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Using Microplane

For people who enjoy cooking and working in the kitchen a microplane grater is a great tool. It can grate numerous ingredients in your kitchen with great ease. With its sharp teeth, microplane has an immense control over the grating process. Check out the... - 0

Honey Roasted Almonds

Honey Roasted Almonds are great to serve with drinks. They're easy to make and can be prepared in advance and stored. You'll need honey, Chinese five-spice powder, and whole almonds with the skins on. Begin by lining 2 rimmed baking sheets with baking paper.... - 92.6684

How Food Becomes Contaminated

Food is easily contaminated and the contamination is not always apparent. It's important to take care when preparing food to help prevent food poisoning. Meat and poultry carcasses can become contaminated during slaughter by contact with small amounts of... - 104.384

Wine And Cheese Pairing

Some foods just go well together and when it comes to entertaining, wine and cheese is such a pair. When paired up, wine and cheese do their part to bring out the best in each other. And even though it comes down to personal taste, certain guidelines have... - 100.401

Salad Spinners

Wet salad leaves mean undressed salads because the dressing slides off the leaves and into the bottom of the bowl. Unless you wash and dry the leaves, you might as well not use a dressing. One of the best kitchen inventions is the salad spinner. Here's the... - 92.101

How Can You Tell If Food Is Genuinely Organic

There are over 380 organic certifiers around the world. Many products manufactured overseas and imported into Australia claim to be 'organic'. But how can you tell if food is genuinely organic? Look for the bona fide organic certifier's logo and number on the... - 100.33

Cleaning Burnt Food Off Pots And Pans

It doesn't matter how good a cook you are, everyone will burn food to the bottom of a pan at some point in their lifetime. Here's a few tips for cleaning off that horrible residue. Try using a fabric stain remover, just spray liberally and leave overnight... - 100.41

Juicer, Juice And Leftover Pulp Hints And Tips

Today thousands of people are juicing fruits and vegetables themselves. Here are some hints and tips to get the most out of your juicer, juice and leftover pulp. Clean up your juicer immediately after use. Disassemble and rinse all the parts thoroughly to... - 96.3123


In Spain, paella is nothing short of a national passion. It's not difficult and if you love risotto, you'll love Paella. The preparation methods are similar. You'll need fish stock, saffron threads, oil, fish fillets, Spanish onion, garlic, Spanish or Arborio... - 96.8621

Coddled Eggs

Coddling is a gentle steaming method of cooking eggs in individual ceramic or glass coddling cups. It produces a tender egg that can be served in the coddler or on toast. You'll need double cream, eggs and freshly ground black pepper to taste. Begin by lining... - 100.468

Southern Highlands Food & Wine Festival 2013

The Southern Highlands Food and Wine Festival 2013, hosted by The Southern Highlands Food and Wine Association will be held at the Bong Bong Race Track on 21st and 22nd of September 2013 frm 10am. Come and taste our region. - 87.6325

Pea And Ham Soup With Herbs

It's hard to beat Pea and ham soup on a cold night. To make this winter favorite you'll need a smoked ham hock, split peas, a mirepoix of onion, carrot, celery, leek and garlic, chicken stock, and herbs bay, thyme, coriander and parsley and salt and pepper to... - 97.0665

Love Food Hate Waste Water

The single largest impact Australian households have on water consumption is through the food we waste. Just think about all the water that's needed to grow fruit, vegetables, cereals, grains and to support livestock. - 95.2231

Cooking Scallops

With a little know how you too can cook restaurant-quality scallops dishes at home. When cooking, scallops should not be cooked for long. - 94.3124

Preparing And Using Rhubarb

Rhubarb is delicious and at its peak during Autumn and Winter. Technically it is a vegetable but we serve it like a fruit. Here's how to prepare and use this rosy-red delight. - 95.1346

Using Tongue

Whilst most people might turn their noses up at the thought of eating tongue, it is actually a very versatile meat. Pickled or fresh, hot or cold, it offers endless possibilities for the cook. Here's a few ideas on different ways to serve tongue... - 95.8919

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken cordon bleu is a delicious French inspired classic using chicken rolled around ham and cheese. - 93.8444

Buying And Preparing Rabbit

Rabbit is rich in protein, B-complex vitamins, calcium, and potassium. It's also a good source of iron and phosphorus. Here's what to look for and how to prepare rabbit at home. - 95.3956

Buying And Cooking Duck

Most people don't attempt to cook duck at home, for many reasons, but it's not difficult and it's delicious. But there a few things to keep in mind.. - 95.1484

