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Tips To Make Pina Colada From Kathy Casey

Tiki drinks, in particular blended drinks, are coming back in a big way. The Pina Colada is one of the best of the bunch. In this episode, Kathy blends one in her Vitamix blender and makes it a bit luxurious with an aged rum float. - 108.035

Making Hot Buttered Rum With Robert Hess

Making hot buttered rum can be a complicated process. The batter itself can have a dozen ingredients. In this episode, Robert shows you how to make a quick and easy hot buttered rum with simple ingredients any one would or should have available at a... - 111.031

Tips To Make Gimlet

The Gimlet is an old style navy drink most likely invented when sailors in the British navy mixed their ration of gin with lime juice. A 1953 description was: "a real gimlet is half gin and half Rose's lime juice and nothing else" (Terry Lennox in Raymond... - 112.844

How To Make Old Fashioned Simple Syrup

Adding robust flavors to your simple syrup creates new opportunities for inspiring cocktails like this Hot Toddy done Blue Blazer style. Distributed by Tubemogul. - 102.732

Tips To Make Hot Toddy In Blue Blazer Style

The Blue Blazer was invented by Jerry Thomas while he worked at the El Dorado in San Francisco. It might not be the earliest known heated alcoholic beverage but its preparation is very unique. This version is essentially a Hot Toddy done Blue Blazer style.... - 113.158

How To Make Vermouth Cocktails

Vermouth is rated among some of the best tasting cocktail. It however demands better preservation techniques, but is bound you for a revolutionary cocktail experience. - 83.2771

Tips To Make Perfect Simple Syrup

Making simple syrup is, well, simple. Jamie likes to use rich simple syrup behind the bar. It provides a cocktail with sweetness, mouth feel and texture without diluting the cocktail. Simple syrup is nothing but one part water and one part sugar. But what... - 107.55

How To Saber Champagne

Opening a bottle of champagne always puts people in a festive mood. Sabering a bottle of champagne takes your party to the next level. Remember, BE CAREFUL! Jamie is a trained professional. DO NOT POINT THE BOTTLE AT ANYONE! You are creating a projectile that... - 109.849

Tips To Make Seasonal Lemon Drop

Once you have your seasonal fruit purees ready to go, why not use them in a delicious Seasonal Lemon Drop? Each fruit provides a whole new experience for your palate. Make this interesting recipe with Kathy Casey. - 106.705

How To Make Hula Hula

Ray Buhen was one of the original bartenders for Don The Beachcomber. The Hula Hula was one of Ray's early creations and still proves to be a great drink. I might recommend one for brunch perhaps? - 106.752

Making The Ritz Bijou

The Bijou is a classic. Dale DeGroff recently released a new book ""The Essential Cocktail"", in which he presents classic cocktails along with several variations. He presents the ""Ritz Bijou"" as one such variation, and it is an excellent drink to become... - 107.926

Making Satan's Whiskers With Robert Hess

An old and unfortunately forgotten cocktail, and one of the first which I learned which required the mysterious ingredient "orange bitters". It is a great drink to use to introduce people to "gin" cocktails. If you use "orange curacao" instead of Grand... - 108.64

How To Make Coffee Cocktail

First encountered in Jerry Thomas' 1887 Bartender's Guide, he specifically notes that "The name of this cocktail is a misnomer, as coffee and bitters are not to be found among its ingredients, but it looks like coffee when it has been properly concocted, and... - 108.476

How To Make East India House With Robert Hess

It was in "The Gentleman's Companion, by Charles H. Baker Jr. that I first encountered the "East India House Cocktail", and immediately fell in love with it. It has a wonderful flavor and is what I refer to as an "approachable" cocktail which would be... - 109.509

Making Derby Cocktail With Robert Hess

Benedictine is one of those products which often is gathering dust at most bars across the country. So I am always on the lookout for great cocktails which can illustrate the value that Benedictine can bring to a drink. There are a few different cocktails... - 112.589

Tips To Make Old Fashioned Tequila

The old cocktail books would refer to "Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail" so there was no confusion as to what spirit to use. While today it is simply assumed that Whiskey will be the ingredient in your Old Fashioned (or Brandy if you are from Minnesota), that... - 110.212

Making Calvados Cocktail

The Calvados Cocktail first appears in "The Savoy Cocktail Book", published in 1930 by Harry Craddock, the bartender at London's famous Savoy hotel. - 104.997

How To Make Widow's Kiss Cocktail

The Widow's Kiss dates back to around 1895. This was during a time when a ""new"" age of cocktails were coming into existence as bartenders were letting it expand beyond its previously held definition of ""spirits of any kind, sugar, water, and bitters"". - 107.72

Making Strait's Sling Cocktail

Of course almost everybody has heard of the famous Singapore Sling, invented at Raffles Hotel in Singapore. What they might not know, is that sometime during the 1930’s they stopped serving the drink, and when they decided to start making it again, they... - 115.942

