Easy ab exercises for a great six pack. - 113.665

Butt Workout For Women Bikini Series 1 Of 3

Easy bum exercises for women. Join us in this quick and simple workout to tighten your butt and look great in your bikini this summer! - 115.241

David "avocado" Wolfe On Superfoods & Longevity

Health, Natural Beauty, Eco and Nutrition expert David Wolfe talks about his journey from junk-food to consuming a raw food diet. He discusses his 2,700+ presentations over the past 18 years, as well as being a chocolatier, gastronaut, and President of the... - 105.222

How To Use Acupressure Massage Balls

Foot massage while sitting at your desk. Relieve lower back pain and tightness while driving in your car. Use the Acupressure Balls that come with your Travel Roller Kit to relieve all sorts of pain and tightness in your body. Brock & Marta demonstrate how. - 108.132

Top 8 Post-run Stretches For Runners Using Travel Roller

Marta and Brock demonstrate 8 movements on the Travel Roller to help repair those running muscles. The Travel Roller is designed to be light weight, durable, and perfect for self myofascial release for tight muscles. Self massage has never been easier and... - 96.6357

10 Minute Weighted Squat Workout

Brock puts on the 40lb weighted vest he wore cycling across Canada, and squats for 10 minutes straight, to give his legs a good shock. Try throwing 10 minutes of squats into any workout to shock your system. - 100.045

20 Min In-home Upper Body Workout

Brock demonstrates an intense 20-minute upper body workout, hitting back, chest, arms, and abs. - 106.355

How To Use (and Not Use) A Neti Pot

Brock demonstrates various ways to use a Neti Pot (only one of them being the correct way). Neti Pots have been used by yoga practitioners in India for hundreds of years. The practice of nasal irrigation (Neti) cleanses the energy channels and balances your... - 94.0431

Animal Protein - Bacon Causes Cancer - Interview With T. Colin Campbell

Brock interviews Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of "The China Study". Dr. Campbell discusses the findings of his studies regarding nutrition and cancer research, and outlines several "Principles" that he and his partner, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn determined over... - 89.1338

5 Best Stretches For Runners

Are you into running then you must know important is stretching exercises. Here, from this video you will get to learn not 1 but, 5 best stretching exercises. Check out this video and become a world class runner. - 95.9244

4 Min Full Body At-home Equalizer Workout

You bought an equalizer long ago and since you didn't know it’s utilization it was kept in your storeroom. But not to worry now, take out your equalizer and learn some beneficial exercises from Brock. Don’t forget that an equalizer is a very versatile... - 85.8477

What Is Kundalini Yoga?

There are more than 22 different kinds of Yoga in the world; it helps to improve health and shape of the body. Kundalini yoga is one of them. Kundalini word comes from Sanskrit word which means “coiling like a snake” or “coiled up”. This yoga is among... - 98.7006

Vegan & Gluten-free Options @ Mahtay Cafe!

VEGAN is the word if you want to adapt a healthy lifestyle. And there are several restaurants who are adopting this culture; one of them is Café Mahtay, which is based near Niagara Falls. Check out this video for more details, and to find a healthier option... - 96.86

Urban Herbivore Vegan Restaurant Review

Vegan food is all about health and nutrition. But how many of us have never tried it simply because we find the option really boring. Here is a video that takes us into a vegan restaurant which serves so many delicious and gorgeous looking dishes. Isn't it... - 86.1756

Tips On How To Cross-train For Marathon Running

Are you planning to take participate in coming marathon in your city? Then, you need to pull up your socks it’s not that easy, you need to be physically and mentally strong. We know should be fun and enjoyable. Watch out this video to get some handy tips on... - 89.7873

Sprouts The Living Superfood For Superhealth

Sprouts have always been popular as a nutritious food. Sprouts like radish, alfalfa, clover, soybean, and broccoli are excellent sources of protein and a wide range of different nutrients that can help maintain good health. Watch out this video to know more... - 88.4806

How To Workout Anywhere - No Fitness Equipment

Working out is never been so easy, especially without any equipment, yes you read it right… WITHOUT any EQUIPMENT. Just by learning some simple postures you would be able to tone your whole body. Watch out this video to conquer the world with your fitness. - 100.427

Bioflavia - Organic Grape Skin Antioxidant Booster!