Slow Cooking Tips

Using a slow cooker is a great way to prepare meals, but a few simple guidelines will ensure you get the most out of them. Cut food into chunks or small pieces to ensure thorough cooking. - 95.5524

Buying An Electric Grill

An electric grill is perfect for the cook who enjoys grilled food but doesn't want to go outside and fire up the barbecue or doesn't have the space for one. Here's a few tips for buying one... - 95.4735

Alfredo Sauce

Alfredo sauce is variation of my basic cream sauce. My version is not exactly the way the Italians make it, but it tastes good, and is quick and easy. - 94.8391

Fungi Trifolati

Trifolati is a classic Italian method of cooking thinly sliced vegetables with garlic, olive oil and parsley. My addition of pure chicken master stock makes it into a delicious and warming broth. - 95.1571

Mulligatawney Soup

Mulligatawney is a richly flavoured Anglo-Indian soup that is spiced with curry powder. Perfect for a cold winters day. - 94.1161

Basic Satay

Satay is a dish of marinated, skewered and grilled meat served with a dipping sauce. The beauty of satay skewers is that you can use a variety of meat, fish, seafood or even tofu. - 95.2636

Artichoke Leaves

Artichoke leaves make great bases for hors d'oeuvres or are delicious dipped in hollandaise as a snack. Preparing them is incredibly easy. - 94.6049

Corn Chowder

I love soup, any soup, and I could eat it any time of year, but in winter it's one of my staple meals. This corn chowder is one of my favourites. - 95.337

Buying, Storing And Preparing Sweetbreads

Many people think sweetbreads are brains but they're actually the thymus gland of the calf and lamb. Sweetbreads have a very delicate flavor and are very tender. - 94.8685

Basic Biscotti

To give biscotti their dense and hard texture the cookies are baked twice. The dough, is baked first in a large slab, then sliced and baked again. While standard biscotti have a subtle nutty flavoring, the variations on biscotti recipes are endless. By adding... - 98.2063

Storing Artichokes

When artichokes are in season and at their best they taste great, but only if they're fresh. You can prolong their life by storing them correctly. Here's some tips. - 95.0363

Choux Pastry Hints And Tips

Making choux paste isn't particularly difficult, but it can be frustrating if you end up with big cracks on the surface of your pastry. Here are some hints and tips to get you on your way to a professional choux. - 95.9675

Recipe Variations For Quiche

Everyone knows a quiche is a savoury egg custard baked in an open pastry shell. They're simple to make and ingredient variations enable you to create your own distinct recipes. Here are a few of my favourite variations. - 79.7692

Buying And Storing Kamamboko

Kamaboko (kah-mah-boh-ko) is the Japanese name for a seafood substitute made from surimi, a fish paste. First produced in Japan almost 900 years ago as the result of efforts to preserve fish. - 79.2613

Buying A Slow Cooker

With cooler weather on the horizon slow cookers are a great time saver for anyone who enjoys a hot meal at the end of a busy day. Here's what to look for when purchasing one. Be sure to choose one that's large enough to suit your needs. A small to medium... - 88.0559

Thai Red Curry Of Chicken And Custard Apple

Thai curries are fragrant and flavourful and can be made mild to red-hot, depending on your taste. This Thai Red Curry of Chicken and Custard Apple is a delicious combination. - 78.905

Campfire Roasted Bananas

If you like bananas you'll love Campfire Roasted Bananas. They're the perfect camping dessert. The fruit travels in its own packaging and also doubles as the cooking vessel. You'll need a banana for each person, aluminium foil and your choice of flavouring... - 88.119

Cooking Broccoli

Did you know just 100grams of broccoli has two day's supply of vitamin C? But don't overcook it or you'll loose some of those nutrients. - 78.5706

About Coq Au Vin

Coq au vin, or chicken braised in wine, is a classic French dish. Like other stews and braised dishes, coq au vin tastes even better the next day. You'll need chicken pieces, bouquet garni, veloute sauce, brown onion, garlic, button mushrooms, sage, thyme,... - 84.1776

Basic Dumplings

Dumplings are cooked balls of dough. They can be sweet, spicy or savoury. You'll need plain flour, butter, milk, buttermilk or cream, an egg and 500ml of cooking liquid and whatever flavouring ingredients you're using. Place the flour and flavouring... - 84.0784

Hints And Tips For Cakes

To keep holes and tunnels out of your cakes, run a knife through the batter after mixing. This removes air bubbles. This is just one of many cake hints and tips. Here are some more. To cut a fresh cake, use a wet knife. If your cake sticks to the pan and... - 84.0559

