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Are Liquid Diets A Good Way To Lose Weight?

Linda Yo, weight loss coach & the author of Asian Slim Secrets tells us if liquid diets help in losing weight. - 102.867

How To Lose 10 Pounds A Month - No Dieting!

Linda Yo, the author of Asian Slim Secrets shows you how To lose 10 pounds a month & stay slim permanently without starving yourself. - 103.272

Eat Chocolate & Still Lose Weight?

Watch the video to learn that genes might play a role in our metabolism, however Asian children who are eating more fat are also getting fatter. While genes might be helpful, it's important to understand that weight gain is almost like a mathematical... - 107.08

Your Weight Loss Questions Answered

Linda Yo, the author of Asian Slim Secrets show you how to lose weight safely. - 94.5091

Easy Way To Lose Weight

Learn the easy way to lose weight and stay slim permanently from Linda Yo, a certified weight consultant & the author of Asian Slim Secrets. - 95.2855

How To Lose Weight & Stay Slim For Life Without Starving Yourself

Linda Yo gained 25 lbs in 3 months when she came to the US. She failed at every method until she realized that when she was in Asia, she ate a lot and she was slim. She began to combine American food with Asian food and lost the 25 lbs easily. Learn this... - 98.3693

How To Avoid Salmonella Poisoning

Join Linda Yo and know how the Asian people avoid salmonella poisoning. - 98.3281

How To Lose 5 Lbs In A Week Without Starving

The author of Asian Slim Secrets shows you how to lose weight without starving yourself. - 94.5663

29 Fad Diets You Should Avoid

Watch this video to know if your diet is a safe diet or a fad diet? - 94.6985

Secret To Lose 5 Pounds In A Week

Linda Yo the author of Asian Slim Secrets shares her idea of losing 5 pounds in a week’s time. She says this is for the people who are looking for some instant weight loss. She shares a recipe to help shed those extra pounds instantly. - 104.83

Linda Yo's Book-asian Slim Secrets

Linda shares her experiences of struggle of gaining weight and losing it. She has authored a book on this which essays the reasons and solutions for weight gain and how it can be lost with starving and making few changes in the preparation techniques,... - 105.032

How To Lose Weight Using Asian Methods

Linda approves of healthy ways to lose weight. She totally disapproves starving and depriving body off the essential fats and nutrients. She has written a book based on her experience. She adds that it is a myth that Asians do not gain weight. Especially, the... - 106.48

Tips To Lose Weight Without Starving

Linda says that people who are overweight for some or other reason often stress themselves and blame for everything sad happening around. She says that this leads to production of happy hormone which increases cravings for sweet, adding to existing weight.... - 105.873

Tips To Make Healthy Corn Soup For Holidays

The delicious foods and dessert during the Holidays often leads to weight gain. The weight gained during this season takes a long time to shed. Linda has come up with few small steps and precautions to be taken while cooking so that the food is delicious and... - 105.946

Tips To Not Gaining Weight During Holidays

Linda Yo gives few tips that can help in retaining weight and not gaining much weight during the Holidays. Like using corn starch instead of cream for thickening salt, eating healthy staple food like rice. Watch the video for more tips. - 104.561

How To Make Low Calorie Fried Rice

It is often supposed that Asian food is high calorie and leads to weight gain. But, Asian foods are a great combination of fats, fibers, fats and great taste. This makes the food tasty and healthy and you do not gain as much weight. - 104.821

How To Make Low Fat Asian Dessert

This is an Asian dessert from Indonesia. This recipe is more like a snack dish. Although, the original recipe is richer and full of fats but the version showed in this video is light and healthy. Those concentrating on losing weight or counting calories can... - 105.209