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Celebrity Wine Review Visits Ferré I Catasús Winery

Desiree tells Kelli all about the Ferré I Catasús winery in Spain. She talks of her experience with the food and wine at the winery. The family that has owned and operated it for quite some time also have a beautiful restaurant located upstairs called... - 77.3899

Desiree Reviews A Rosé Cava At The Ferré I Catasús Winery

Celebrity Wine Review visits the Ferré I Catasús winery and reviews a Rosé Cava bottled under their Mas Suau brand. Desiree Anderson talks to Paul and learns that this Cava has some liqueur added to it to sweeten the taste. It is very typical to start a... - 91.5272

Bending Branch Winery - An Award Winning Winery On The Texas Wine Trail

Bending Branch Winery, a boutique vineyard and winery on 56 scenic acres in Comfort, Texas. The winery offers 13 varietals that have been carefully selected to properly suit the Texas terroir. Their bold reds have been receiving rave reviews and in this video... - 106.863

Bending Branch Winery's Wine Making Operation

Celebwine heads to Bending Branch Winery in Texas. Stephanie Stanton talks to Bending Branch winery owner Bob Young as he describes his unique style and approach to winemaking. You'll also know more about the wine production as he demonstrates the wine making... - 105.011

Wine Tasting In The Barrel Room Of Bending Branch Winery

If you're ever in San Antonio, TX, Bending Branch Winery should be in your list of wineries to check off. This up and coming winery has been receiving attention of late. Stephanie Stanton of Celebwine visits the winery and talks to John Rivenburgh, winemaker... - 105.368

Bending Branch Winery

Stephanie Stanton visits the Bending Branch Winery in San Antonio, Texas. John Rivenburgh, the owner, talks to her about the different varieties of grapes grown at the vineyard and their specialties. Also, know more about the kind of pesticides and farming... - 105.121

Texas Brooke

Stephanie Stanton talks to Brooke Posey from Bending Branch winery, which is one of the award winning wineries of Texas. They review a new white wine by the winery and the theme behind promoting the wine. Watch on to know more about this glamorous new wine... - 101.192

Texas Tanji

Stephanie Stanton talks to Tanji Patton, host of "Good taste With Tanji" talks about Texas being the 2nd most popular wine destination in the US. She tells you more about what sets apart Texas wine from those from Napa and other regions. Also get to know what... - 84.9202

Tasting A Vintage Port With Famous Portuguese Winemaker Dirk Niepoort

MOBILE VIDEO.Celebrity Wine Review caught up with famed Portuguese winemaker Dirk Niepoort During the 2010 World Wine Symposium held in beautiful Villa D'Este on the banks of Lake Como in northern Italy. Our host Jamie and Dirk who is part of the group of... - 93.9195

Sensorium Wines And Tom Schanley

2011 New Years Eve with Sensorium Wines and Tom Schanley. - 98.1385

2011 New Years Eve With Sensorium Wines

Watch the video and make your New Year’s party special with Sensorium Wines! - 94.3767

Sensorium Wines And Kenneth Monroe

2011 New Years Eve with Sensorium Wines and Kenneth Monroe. - 98.1341

Investigative Writer Scott Lund Reveals The Mona Lisa Code Over Sensorium Wine

Sensorium Wine was founded in the 2002 by winemaker Jeff Ritchey and owners Lee Ritchey and John Zasio. Check out for more information. - 103.122

Chef Fabio Viviani Prepares A Seafood Linguini And Pairs It With A Great White Wine

Executive Chef and owner of Firenze Osteria shares with us some tips on how to prepare seafood linguini to pair it with white wine. - 111.268

A Walk Through The Oak Fermentation Tanks At Jordan Winery

Take a tour of Jordan Winery, walk through the oak fermentation tanks and know how your favorite drink is brewed. - 110.84

Actor Billy Snow Of Tbs's Hit Show Glory Daze Offers A Toast

Actor Billy Snow of TBS's hit show Glory Daze offers a toast during a recent charity poker tournament benefiting the "Child Rescue" organization. - 95.0299

Rising Star Winemaker Jorge Gutierrez Of Napa Angel Wines

Here is another video from the celebrity wine series where you can meet the rising winemaker Jorge Gutierrez. - 102.849