In this video Brock talks about his new favourite supplement, Bioflavia an organic red wine grape skin powder. It is rich in Vitamin C and what makes it more interesting is, it contains only 3 ingredients; organic grape skin powder, organic grape powder and... - 90.2311

5 Reasons To Drink Lemon Water Before Breakfast!

A glass of lemon water first thing in the morning is surprisingly helpful in several ways. It helps in purifying and stimulating the liver, apart from this there are plenty of other benefits. Watch this video to know more. - 92.133

Kundalini Yoga Exercises For Beginners

Kundalini yoga has a lot of benefits and advantages. Kundalini yoga is among the most powerful types of yoga that works with kundalini energy, which is untapped energy situated at the spine base. If you are a beginner or want to assimilate yoga then this... - 89.0725

Full Body Backyard Workout

Are you planning to start a workout regime to tone up your body without joining a gym? Well no need to worry at all, you just require some simple equipment and you can turn your backyard into a home gym. Watch this video to learn some backyard exercises and... - 101.262

3 Core Stability Ball Exercises

One ball and 3 benefits! It sounds great isn’t? Well with this simple ball all the 3 stages of exercises – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced can be covered. And the biggest benefit of using ball exercises is that, they are very effective at targeting... - 102.78

Overcoming Injuries

Are you suffering from injuries but still want to get into shape and continue exercising? It is important to consult your doctor and change your work out routine, because after the injury your body is not that compatible to undergo the same exercise regime. ... - 86.0475

Rowing Workout

Rowing is a total body workout in itself, because it uses all of the body’s major muscle groups including arms, legs, back, abdomen, and buttock. But for that you need strong legs and back, in this video Brock demonstrates dynamic exercise combination to... - 104.595

Cycling Workout

Cycling is one of the easiest ways to exercise; you can ride a bicycle almost anywhere, at any time of the year, and without spending a fortune. But when you are planning for a long distance cycling it requires a fit body and for that you need to work out to... - 90.2767

Resistance Training Tips

Resistance training or strength training is a kind of workout through which you can get a lot of benefits, like improving muscle strength and toning. After adopting the resistance training, body metabolism will certainly increase. In this video Marta will... - 93.1341

London 2012 Olympic Beach Volleyball Workout

Beach volleyball requires a fit body and if you are not fit then this game is not meant for you. Just to save yourself from any kind of injury do some work out to strengthen your muscles. Watch this video where Brock shows you some great exercises, so what... - 106.274

Lebert Fitness Equalizer - Functional Training Tool

Do you want to simplify your exercise routine, and achieve your fitness goals then all you need is a Lebert Equalizer, it’s a simple, portable, yet multi-purpose and versatile piece of strength training equipment that works for all your body parts. Watch... - 85.5267

Tips For Marathon Training

In this video of Tips for Marathon Training, Brock interviews Canadian National and Olympic Coach Barrie Shepley. He shares his story of how he has turned young aspiring athletes into world class players. - 95.8503

Climbing 2000 Stairs For Fundraising

In this video of Climbing 2000 Stairs for Fundraising, Brock and Marta interview Donna who is the founder of "2000 Steps to Santa's Workshop". They also show how she breaks her own record in climbing the stairs this year. - 92.4684

Dion Snowshow Running And Winter Workout

This video of Dion Snowshow Running and Winter Workout shows an amazing pair of shoes specially designed for snow running. In this video you will see, how effective these shoes are. If you live in a snow filled area and love your run, you should probably get... - 81.297

Rocky Workout And 2000 Jumping Jacks

Brock and Marta are challenged to do a 1000 jumping jacks, but they need to do some hardcore training before they do it. This video of Rocky Workout and 2000 Jumping Jacks shows how they train and finally end up doing 2000 of those jacks. Very motivational! - 84.9047

Performing Essential Stretching Exercises And Demo

This video of Performing Essential Stretching Exercises and Demo shows some very important steps that every person who works out must see. Stretching is vital for our muscles as it relaxes our muscles and decreases its wear and tear. Take a look. - 104.622

