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Get Ready For The Scariest But Yummiest Halloween Treat With Boorito 2012

This Halloween get ready for some hotter thrills as Chipotle opens its doors wide open to celebrate Boorito 2012, its annual fundraiser, but in its scariest best style to treat you a super-memorable Halloween! Just don yourself in your eeriest Halloween... - 108.937

Meet Miss Tori - The Orangutan Who Loves To Smoke

Meet Miss Tori, age 15, location - Indonesian Zoo, favorite pass-time - Posing for clicks by visitors in the zoo while puffing away smoke with her lit cigarette! This orangutan who so loves mimicking humans has been smoking for a decade now. But finally, the... - 128.068

Michael Phelps Diet Challenger Downs 12000 Calories In One Sitting!

Watch this amazing video to witness how Furious Pete downs 12,000 calories all in 30 minutes (as he claims it)! Calling it Michael Phelps Diet Challenge our Competitive Eater has yummily defeated history's most decorated Olympian and now, its your time to let... - 106.01

Here Comes Comedian David Cross With A Bang On Comedy Bang! Bang!

Starving for David Cross' hilarious cracks? Does waiting for your favorite comedian's upcoming movie seem like an eternity? (we are talking of his upcoming movie "Arrested Development" here whose actual development seems to have been literally arrested). If... - 128.787

Britain's Food Education Too Bad To Be Forgiven - Declares Chef Jamie Oliver

Our Celeb chef Jamie Oliver is quite offended with the poor quality food (and also sport!) education in Britain. He was quoted as saying Britain has done "unforgivably badly" in both these areas. But then, where most give up, heroes find the light at the end... - 116.003

Give Me Food And I Give You Baby

Hunger indeed can drive a person crazy! Florida is booming with news one after another! Recently the police in Orange Park, Florida in the Jacksonville suburb have been on the lookout for a man reported to be trying to trade a baby and guess in lieu of what?... - 100.964

No Wedding Cake For You - Colorado Bakery Hurts Gay Couple

So, here comes another blow to the gay couples and their supporters!! The owner of Colorado's Masterpiece Cakeshop, Jack Phillips, reportedly denied to bake the wedding cake for an engaged gay couple! To hurt the sentiments of the gay couple as well as the... - 104.629