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About Ocean And Vine Restaurant

Ocean and vine is famous Los Angeles restaurant with fun food experience topped up with unique scenic locale, and presentation of foods. The signature recipes ranges from fondue, and appetizers to wines, and cocktails. - 91.4826

About Sepia Restaurant

Sepia restaurants caters to the need of eating healthy and light, with farm food products. the appetizers, and nice selection of evening snacks make it a must go for every one. the elegant complement of food and ambiance serves as a great ice breaker for an... - 93.6041

About Mano Restaurant

This seasonal American is destined to set a new bar for a complete dining experience in heart of Chicago. Get the view and pamper yourself a trip. - 92.1335

About Convito Café And Market

Convito cafe is purely an Italian cafe with all kinds of Italian foods, and drinks with fine dining experience. It serves healthy Italian snacks which has tinge of traditional and modern taste. Take a chill pill, and make casual visit to this " anytime for... - 101.848

About Quince Restaurant

"Quince " is the popular restaurant specializing in wine pairing, and great brunch menus. The look, and feel of contemporary America food culture is the feature of this restaurant. It also serves world class wines with world class multi cuisines. - 93.0041

About Chicago Restaurant

Frasca" is one of the most popular neighborhood restaurant tucked in the heart of North Chicago. Restaurant has wide repertoire of wine, to suit every taste buds, and the combo of pizza with wine deserves special mention. - 92.9069

About Socca Restaurant

" Socca" is haven for food lovers especially for sweet dish admirers. Socca can be your best pick, once you forward your first move to the place. it is well know for delicious and filling appetizers, and some times defeats the purpose of appetizers!. the food... - 94.4254

About Nine Restaurant

Nine restaurant takes the Chicago steakhouse concept to upscale , which is noteworthy. Some of the unique dishes are self discovered food trivia from this restaurant, which is successfully entertaining thousands of taste buds. Well to do foods with reasonable... - 93.5209

About Flight Restaurant

For a little city energy in the 'burbs, check out this wine bar and restaurant....60 wines by-the-glass and a menu of eclectic sharing plates. This restaurant is located in the suburbs and offers delicious food to the people migrating to the suburbs. - 97.7541

About Amber Café

Amber Café is a fairly new restaurant but has lot of people eating at the restaurant. The food here mainly consists of seafood which is great tasting and fresh. See this quaint Westmont eatery and hear about the accessible fine dining and scrumptious dishes. - 93.2648

About Mulan Restaurant

the food concept is typical in Mulan restaurant, with lights, and food soothing your senses. people who seek peace, and tranquility, come over here, and let their hair down. A great place for building honest relationships with vintage foods displayed before... - 96.8987

About Sam And Harry's

One of the high flavored restaurant is " Renaissance" where you get the feel of elegant food served in a very gracious way. here you get the feel of dining, cooking, and enjoying wine as all fun. - 93.0271

About Everest Restaurant

Everest Restaurant chef Joho tells us his story of how he started the restaurant, dishes served here and people coming in the restaurant. - 98.4725

About Mulino Restaurant

Mulino is a restaurant with entrenched New York food culture. Food and wine come alive in this Italian restaurant, which gets more pronounced with hospitality and humbleness. - 96.3737

About Va Pensiero Restaurant

Casual regional Italian dishes are the signature of the restaurant. Ever changing, and revolutionary food trends are seen here as great excitement. Restaurants also brags of eclectic wine collections to suit every taste. - 92.5541

About Zocalo Restaurant

A great dining experience with all kinds of amazing breakfast, lunch, and dinner with Mexican, Italian, and European orientations are treat here. Some unique food presentations makes this crowd stand out of crowd. - 92.0024

About Follia Restaurant

It's haute Italian in ambiance only at this slick Chicago Meat Packing district dining room. Owner Bruno tells the tale of his approachable food with fashion sense. Bruno comes from a family of chefs. He strongly believes in three important things that make a... - 94.487

About Tufanos Vernon Park Tap Restaurant

It's the family run Italian restaurant that you have to bi in-the-know to find....and tasting the classic hearty dishes make it worth the hunt. - 93.2501

About La Cucina Di Donatella Restaurant

It's captivating and intriguing to hear Roman native Chef Donatella talk of her food and her homeland. She tells us how her food has got influenced with her both parents food and cooking specialty. - 93.0329

About Avec Restaurant

Avec restaurant is known for drenching people in crazy wines, and Mediterranean dishes. Come home and finally marinate yourself in salt, pepper, and high flavored dishes. - 93.5371

About Bob Bee Of Sushi Restaurant

The video shows how to delicately handle sushi, and savor the sushi dish with artistic appeal. Sushi is a healthy option to high saturated caloric foods. Get high on sushi with this dish. - 93.1155

Grill Restaurant With An American Touch

Classic Fontera grills will work great on your palatte. Learn some mushy and trendy way of making fonterra grills here. - 92.3945

About Prah Restaurant

Oprah is the restaurant presenting you with enticing delicacies from Hawaii, and Asian kitchens. You get great idea of intermingled fusion foods, and this is what makes this restaurant one of its kind. - 93.1682

About Spiaggia

Spiaggia`s restaurant is one of its kinds, which has redefined the Italian Cuisines in many refreshing ways. You have chic, and trendy life styled restaurant with great ambiance to regale the heart and mind of guests. - 93.0398

About Spring Restaurant

Spring restaurant is the Chicago's New American with Asian flair restaurant. If you want to know more about this place, just check out the video. - 92.6225

About Sola Restaurant

Exotic fusion of Asian and American foods is the unique quality of Sola restaurant. The high quality cuisine all served at reasonable price is truly breathtaking. - 96.1888