Power Walking And Stairs Workout In Portugal Hills

This video shows how Brock and Marta taking a long walk on the cobblestone walkways in Porto Portugal. That walk gives them a great workout and if you do a similar walk, you will feel it in your muscles. Happy walking! - 96.5605

All About Low And High Exercise Intensity

Exercising is good for sure, but you need to know your limits. This video of All About Low and High Exercise Intensity explains about a healthy lifestyle and doing your exercises in the right manner. The intensity should be in accordance to your physical... - 88.8515

Ab Workout To Get Sexy Abs Fast

Who doesn't want awesome looking abs? But the reality is that, it calls for a lot of hard work and that is where most of the people use to give it up. Have a look at this Ab Workout to get Sexy Abs Fast video and get some quick tips to make sure your abs look... - 86.1221

1000 Bicep Curls- An Extreme Workout

If you plan to be strong enough to take up any physical challenge, you need to have a strong will and a strong body like Brock. So make sure you are fit enough to take challenges like these. This video of 1000 Bicep Curls- An Extreme Workout shows how Brock... - 105.58

Towel Workout With Partner

There are so many different types of exercises that not only have a wonderful effect on your body, but also are a lot of fun. Like this Towel Workout with Partner. Check out this video to see how you can make the best out of a towel to stay fit. - 105.178

Functional Training At The Gym

Working out at home and at a gym are very different. This video of Functional Training at The Gym shows you the best way to use your time and do the right steps for maximizing on the benefits. - 88.1857

Top 5 Stretches With Lebert Fitness Stretch Straps

Stretching is a vital step before and after every sport or workout. It becomes even more effective with these creative straps shown in this video of Top 5 Stretches with Lebert Fitness Stretch Straps. Take a look to try them out. - 100.543

How To Workout On Busy Saturdays

Weekends are always busy, as we have so much to do. But still, we should be focused enough not to miss out on our exercise routines. Here is a video of How to Workout on Busy Saturdays, that will help you keep up with the weekend unwinding mode and keep fit... - 93.6191

Functional Training Tool From Lebert Fitness Buddy System

Brock and Marta interview Lebert Fitness System's owner Marc and discuss his great products in this video. He also demonstrates the uses of these equipments. Check it out. - 115.55

How To Workout Anywhere Outdoors

This video of How to Workout Anywhere Outdoors is a fun video that shows some very effective steps that can put your entire body to work. It will also help tone up and stretch out all your muscles. - 88.3045

Proper Warm Up Before Sports Or Exercise

Whether you play any sports or you just go the gym to do some simple exercises, it is very important to do a good warm up. Watch this video of Proper Warm Up Before Sports or Exercise, to know the various steps that will help you get going for your game. - 105.324

10 Minutes Full Body Intensive Workout

This video of 10 Minutes Full Body Intensive Workout will run you through some quick action steps that will make sure all your muscles get their necessary workout. These steps are great when you are short of time and still want to feel satisfied about your... - 101.024

Medicine Ball Workout

If you haven't used a medicine ball until now, you must watch this Medicine Ball Workout to know how it works. These can prove to be a very helpful workout and it also helps us do the right exercises in the right manner. - 100.547

Big Arm Workout For Getting Beach- Ready

If you love to show off your big arms, this video of Big Arm Workout for Getting Beach- Ready will show the perfect exercises that you can do to get those. Follow this video closely as these exercises are foolproof. - 100.472

10 Minute Dynamic Upper Body Workout

If you have to work on your upper body and don't have enough time; try this 10 Minute Dynamic Upper Body Workout steps. This video will run you through some quick action steps to put your upper body muscles to work in no time. - 100.834

One Best Exercise - Deadlift

If you are wondering which exercise works best for all your muscles, watch this video of One Best Exercise - Deadlift, to find out yourself. This video explains why it is the best exercise and how it works all the muscles. It will also tell you some... - 100.878

Combo Exercise Of Core And Totator Muscles

Check out this video of Combo Exercise of Core and Rotator Muscles to learn some very effective exercises which will work both the muscles simultaneously. You should keep such dual beneficial exercises under your belt to get double benefits. - 96.4456

