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Olde World Bakery, Berlin Ohio

Chef David Bishop with a Bread Crumbs Bakeries Across America video. This is a great little bakery in Berlin Ohio offering healthy Artisan breads pastries. Their Cafe offer soups sandwiches and much more, using their fresh baked products. 4363 State Route 39,... - 88.1093

Mr Sticky's

Chef David Bishop with a Bread Crumbs Bakeries Across America video. During our recent vacation to Williamsport PA we stopped and tried Mr. Sticky's. Mr. Sticky's is located at 1948 East Third Street Williamsport PA 17701 Great sticky buns and a good cup of... - 88.2898

Roy's Bakery, Williamsport, Pa

Chef David Bishop with Bread Crumbs Bakeries Across America sharing a recent visit to Roy's Bakery. Roy's Bakery 524 Washingson Blvd Williamsport, PA 17701 This is a must stop if you are in the area, using the same time tested recipes since 1948. - 88.1086

Der Bake Oven Bakery, Berlin Ohio

Chef David Bishop with a Bread Crumbs Bakeries Across America video. Der Oven Bakery is a delight to visit, great products, friendly staff and you can watch them working. We had what i call an apple ugly (better know as a apple fritter), a triple delight... - 89.5959

Kauffman's Bakery, Berlin Ohio

Chef David Bishop with a Bread Crumbs Bakeries Across America video. This bakery creates a wide variety of hpmemade bake good that will amaze you. They are avery popular store for both the local residents and visitors to the area. - 87.8301

Franks Donuts Ll, Winchester Ky

Chef David Bishop with Bread Crumbs Bakeries Across America featuring Frank's Donuts ll, 740 Bypass Rd, Winchester, KY 40391. If you are in the area you need to stop in, no day old donuts at this shop. This shop sells fresh daily they fly of the shelf as fast... - 93.8774

The Apple Farm, Victor New York

Chef David Bishop with Bread Crumbs bakeries Across America. Debbie and I had the opportunity to stop by "The Apple Farm" in Victor NY. The Apple Farm is a seasonal operation that offers apple picking, fresh cider and a bakery for their gust in the fall. The... - 93.4853

New Systems Bakery, Chillicothe Ohio

Chef David Bishop with Bread Crumbs Bakeries Across America. This bakery has been serving the local community in Chillicothe Ohio since 1920. They got their name from, that in 1920 they were using new system bakery equipment that had just came out. The bakery... - 93.7014

Crispie Creme Donuts, Chillicothe Ohio

Chef David Bishop with "Bread Crumbs Bakeries Across America" Today we are featuring a bakery that has been serving the local community since 1929. You need to make a trip to the donut shoppe and give them a try. Crispie Creme Donuts 47 N.Bridge Street... - 92.4843

Dutch Valley Bakery, Sugarcreek Ohio

Chef David Bishop presenting another "Bread Crumbs, Bakeries Across America Video". Debbie and I we visiting Ohio Amish Country and visited the Dutch Valley Bakery in Sugarcreek, Ohio. You need to stop and check this place out a whole resort in the country. - 88.1219

Spaldings Bakery, Lexington Kentucky

Chef David Bishop presenting a "Bread Crumbs, Bakeries Across America" Video. Today we are visiting Spalding's Bakery in Lexington Kentucky. - 86.3123

Hush Puppy Dispenser

The fastest and easiest way to make hush puppies. Some call it a hush puppy tool, hush puppy machine, hush puppy dropper, hush puppy maker, batter dispenser, hushpuppy tool. - 103.188

Clayton Bakery & Deli

Chef David Bishop visiting the Clayton Bakery & Deli in Clayton N.C. Chef Dave's hobby is visting bakeries. He calls it "BREAD CRUMBS - Bakeries across America" - 83.4466

Tiffany's Bakery And Eatery In Columbia Sc

Another video from the "Bread Crumbs, Bakeries Across America" series by chef David Bishop where he and his wife, Debbie, visit the Tiffany's Bakery & Eatery in Columbia, SC. Watch as the chef tells you about this Mom & Pop Bakery's specialties. Their... - 97.7302

How To Cut A Watermelon

Cutting a watermelon is not no easy job. Many people end up with a mess halfway through the process. Chef David Bishop is here to tell you exactly how to cut a watermelon. He demonstrates four ways to cut- larger cuts for eating off the table and small cuts... - 98.7814

The Bake Shoppe Asheville

Chef David Bishop and his wife, Debbie were enjoying the beautiful mountains in North Carolina when they came across a quaint bakery called "The Bake Shop." Watch on to know more about this lovely bakery, their specialty cakes and the various kinds of other... - 84.9226

City Bakery And Cafe In Asheville Nc

If you're thinking homemade breads, pies and cakes then this video will leave you drooling. City Bakery And Cafe in Asheville, NC serves lunch too and will only leave you craving for more. Watch Chef David Bishop give you a review on this lovely bakery cafe. - 80.4761

Well Bred Bakery Weaverville Nc

Watch as Chef David Bishop visit a popular Mom & Pop bakery known as the "Well Bred Bakery" in Weaverville, NC. The chef tells us about their delicious cheesecakes, quiches and chicken salad. You'll also have a range of yummy cakes and desserts to choose... - 89.8489

Crumbs And Cream - The Sweet Spot

Craving for some delicious confectionery? You'll want more after watching this video. Chef David Bishop and his wife, Debbie, head to the Crumbs and Cream bakery in Mars Hill, NC. Watch as the chef shows you through their scrumptious menu of cookies, breads,... - 92.8785

Wedding Day Foods

Enjoy these delicious foods on your wedding day and make it memorable for all! - 118.579

Carving A Turkey

Once turkey is cooked let it sit for some time. Then, carve it into nice uniform slices and serve. Chef David Bishop says that a well cooked turkey is always good but unless it is served well the meal is not served right. - 124.662

Tips To Cut Pineapple

Pineapples are fruits which so many qualities. Its juicy, tangy sweet taste makes good desserts, and savoury dishes. Most people do not like cutting pineapples at home and prepare buying ready pieces or canned. Chef David Bishop says that pineapples are... - 125.125

How To Select And Cut A Cantaloupe

Cantaloupes are very healthy fruits. While buying them you must keep few points in mind so that you buy the right fruit. Once you have bought them, it is time to cut and slice it. The acookinchef shows how to do it. - 120.675