Famed Chilean Winemaker Aurelio Montes Talks About His Creation The Montes Folly

On a beautiful summer eve in Marina Del Rey, California, we participated in an intimate gathering amongst friends hosted by none other than famed Chilean winemaker and vineyard owner Aurelio Montes, of Viña Montes. Mr. Montes speaks of his long standing... - 113.91

Organic Winemaker Charlie Barra Barrel Tastes With Charity

From the far away hills of Piedmont, Italy to the inviting landscapes of Northern California, the legacy of fine organic grape-growing techniques continues on in each bottle of BARRA of Mendocino wine. - 103.846

Hotel Rex In San Francisco Is The "gateway To Napa

During our 1920's Wine event we had a chance to sit down with Bradley Hansen of the Hotel Rex, a beautiful hotel in downtown San Francisco. The Hotel Rex, also known as the "Gateway to Napa" prides itself on a great wine selection and as the first stop on... - 117.535

Wine Enthusiast's Winner Of The 2010

Wine Enthusiast's winner of the 2010 Wine Importer of the Year award, Wine importer Alex Guarachi, talks about his contribution to bringing amazing South American wines to America especially the legendary Chilean winery Viña Montes. This coveted award,... - 113.964

Dead Mans Hand Wine Is A Poker Player's Dream Come True

Recently we caught up with Brian Runkle, proprietor of Dead Mans Hand wine from Napa Valley. This jammy, wild zin ~ loaded with bright cherry and cranberry fruit with subtle hints of tobacco and leather was inspired by the robust life style of the wild west,... - 110.339

Alex Guarachi On The Popularity Of Malbec

Malbec is an exploding varietal in the US and worldwide. In this episode, host Charity Winters discusses Malbec's characteristics with Alex Guarachi of Guarachi family vineyards & Kaj Strommer of the Woodland Hills Wine Company. - 108.067

Bill Candela Of Wades Wines

Here is an interview with Bill Candela of Wades Wines. - 106.174

Wine Author & Expert Jeff Smith In His Million Dollar Cellar

This behind the scenes video captured a casual conversation between Jeff & Charity about the the wonders of wine. - 78.8751

Miss Vicky 2007 Fleurie At The Malibu Wine Festival

Miss Vicky, of Miss Vicky Wine flew all the way from Paris to join us in our VIP lounge at the 2010 Malibu Wine Festival. Miss Vicky Wine has been the talk of the town in the trendy wine bars of London, Paris & Barcelona, and is just now being made available... - 109.654

Enjoying A Xarel.lo From St Joannes Winery In The Penedez

Desiree Anderson climbs atop an 11th century church to taste a Xarel.Lo white wine by St Joannes winery in the Penedez region of Spain. - 91.2765

A Chat With Alan Semsar Of The Malibu Food And Wine Festival

Erin chats with Alan Semsar, the organizer of the Malibu food and wine festival, a charity event that features over 200 wineries and plenty of gourmet food! - 103.33

Wine Tasting At Sip Malibu Cielo Wine Bar

Charity Winters chats with Bill Hirsh, Director of Wine making at the SIP Malibu Cielo Wine bar. - 118.571

Celebrity Wine Review Visits Bodegas Burgos Of Priorat

Celebrity Wine Review visits the exclusive, highly regarded wine growing region of Priorat in Catalonia, Spain. In this episode, Desiree interviews the owner of Bodegas Burgos, makers of the Mas Sinen, a blend of Garnacha, Cabernet and a small percentage of... - 92.7281

Norman Winery, Home To The Monster Zinfandel

Norman Wineries from Paso Robles, CA is known for great wines and original names such as the Monster Zinfandel & No Nonsense Red - 111.14

The Experts Reveal How To Trade Up And Find The Best Wines For The Price

In this episode, host Charity Winters sits down with famed wine importer Alex Guarachi and Kaj Stromer of the Woodland Hills Wine Company to discuss what the best ways are to pin point quality wines at different price ranges! - 100.371

Wine Dj, A Cool Iphone App From Liberty School Winery

Celebrity wine is reviewing Wine DJ, a new cool iphone app from Liberty School winery so that you can pair your drink with your favorite music. - 119.283

Palomar De La Brena Review

Celebrity wine review is reviewing Palomar De La Brena in this video. Watch this video to know more. - 90.8485