Top 10 Equipment Picks Of Personal Trainers

With the markets being flooded with various exercising equipment, it becomes difficult to chose the right one. This video of Top 10 Equipment Picks of Personal Trainers, shares a professional's top picks to help you finalize the equipment you need the most... - 84.7677

10 Minute Dynamic Lower Body Workout

Most of us dream of big biceps, broad chests and perfect abs. But we tend to forget that our lower body also needs to be in proportion to our upper body. This video of 10 Minute Dynamic Lower Body Workout shows some quick steps to get your lower body in shape. - 101.081

3 Plank Variations For Abs And Shoulders At Home

This video of 3 Plank Variations for Abs and Shoulders at Home, shares some nice steps of doing power workout at home without any machines. A nice way to get perfect abs without going out and paying for the gym. - 100.428

Buddy System Workout

Watch this Buddy System Workout video to see how you can do some intensive moves with the help of your partner. An excellent way to get going as you have each other to motivate. - 103.987

3 Full Body Exercise Variations Of Burpee

Add some more action to your workouts with these 3 Full Body Exercise Variations of Burpee shown in this video. These are good variations and they will add more intensity to your routine. - 99.8723

How To Workout In A Hotel Room

Just because you are travelling, or you are in a hotel room for some other reason, doesn't mean you have to deprive yourself of your workout. Watch this video of How to Workout in a Hotel Room and you will get some idea of how you can do it. - 101.134

Stretching And Exercise For Full Body

Watch this Stretching and Exercise for Full Body video to learn how you can get all your muscles to work and also relax them by some stretching. This video shows some excellent steps to maintain a healthy body, without spending a lot of time. - 100.697

Top 10 Push Ups For Upper Body Strength Building

Push ups are one of the oldest exercises known to man. Today you find many different type of push ups, that work on different muscles of our body. This video of Top 10 Push Ups for Upper Body Strength Building will help build your upper body strength. - 100.883

10 Minute Ab Blast At Home

Working on abs is one of the toughest workouts, as the results are not visible soon. So to keep going and make it more effective include this 10 Minute Ab Blast at Home shown in this video. - 100.265

Plyometric Cardio Workout Outdoor

There is nothing like working out in the open. Watch this video of Plyometric Cardio Workout Outdoor and learn some cool steps that you can do in your driveway. - 99.6735

2 Circuit Stability Ball Workout

Using different props for your exercise not only provides variety of exercises but also helps your muscle tone up better. Watch this video of 2 Circuit Stability Ball Workout and learn this new form of training. These balls are a great piece of equipment to... - 101.147

10 Minute Core Blast Workout At Home

This 10 Minute Core Blast Workout at Home displays some effective steps to work your core muscles. It is very important that our core of our bodies is in a great shape and these steps will help us in maintaining that. - 104.578

Relieving Stress Through Exercise

Stress is something that none of us want, but as we live in an atmosphere which we can't control, we really can't help it. Watch this video of Relieving Stress Through Exercise and you will be able to handle stress in a much effective manner next time. - 101.05

Improving Fitness Through Cross- Training

Watch this video of Improving Fitness Through Cross- Training. It is a good exercise to improve your fitness, but you need to take care of the muscles that are working and keep a balance. This video will are some good exercises with you. - 104.666

Fitness Challenge On Canada Day

Challenging yourself physically is a great activity to do once in a while. Depending on your capacity, you should do some fun things once in a while. Watch this video of Fitness Challenge on Canada Day and get motivated to do something cool. - 100.574

Vegetable Garden On A Raise Bed

Having a backyard garden is a great achievement as you can pick your vegetables everyday and east them fresh. Watch this video of Vegetable Garden on a Raise Bed. In this video you will see Brock and Marta's garden. This looks like a cool garden to have when... - 105.602

Hill Workout With Partner

Walking up to a hill is a nice feeling, and if you have a partner, you might as well utilize this opportunity to do some workout. Watch this video of Hill Workout with Partner. These steps are very effective in keeping fit, and also gives you some change from... - 105.209

Perfect Packing For A Healthy Vacation

This Perfect Packing for a Healthy Vacation video shares very useful information about what all to be taken with you, if you want to stay fit even while you are vacationing. So watch this video and next time you won't miss out being fit on a vacation. - 88.8607