Tips To Make Monte Carlo Cocktail

It seems like these days everybody is trying to come up with “variations” on some particular cocktail, Pomegranate Martinis, Raspberri Manhattans, Strawberry Mojitos… you get the point. If a drink is a Manhattan, call it a Manhattan, if it isn’t... - 113.847

How To Make Old Cuban Cocktail

This wonderful drink was created by my good friend Audrey Saunders, proprietor of the Pegu Club in New York City. You will notice that it is closely related to the Mojito, but with far more elegance and sophistication. Audrey garnishes her original version... - 109.713

How To Make Saratoga Cocktail

Originally, cocktails had such fanciful names as “gin cocktail”, “whiskey cocktail”, and “brandy cocktail”. Now that is some creativity the likes of which we haven’t seen in a long time. Such names were common in the original bartender’s guide... - 115.431

Making 21st Century Cocktail

The 20th Century cocktail has been around for… well… about a century. Isn’t it time we had something a little more up-to-date? Jim Meehan, of PDT in New York City, felt the same way, and so he came up with this delightful variation that is well worth... - 111.761

Tips To Make The Diablo Cocktail

It’s hard to say exactly why this drink is called “Diablo” (Devil in Spanish), perhaps it is its red color, or perhaps it’s due to the little bit of spice brought in from the ginger ale. Either way, this is a wonderfully refreshing drink, and a good... - 109.087

Tips On Making The Vacation Cocktail

This drink was created by Zane Harris, bartender at Vessel which is an excellent craft bar in downtown Seattle. I asked him for some ideas on a “summertime” cocktail, and he said this is one that he had recently worked up. He said it was a good summertime... - 116.058

Tips To Make Rob Roy Cocktail

The Rob Roy gets its name from an opera by the same name which opened in New York in 1894. In those days it was common to bring about new cocktails and name them after popular shows. For the Rob Roy, they simply took an existing popular cocktail, the... - 112.699

Tips To Make Tip Top Cocktail

I am not sure where this drink comes from although I first found the recipe in ""Old Waldorf Bar Days"", by Albert Crockett Stevens from 1931. What I find the most fascinating about this drink, is that it uses dry vermouth as its base. With so much vermouth,... - 113.437

How To Make Chaplin Cocktail

Here presented is the tip on making an offbeat cocktail recipe named as Chaplin cocktail. It is a blend of black, green, and other bright colors, and is therefore known to impart a complex flavor, and smell. Learn on how to make Chaplin cocktail, a and get... - 110.472

Seelbach Cocktail

The Seelbach Hotel has been a grand fixture in Louisville Kentucky since it was built in 1905. The Seelbach cocktail was specifically created as a house specialty around 1917, but sometime during prohibition it was forgotten, and all but lost. It wouldn't be... - 111.342

How To Make Bourbon Crusta

The "Crusta" is a style of drink which harkens from the early 1800's. While it never gained the same level of notoriety as the "Cocktail", today's cocktail revival is allowing it to once again make its way onto drink lists again. - 107.507

Tips To Make Chaplin Cocktail

I am always on the lookout for cocktails which use slightly offbeat, if not downright obscure ingredients. Ramazzotti as an Italian Amaro Bitters, which has a fairly robust and complex flavor. It can present a delightful play of flavors when balanced against... - 112.686

How To Make Cocktail For Pork Belly Pairing

Of course, the second half of any cocktail pairing is the all-important cocktail. After beginning the dish, Chef Andrew Lanier sets about concocting a tasty libation to compliment the food before plating the final dish. - 106.544

Tips To Strain A Cocktail

Unless you are building a drink in the glass or serving a spirit neat, it is likely that one last step in creating the perfect cocktail is straining. In this segment, Jamie demonstrates two different techniques for keeping your drinks crystal clear and free... - 108.262

Tips On How To Stir A Cocktail

In this episode you will learn how and when to stir your cocktail. Use cracked for small ice in the cocktail. Using a tail end of a spoon, stir round and round, up and down. Jamie demonstrates the proper way to stir a cocktail. - 105.234

Tips To Rim A Cocktail Glass

Rimming a cocktail glass with sugar or other dusts as decoration and adds to the flavor of your drink. Jamie gives you a few tips to remember the next time you rim your glass. He says that some bartenders rim entire glass which is really not necessary. So... - 108.006

Tips To Muddle Mint

To muddle or not to muddle. That is the question. Whatever your answer, mint and its herbal brethren should never be abused. Your cocktails, and those who drink them, will benefit from your from your gentle touch. - 106.703

Tips To Serve Martini

The classic martini is elegant and refined yet simple in its basic elements. A certainty when serving this classic cocktail is that it must be cold. But, how does one keep the drink at temperature once it has entered the hands of a guest? Jamie shows you how... - 108.994