Street Review Bolonia, Spain

Celebrity wine is reviewing a classic wine from Bolonia, Spain. Must watch this video to know more. - 106.527

Alex Guarachi On The Risks And Passion In Starting A Winery

Searching some dinner ideas for Christmas party? Here is the solution…Watch this video and get some quick suggestions. - 126.343

Magnavino's Viognier, A Peachy Way To Cool Down This Summer

At the Calabasas Malibu Wine Festival we happened upon the Magnavino Cellars tasting station and discovered their 2009 Viognier. - 106.871

Wine Dj Mike Brown Visits Miss Vicky Wine In Paris

Wine DJ Mike Brown visits Miss Vicky Wine in Paris. Miss Vicky was kind enough to invite Mike to her home and share a great meal with her and her friends, and of course sample some of her amazing Fleurie. - 112.428

Actor Scott Elrod From "the Switch" & "men In Trees" Tastes A Chilean Chardonnay

Actor Scott Elrod visits the Celebrity wine review and tastes a 2008 Chardonnay from Montes Alpha, an award winning Chilean winery. - 106.25

Actor Treva Etienne Visits Celebrity Wine Review

Halloween is the time for entertainment and enjoying with family and friends. Lets enjoy the funny bloopers with Betty. :) - 118.656

Actor Tom Schanley On Celebrity Wine Review

Actor Tom Schanley visits the celebrity wine review VIP lounge and taste some Chardonnay. - 102.443

Interview With John Jordan Of Jordan Winery

Charity Winters caught up with John Jordan of Jordan Winery at the 2nd Annual Mutineer Magazine Red Carpet Tasting Event. John and Charity discuss the varietals of Jordan winery and what makes their wines unique - 109.967

Interview With Alan Kropf Of Mutineer Magazine

Watch interview with Alan Kropf of mutineer magazine. Interview is all about 2nd Annual Red Carpet Tasting Event in Hollywood, CA. - 105.165

Interview With Ian Andreae Of Mutineer Magazine

Watch interview with Ian Andreae of mutineer magazine. Interview is all about 2nd Annual Red Carpet Tasting Event in Hollywood, CA. - 103.038

Ancient Press In The Judean Hills

Lets take a tour of Tzuba Estate Winery outside of Jerusalem. - 74.1255

Desiree Tastes A Bulgarian Wine And Learns About Buckets

Host Desiree sits down with Nedko Nedev and Juan Manuel representing Bulgarian wine at the 2nd annual International Wine Tourism Conference in Barcelona. Desiree learns the proper way to use a spit bucket. - 111.952

Enjoying Inexpensive Spanish Wine, Malaga

In this video, Celebrity wine review is enjoying a bottle of Holchon, an inexpensive Spanish wine on the yoga platfarm. - 102.946

Malaga Wine Meseum

My guide from the Malaga Wine Museum tells all about Malaga wine, showing us fine examples of historic labels and bottles. - 106.999

Desiree Discusses Port And The New Yeatman Hotel In Portugal

Desiree shares a Port wine with Franco Afonso of the upcoming Yeatman Hotel in the city of Oporto in Northern Portugal. The yeatman is a first of its kind Wine Hotel integrating the wine theme throughout, not to mention the Vinothérapie® Spa and its many... - 105.019

Battle Of The Wines - Italy Vs. Spain

Host Desiree holds a Battle of the Wines between a Spanish 2007 Garnacha Blanca and an Italian Gavi from La Scolca in the southern part of the Piedmont region. The prize? Dinner with Desiree! - 107.872

Brown Hotel Review

Betty is enjoying an authentic hot brown sandwich with her husband at the Brown Hotel. This special sandwich is as old as this hotel. It was created by the chef in the 1920’s. - 104.19

Celebrity Wine Review Checks Out How Cava Is Bottled At

Ever wonder how the delicious bubbly drink that is Cava makes it to the bottle? Celebrity Wine Review visits the Ferré I Catasús winery in Pendez, Spain and checks out the final step before their Cava hits the door. - 112.437

Cava Review In The Dark Cellar Of The Ferre I Catasus Winery

Desiree is searching for a bottle of Cava to review in the dark corridors of the Ferre I Catasus winery. Watch this video to know what happened. - 103.431