10 Best Beach Workouts

Being on a beach is one of greatest feelings that you can have. And as you spend a lot of time there, it is important that you do not miss out your workouts. 10 Best Beach Workouts video will show you some nice steps for the beach, to keep up with your regime. - 97.4956

Healthy Foods For Vacation

Vacations are so much fun as we get to travel new places and eat different type of foods. But it is important to keep a track of what we are eating when we are away from home. This video of Healthy Foods for Vacation sheds some more light on it and introduces... - 90.2239

Why Bodybuilding Is Not Good

There are many speculations around body building and its effects on our body. In this video of Why Bodybuilding is Not Good, Brock who used to be a pro himself, discusses why it is not good for us. - 88.3177

Easy Goal Setting Tips

It is not easy to achieve all your goals in life and specially when it involves a lot of hard work. But to achieve most of it, you need to make realistic and well thought of goals. This video of Easy Goal Setting Tips will share some effective ideas on how... - 106.572

5 Best Exercises For Professional Runners

Being a professional sportsman is very demanding. This video of 5 Best Exercises for Professional Runners shows some great exercises if you are aspiring to become a runner, or want to become as good as a pro. - 104.194

25 Minute Full Body Workout At Home

If you are short of time to complete your regular workout, watch this video of 25 Minute Full Body Workout at Home. When you are hard pressed for time, you know how to keep up with your regime in limited time. - 104.459

10 Lunges Basic To Advance

One of the best exercises without machines are lunges, as it involves many muscles at once. Watch this video of 10 Lunges Basic to Advance, to learn the best lunge exercises. - 99.6915

Drinking Water To Boost Metabolism

For a healthy and fit body it is very important to have high metabolism rate, so as to do regular workouts. There are many items that help us to keep it high. Watch this video of Drinking Water to Boost Metabolism to know how you can use water to have a... - 105.408

Tips On Working Out Anywhere

Sometimes you get into situations where you are stuck with not enough resources to do your regular workouts. You can use these important tips from this Tips on Working Out Anywhere video and stay fit even when you are away from your home and gym. - 104.852

Better Sleep For Better Post Exercise Recovery

Workout lowers our energy levels and to regain that energy we must do something. What can be the best way of recovering from workout fatigue? Find out yourself by watching this Better Sleep for Better Post Exercise Recovery video. - 88.2959

Better Health Tips For Aging Population

With age comes various issues related to health and well-being. To counter some of these issues here is a very informative video of Better Health Tips for Ageing Population. You will definitely benefit by watching this video and using some of the tips shared... - 92.8693

Checking The Purity Of Kinetico Water

This video of Checking the Purity of Kinetico Water shows some important visuals to help us know the difference between tap water and purified water. Make sure you and your family is drinking clean water. This video will also tell you how this machine works. - 104.799

10 Minute Vacation Workout

Just because you are on vacation doesn't mean you should be left out to get out of shape. Have a look at this 10 Minute Vacation Workout video and see how you can dedicate a few minutes to keep in shape even when you are enjoying your time out. - 97.0151

Healthy Vegetarian Lunch Box

Are you a vegan or vegetarian wondering how to get variety for your lunch? Check out this video of Healthy Vegetarian Lunch Box and get some cool tips on how to make your meals more interesting. - 104.457

Removing Toxins And Rebalance Through Detox

If you are concerned about your wellbeing and would like to know about cleansing your body naturally. This video of Removing Toxins and Rebalance Through Detox will definitely help you with some vital information. It will also run you through a great detox... - 105.008

Post Workout Fresh Juice

Nothing works better than a juice after a great workout. To find out what is the best juices you can have, watch this video of Post Workout Fresh Juice. You can always choose your favorite option. - 100.119

Organic Green Rooibos Tea Benefits

This video of Organic Green Rooibos Tea Benefits shares some very important information about cleansing your body with herbal teas. Take a look and see how it suits to your lifestyle. - 91.7883

Roasted Chestnuts On A Portugal Street

It is rare to find a healthy snack on the street in our country, but Brock and Marta managed to get some great snack in Portugal. How? Find out for yourself by watching this video of Roasted Chestnuts on a Portugal Street. - 84.5737