How To Make Ice For Cocktails

What is the most important ingredient in any cocktail? Hints: it used to be a liquid, it can be made into any shape, it is very cold. If you haven’t still got the answer, its ice. It is indeed most important ingredient. Learn few techniques to make ice... - 107.175

Tips On How To Make Flamed Orange Zest

Used correctly, fire can entice and enhance flavors that do not exist without it. In this episode Jamie uses a flame to caramelize the oils and sugars expressed from the rind of and orange imparting a whole new dimension of flavor to the cocktail. - 107.732

Tips To Help You Add An Egg To A Cocktail

Eggs are used in cocktails to add texture and mouth feel to a cocktail. They are easy to incorporate if you follow these simple steps. Crack the egg straight in the shaker just see how with Jamie in this episode of Raising the Bar. - 106.391

Tips To Make Cocktail Dusts

Making unique and flavorful dusts used for rimming cocktail glasses could not be easier. Jamie Boudreau shows you how using Chartreuse. This is the easiest way to make dust. You can make a rim with this dust just like that. - 105.6

Tips To Make Fancy Bar Lime

Jamie Boudreau demonstrates the fancy bar lime. This technique can help you decorate drinks and few dishes as well. With this simple technique you can step it up a notch behind the bar. - 105.039

Tips To Make Spiral Zest Garnish

Jamie demonstrates the beautifully simple spiral zest. You can use this zest for garnish and other food decorations. Follow simple techniques demonstrated by Jamie to get that perfect spiral zest garnish. - 103.915

Tips To Shake A Cocktail

In this episode of Raising the Bar, Jamie demonstrates when and how you should shake a cocktail. He has number of shakers with him from the old school shaker to the newest in town. Place your juice and other ingredients in glass container and seal it with... - 106.566

Tips To Make Lemon Zest

In this episode Jamie Boudreau demonstrates how to create a fat lemon zest. This technique allows for expression of large amounts of essential oils and looks great too. You should watch and try this video for all those recipes which haven’t been tasting... - 106.641

How To Make Apricot Gingerini Cocktail

Anyone looking to keep their New Year's resolutions will appreciate a healthful, nonalcoholic cocktail from time to time. The Apricot Gingerini is featured in Natalie's book ‘Preggatinis’;: Mixology for the Mom-To-Be"" but it is tasty enough for... - 107.207

Tips To Make Swedish Flag Cocktail With Karlsson's Vodka

The Swedish Flag cocktail is inspired by the colors of the Swedish flag. Muddled blueberries and a touch of limoncello help to balance the earthy, tangy notes of the Karlsson's Vodka that anchors the drink. Karlsson's is a unique vodka made from new potatoes... - 110.049

Tips To Make Non Alcoholic Cocktails

Some people won't, don't or can't drink alcohol. Whether they are the designated driver or the mom to be, many patrons of your bar or restaurant are tired of Shirley Temples or soda and want to feel like they are part of the party. Why not create customer... - 114.637

Tips To Make Homemade Liqueur

In this episode, Chef Andrew Lanier creates a simple fennel blossom liqueur. Wonderfully aromatic, homemade fennel liqueur is easy to make and a less complex substitute for absinthe. A squeeze from a fat lemon garnish adds a bit of complexity and balance to a... - 109.272

Tips To Make Non Alcoholic Mojito For Baby Shower

A baby shower is a wonderful event for family, friends and the mom-to-be. When the mimosas begin to flow it is a great idea to have a non-alcoholic alternative for those who choose to abstain but want to feel included in the fun. In this episode, Natalie... - 113.812

Tips To Prepare Geoduck Clam For Cooking

A Geoduck (pronounced goo ee duck) is a large clam found in the Pacific Northwest. It is also quite delicious and with a few hints, easy to prepare for use in chowder, fritters and many other dishes. - 106.862

Tips To Make Counterbalance Cocktail

The Counterbalance cocktail, created by Chef Andrew Lanier, is a wonderfully refreshing gin based cocktail mixed with mint, lemon and lime juices as well as cucumber juice and topped with Cucumber DRY Soda. - 106.338

Tips To Make Herb Oil

Herb oil is easy to make and adds wonderful color and concentrated flavor to any dish. This herb oil can be used over a number of dishes and you can store it for a longer time. The method to make this oil is as simple as making any other flavouring. - 106.435

Tips To Make Honey Hum Collins

The Tom Collins is a classic cocktail. The Honey Hum Collins, created by Kathy Casey, is a wonderful twist using local honey, bourbon and HUM liqueur. Kathy uses honey from the Liquid Kitchen to make this drink. - 106.038

Tips To Make Black And Blue Margarita By Kathy

The Black and Blue Cadillac Margarita is a margarita like no other. With a blue coral salt rim, anejo tequila and Grand Marnier foam, it is out of this world. Kathy shows her fun filled recipe to us. The technique to do this bit is very simple - 107.468