Desiree Reviews Two Wines At The Ferre I Catasus Winery

Desiree Anderson is at the Ferré I Catasús Winery. Watch Desiree taste two wines, a 2007 Xarel Lo and a 2006 Prior de Fic. The 2007 Xarel Lo is a very popular grape variety from Catalonia Spain and the 2006 Prior de Fic is from the Priorat region. Both... - 105.36

Johnathan's Review

Betty is enjoying her lunch at Johnathan’s with her husband. This restaurant has delicious food and gives a fine dining experience. The atmosphere at the restaurant is cozy and comfortable. - 91.7267

Wine Review At Mercat De La Boqueria In Barcelona

Host Desiree Anderson visits the Mercat de la Boqueria, a large and colourful market on the Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain. If you were to visit this market, particularly during the summer months, you'll be dazzled by the brilliance of color from the fruits and... - 63.0487

Celebrity Wine Review Season 2 Sneak Preview

Host Kelli McCarty with Desiree Anderson are reviewing season 2 sneak peak.. Watch this video to know more. - 108.154

Tour Of International Wine Tourism Conference & Workshop

International Wine Tourism Conference & Workshop holds every year. There are 300 wine tourism professionals from many countries and involve 3 days programme of over talks, workshops and many more. Watch this video to know more. - 110.683

How To Open A Wine Bottle Without An Opener

Wine lovers should know the trick of opening a wine bottle. Learn to open a wine bottle in unique way.. - 112.186

Behind The Scenes At Agusti Torello Cava Winery

Desiree Anderson takes you on a wine tour at Agusti Torello Cava winery in Spain. Don't Miss it. - 56.0487

Get Together At St Joannes Winery In Penedez, Spain

Celebrity wine review crew and Desiree Anderson are enjoying snacks and wine with St Joannes winery owners. - 91.9651

Kelli Reviews Another Vega Wine

I love to taste wines all over world.. I am crazy about wines.. Do you want to know vega wine's taste and review? In this video, Kelli from celebrity wine is reviewing Vega wine from 2004 vintage. - 111.013

Kelli Reviews A 2003 Finca Museum Cigales Vinea Reserva

Are you a wine lover and want to know about famous Maker's Mark Distillery? Celebrity Wine is reviewing Maker's Mark Distillery in this video. Must watch this video to know its review. - 114.039

Introduction To Celebrity Wine

Wine lovers always want to know about different new and exciting wine reviews.. This place is a perfect place for a wine lover. Celebrity wine channel reviews classic wines and beers. - 107.687

Happy New Year Wishes From Celebrity Wine

New Year is a time to celebrate with your family and friends. Are you looking for some tasting ideas for new year? In this video, Kelly McCarty from celebrity wine is reviewing Champagne for new year eve. - 116.221

Wine Review At Pourtal Wine Tasting Bar In Santa Monica – By Kelli Mccarty

Stephen, owner of the Pourtal Wine Tasting Bar in Santa Monica and Rachel, the wine expert are talking about varieties of wines and their bar to Kelli McCarty from the CelebrityWineReview.Tv. If you are interested in learning more about the discussion, get... - 117.297

Chef Holli Ugalde From Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen Pairs Crostini With Wine

On a warm summer afternoon in beautiful Santa Monica, California, we were visited by celebrity Chef Holli Ugalde from Gordon Ramsey’s top rated TV show, Hell’s Kitchen. Chef Holli came for a chat with Charity about her experiences on the show and taste... - 129.365

Wine Is A Great Way To Enjoy Wine While Giving Back

Host Charity Winters visits the One Hope tasting booth at the Calabasas Malibu Wine Festival. Each One Hope wine varietal is dedicated to a specific charity, and 50% of the proceeds are donated towards those causes. - 90.8261

Purple Haze Wine Paired With Cypress Grove Chevre Cheese

In this video, Purple Haze wine is paired with Cypress Grove Chevre cheese. Get the glance of the video for more updates, and details. - 111.735

Chef Holli Ugalde From Gordon Ramsey's Hell's Kitchen Talks On Olive Oil

Chef Holli Ugalde from Gordon Ramsey's Hell's Kitchen visits Celebrity Wine Review to taste her new line of Olive Oil. Get the glance of the video for more updates, and details. - 117.28