Buying Storing And Cooking Tongue

While tongue may not be a common dish on your menu, this rich cut of meat is similar in flavour to brisket and corned beef and is rich in vitamin B12 and zinc. When buying, look for tongue that is free of spots. Tongue can be refrigerated for 1 to 2 days,... - 84.1686

Storing Corn Tips

Did you know that an ear of corn can contain 750 - 1,000 kernels, which grow in an even number of rows? Corn on the cob loses its flavour rapidly and is best when eaten as soon as possible, preferably on the day of purchase. If it is not eaten immediately,... - 84.0694

How To Make Poached Chicken

More a technique than a recipe, poached chicken is a great way to cook boneless, skinless chicken. No oil or fat is required, yet the end result is succulent, flavorful chicken. - 78.935

Buying Storing And Cooking Rhubarb

Rhubarb is actually a vegetable but we cook and serve it as a fruit. Without sugar it's quite tart, but refreshing. It combines well with other fruits in tarts and pies, and stewed with ice cream. When buying rhubarb look for firm, fresh full crisp stalks,... - 84.119

Food Safety: Cook Separate Clean And Chill

Proper storage, cooking and handling of food are the only ways to ensure its safe to eat. Always follow this simple rule - Cook, Separate, Clean and Chill. Cook food to a safe internal temperature to destroy harmful bacteria. Separate cooked and uncooked... - 84.1145

Love Food Hate Waste Food Production Lifecycle

The food production lifecycle, or supply chain, has a significant impact on our greenhouse and environmental footprint. - 78.0472

Preparing, Cooking And Using Kohlrabi

Kohlrabi is an unusual vegetable that is becoming more popular as people continue to experiment in their kitchens. Here are some tips for preparing and using it. - 78.8017

All About Sausage Rolls

Sausage rolls are quick and easy to make, they're predominantly a mince meat mixture rolled in a sheet of puff pastry and baked till golden. - 78.5983

Buying And Using Anise

Anise is an aromatic herb native to the western Mediterranean region and Egypt, where it still grows wild. Mentioned in the Bible, anise is one of the world's oldest seasonings. - 78.9456

How To Debone A Chicken

By removing the breast bone of a chicken then stuffing it, you'll not only enable it to go further, but the finished result will impress even the most discerning diner. - 79.0801

Thai Red Curry Paste

Thai Red Curry is fragrant and sumptuous, and can be mild to red-hot, depending on how much spice you prefer. And making your own curry paste is easy. - 78.7596

Storing And Preparing Scallops

All ingredients require special handling, here are my tips for storing and preparing scallops. - 77.6284

Arthritis Pain Reliever Juice

A life with arthritis is one of pain and immobility, which can severely restrict lifestyle. This juice apparently offers some relief. - 78.2938

Basic Bisque

A bisque is an intensely flavoured, rich, thick, creamy soup that has been pureed so that it has an even texture. It's a classic soup that's ideal for a special first course. - 79.2123

Welcome To The Black Book Cooking Youtube Channel

Hello, I'm Victoria Hansen from Black Book Cooking and I'd like to welcome you to my channel. You can find more cooking demonstration videos and recipes and food and cooking information. - 99.2309

All About Havarti

Havarti is a semi-soft Danish cow's milk cheese with a buttery, sweet and slightly acidic taste that's a favourite for both entertaining and cooking. - 74.5811

Preparing & Cooking Swede Or Rutabaga

Although often confused with the turnip, swedes or rutabagas are longer and rounder than the turnip, their leaves larger and fleshier and their flavor is more pungent than that of the turnip. Here's some cooking tips. - 79.5123

Pumpkin Spinach And Craisin Salad

My pumpkin, spinach and craisin salad with red onions and chickpeas is not only healthy it goes with just about anything. - 70.374

About Mint Sauce

Nothing compliments a Sunday lamb roast quite like mint sauce and making your own from scratch is super easy. - 74.1616

Hints And Tips For Selecting And Storing Chervil

Chervil is a sweet, aromatic herb with a delicate aniseed flavour that bears a slight resemblance to its close relative parsley. - 78.3784

About Quail Eggs

The quail egg has long been prized as a healing food, in fact, it is recorded that Chinese medical practitioners have used quail eggs for thousands of years. - 78.8811

Love Food Hate Waste Serving Sizes

One of the most common reasons we waste food is because we cook more than we need. - 78.0294

Roasted Garlic

When roasted, garlic turns into something sweet, aromatic, creamy, spreadable and utterly dream worthy. - 77.849

Hints And Tips For Storing Sugars

Sugar is a simple carbohydrate that provides an excellent source of calories for energy and adds a sweet taste to many recipes. - 78.5113

