Windsetfarms's Videos

Vancouver Home And Interior Design Show

Our uber-talented Chef Ned Bell was on-hand to tempt the masses at the Vancouver Home & Interior Design Show. His mouthwatering masterpieces were simple to create and satisfy the hungry crowd. - 91.6079

Eat! Vancouver 2011

Time to EAT!! Vancouver's biggest food taste test was a busy time for Windset Farms. A simple and fresh recipe was the theme and the results were fantastic. Take a look at those smiling faces testing Windset produce. - 88.058

Windset Farms Participates In Whistler Cornucopia 2010

Chef Dana Reinhardt of Windset Farms has prepared a pork chops and salad dish which is a twist on the original Vietnamese dish for the Whistler Cornucopia 2010. The dish has all the products of Windset Farms and the guests are loving it. - 116.693

Windset Farms Five Pepper Jelly At Eat Vancouver

The Windset Farms is showcasing its five pepper jelly which is a combination of mild, sweet and hot peppers at the Eat Vancouver Festival. Windset Farms has a reputation of producing fresh and nutritious vegetables for good food. - 116.406

Greenhouse Fresh Peppers!

Chef Dana demonstrates fresh greenhouse peppers and its freshness, rich color and taste by cooking it! - 114.721

Fesh Packed Tomatoes For Dinner!

The video shows chef Daan explaining about fresh, ripe red packed greenhouse tomatoes. She also demonstrates the freshness by chopping it and using in dishes. - 115.343

Greenhouse Fresh Eggplant

The video shows how chef Dana recommends the green house eggplant. The vegetables as per her is rich in color, taste and freshness - 115.083

Fresh Packed Fruits And Vegetables

The video shows chef Dana endorsing the green house fresh fruits and vegetables which are not only fresh but have amazing color and consistency. Green peppers, chilies, cucumbers and so on… - 115.784

Windset Farms At Cornucopia 2009 Festival

Windset Farms has participating in the Cornucopia 2009 festival house party to showcase its recipes and products. Windset products are fresh and nutritious and very tasty. - 115.422

Baked Whole Fish With Fennel

Something seems fishy when Sophie Lui checks in with Chef Dana for her new Fish and Fennel recipe. A fun and feisty dish that will definitely get you the looks and the respect once guests carve it up. Find the ingredients, directions and more great recipes at... - 5.67611