Giselle Achecar's Videos

Make A Healthy Living

A fine video where raw food lover Megan Elizabeth shares healthy and natural ways to keep all round fitness in terms of eating habits, beauty tips and lifestyle. This is a very informative video, which can indeed make this planet a better place to live. - 109.886

Introduction To Eco-rico

Modern and healthy – a perfect combination. This is the welcome video of Eco-Rico, a website sharing all the information about eco-friendly lifestyle, food, beauty tips and all the valuable inputs for making a wellness rich lifestyle and a better planet. - 105.893

Limoncello From Ventura

This is refreshing video showing the interview of an expert chef about Limoncello – a classic Italian lemon liqueur available in Ventura California. A cool and delicious after-dinner drink, this is one the best liqueur ever produced. - 105.889

Differentiate Between Organic And Natural Food

Organic or Natural??? If such a question comes to your mind, watch this video to know it all. Giselle Achecar shares the differentiating points between organic and natural food. A very informative and crisp presentation, this is a handy guide to give useful... - 105.213

Interview With Chef Roberto Maggione

Know it from the expert. In this video environmentalist Giselle Achecar interviews chef Roberto Maggione, formerly of Locanda del Lago. The expert chef shares the secrets of the restaurant, which classifies it as an eco-friendly eating-house. Watch it to get... - 102.325

Bad Effects Of Genetically Modified Foods

Time to get healthy. This is an amazing video where environmentalist Giselle Achecar outlines the many harmful effects of genetically modified foods. According to her, GM or genetically modified foods generate a lot of negative backlash especially on the... - 107.472

Giselle Archer's Views On Eco Friendly Products

This is a video where environmentalist Giselle Achecar shares her opinion on a number of eco-friendly items. From moisturizing hand sanitizer to wine, it says it all. It is a fine way to make a healthy and environmental friendly living. - 104.433

Ana Caban Appreciates Giselle Achecar

Go Green!!! This is the motto for a healthy and eco-friendly living. Giselle Achecar is an ardent follower of this modern philosophy and life-style guru Ana Caben shares her testimonial about the same through this video. Being a renowned lifestyle guru, Ana... - 115.132

Napa Valley Grille Ecoeatz

Giselle Achecar of EcoRico interviews Chef Josef Morphis of Napa Valley Grille and learns a little trade secret: 50/50 butter and oil makes the brussels sprouts hella good. Yes brussels sprouts. - 103.333

Ecorico With Giselle Achecar Ep. 005

Giselle Achecar interviews famous chefs at the National Kidney Foundation's 24th Annual Great Chefs of LA Go Green, Go Organic event. Bonus: Giselle sneaks onto the Border Grill Truck to scarf churros! - 3.69607

Tips To Buy Fair Trade Certified Goods

Giselle Achecar of EcoRico tells why you should buy Fair Trade certified goods. These goods are ecofriendly. Check out the video. - 103.592

Tips To Buy Domestic Seafood

Seafood Watch and FishWise had conducted a study and found that domestic seafood is safer than imported one. Check out the video for more information. - 105.35

Middle Eastern Shrimp Recipe

Looking for Middle Eastern Shrimp Recipe? Learn to make this traditional dish with Giselle. Check out the video. - 85.1192

An Overview Of Agave Nectar

Giselle Achecar of EcoRico tells why all agave nectar is not alike. White vs. blue agave. Which one is better for you? Watch the video and find out. - 104.916

Vegan Chocolate Pudding Recipe

If you are looking to make vegan chocolate pudding, you have come to right place. Learn the recipe with Giselle and Dore Damelin. - 26.0422

Pollo Encebollao Recipe

Pollo Encebollao is a chicken dish smothered in onions. Learn the recipe by Giselle, her mom and daughter. Watch this video. - 86.1049

Tips To Eat Mangoes

Mangoes are the delicious fruit. They are known as the queen of the fruit. Watch this video and learn to eat mangoes. - 104.416

Socal Cleanse Tropical Tango Toxin Buster Recipe

Socal cleanse tropical tango toxin buster is a eco-sexilicious smoothie. Learn this recipe by Giselle and her daughter Adriana. Check out the video. - 87.7692