About La Sradine Restaurant

It's straight up Franco Fare for French chef Jean Claude Poilevey, who holds claim to some of the best bistro food around. You can feast for your lifetime in this French restaurant. - 92.8898

About Quartino Restaurant

Quartino restaurant is a very popular restaurant. Here you can taste the Italian trattoria menu from an expert chef John Coletta. Check out the video. - 96.7576

About Fillippo's

A golden chance of tracing your passion for Italian food is here for you. Filippo`s restaurant is known for exotic food from Italy, made with style, affection, and stuffed with crazy ingredients. - 93.2024

About Five Star Bar And Grill

Vivid lifestyle, with great service, and youthful air is what makes Bar and grill restaurant different from others. You can enjoy the rocking music with great food, and wine catering generosity. - 93.1415

About Ballo Restaurant

For a fun twist on authentic Italian dishes like meatballs and lots of energy, this River North (Chicago) corner spot is a good pick. Chef Salvatore Raguso's open kitchen is so fun to watch that it makes you feel like dancing. - 95.2206

About Blue Water Grill Restaurant

Story of a dream coming alive, is what this video boast of . The New York restaurant as shown here is bragging of ultra modern fresh sea food varieties served with unique presentation and esoteric style with tagged wine bottles. - 94.6905

About Bravo Tapas And Lounge

This is wonderful restaurant experience which started as a tiny business. This has attained high attention and soaring heights of success with people loving the food. - 91.18

About China Grill Restaurant

Nestled in the ultra cool Hard Rock Hotel, this enormous pan Asian dining room requires a big party to share the equally BIG dishes. - 92.9948

About Custom House Restaurant

Acclaimed Chef Shawn McClain rolls out his downtown meat-oriented menu that makes even the busiest worker bee take pause during "power lunch". His attention to detail can be seen and heard here and it comes from the heart. - 94.8991

About District Restaurant

Midtown Manhattan can be dizzying but slip into this charming Muse Hotel dining room for seasonal American cuisine and find serenity, ample wine selections and thoughtful eclectic dishes. District restaurant serves contemporary American food, which means food... - 96.6547

About Fiorentine's Restaurant

This video presents a family story and some of the gem Italian dishes with ecstasy and made in home style. People love the food flavor and new food taste. - 92.68

About Flo's Clam Shack

Flo`s Clam Shack restaurant review is a great way of making your dining experience a memorable one. Get a short jaunty trip with this video o the locale. - 93.4297

About Covo Restaurant And Lounge

Approachable rustic Italian food is what this restaurant is all about. So what that the chef is from Melbourne, Australia¿.he knows how to cook Italian fare that'll make you smile. - 93.4281

About Ina's Restaurant

Just like your mom used to make is chef/owner Ina Pinkney's moniker. Her home cooking, desserts and breakfast food at incredibly reasonable prices keep regulars lining up at the door. - 93.8181

About Market Restaurant

The buzz in St. Helena (Napa Valley) revolves around this neighborhood "third place" where approachable food is paired with local wine. Look at this gorgeous casual space...where Michael Kim Wolf mans the dining room. - 98.5239

About Minnies Restaurant

How a little can be a whole lot when everything is miniature, harkening back to owner Jonathan Segal's 4th birthday party. Check out, mini-Cuban pork sandwiches, and stroller valet service for moms (and their tots). - 95.5023

About Rhapsody Restaurant

Doran Payne's St. Lucian heritage influences his fine food and his European training doesn't hurt. His exciting and provocative menu, while American, hints of the Caribbean and Europe in the most flattering ways. - 94.2726

About Starfish Restaurant

Starfish is more for people who love Japanese foods, as it being Japanese food adherent. the colorful, and tasty treat of Japanese appetizers, and main dish are all nourishing for your gastronomical senses. - 93.737

About Vermilion Restaurant

Contemporary restaurant known for its Indo- Latin fusion foods is here to stay. Restaurant springs amazing food surprises to its customers making it a rich experience worth remembering. The picturesque view of outdoors, and soothing melodious music in the... - 97.188

About Redd Restaurant

Lavish green " Redd" restaurant which has lot of french,Italian, Spanish, American food orientations, is a great treat in it self. Rocking collection of Chinese, Japanese foods are another great attraction. Also know for huge wine collection from world over,... - 101.678

About Moto Restaurant

Moto restaurant review shows intricate detailing, elegant foods, and high styled presentations, which makes your whole experience more rewarding, and enriching. Watch out for a lavish, and luxurious tour to a palace like restaurant. - 96.2109

About Knife And Fork Restaurant

Get bathed and pampered with delicious food, ready to serve Chefs, experience the basking glory of ambiance ahead of your times. Knife and Fork`s owner talks about great experiences to be shared at this high prized restaurant with reasonably priced menu. - 101.086

About Dela Costa Restaurant

De La Costa is a restaurant that gives a great experience of food and lounging. This restaurant has different dining halls and a huge bar for those who love to drink. - 91.3942

About Green Zebra Restaurant

Video presents the quick, yet detailed restaurant review of "Green Zebra", which has become one of the hot spots for vegetarian seekers. The restaurant is bound to change your perspective for began eating, and unfold you with mysteries of - 92.2469

About David Burke's Primehouse

This is a restaurant which is a place for many celebrities and famous people. This is also a place for the people who want to be famous. Talking about the menu, it is very varied and gives lot of choices. - 92.3932

About Avenues Restaurant

Lavish, and aesthetic tour to one of the most plush restaurant is captured in the video. Indulge yourself with exotic cuisines, and world class chef professionals by taking a quick view of the restaurant. - 91.9565