Poached Fish With Shaved Asparagus Tomato & Fennel Salad

If you love fish and salad then you'll love this recipe. Poached fish with shaved asparagus, tomato and fennel salad. - 78.3123

Selecting And Storing Kohlrabi

A member of the cabbage family, Kohlrabi has a thin edible skin, very sweet, crisp tasting flesh with a flavour slightly reminiscent of radish, while the stems and leaves taste like cabbage. - 79.1544

Hints And Tips For Selecting Scallops

Scallops can be prepared in many ways but regardless of the cooking method you choose, freshness is the key to great flavour. Here's what to look for when buying them. - 79.0757

Selecting, Storing And Preparing Heart

Although heart is stringy meat, it can be excellent. The hearts of calves, lambs, and chickens are the most sought after, because they're small and tender. - 78.7668

Selecting And Storing Salmon

Salmon is a magnificent fish with exceptional nutritional value and favoured by fish lovers, and often enjoyed even by those who are not always fond of fish. Here's a few buying and storing tips. - 79.7228

Hints And Tips For Cooking Pasta

The required cooking time for pasta is partly a matter of taste and partly a matter of size and quantity. Here's a few tips for successful pasta. - 79.1538

About Court Bouillon

Court Bouillon is a flavoured liquid used for poaching or quick-cooking foods, traditionally, fish and seafood. In fact, the simplest court bouillon consists of nothing but salted water. - 75.2024

All About Laksa Paste

If flavour is the spice of life, this laksa paste should give you a real zing. Although the recipe requires a lot of ingredients it's actually very easy to make. - 75.3128

Choux Pastry Hints & Tips

Making choux pastry is easy once you become familiar with the way that the dough should look and feel and you'll before long you'll be creating éclairs and profiteroles like an expert. - 79.6344

Basic Mousse And Variations

I adore mousse. Easy to prepare, served hot or cold. With this basic recipe you can create any variation, sweet or savoury. - 78.6776

Buying Fish Sauce

Fish sauce is that salty, smelly brown liquid made from fish that is the single, most important flavouring ingredient in Thai Cooking. Make sure you buy a good one. - 83.3698

Barbecued Salmon Skewers

Nothing quite beats salmon as a fish choice and especially char grilled and barbecued. Barbecued salmon skewers are a great hors d'oeuvre at any time, but especially for a finger food barbecue on a warm evening. - 83.6281

Cajun Fish On Potato Rosti With Lime Yoghurt

Cajun fish on potato rosti with lime yoghurt is perfect for an Easter Good Friday feast. You'll need a firm fish with the skin on and the lime yoghurt will provide a cooling contrast to the hot Cajun spice. - 84.1154

Raisin Cheesecake

My raisin cheesecake is a lovely variation on the basic cheesecake. This would make a delicious dessert for Easter Sunday. - 86.7344

Storing, Cooking And Using Quail

Quail is a game bird renowned for its delicate taste and a particularly versatile protein, suiting a wide variety of cuisine styles. - 86.7876

All About Moussaka

Moussaka is a much-loved classic dish in Greek households and is a great alternative to lasagne. - 86.3728

Love Food Hate Waste Food Waste Research

Food waste is one of the most wasteful forms of consumption. In fact it's the single largest component of household bin and over a third of all waste. - 87.3697

All About Kourabiedes

Kourabiedes are popular melt-in-the-mouth Greek cookies served on festive occasions. They're buttery-rich and may or may not contain nuts, but are always rolled in icing sugar after baking. - 87.3917

About Asparagus

It is an excellent source of folic acid and contains vitamin C, potassium, thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B6, copper, vitamin A, iron, phosphorus and zinc. Choose asparagus with firm, crisp stalks and compact brightly coloured heads with no traces of rust. - 84.2786

How To Clarify Stock

Clarifying stock means to remove all the debris that accumulates from the base stock ingredients during the cooking process. Some people like the debris as they feel it adds flavour to the stock and resultant sauces or soups. Others prefer the base stock to... - 73.3242

Tempura Hints And Tips

Did you know tempura is actually Portuguese in origin, even though it's a popular Japanese dish? - 86.43

Selecting Fish

The criteria for buying fresh fish vary slightly depending on whether it's whole and fresh or frozen, salted, or smoked. - 86.8049

Basic Smoked Fish Mousse

Looking for an elegant Good Friday appetiser? My smoked fish mousse has a wonderful flavour, smooth texture and is pretty fast to make. - 86.9066

Selecting, Storing, Preparing & Cooking Cuttlefish

Very common in Europe and Asia, the cuttlefish is very flavourful and is used in much the same way as octopus and squid, which it can replace in most recipes. - 91.2984

Uses For Rye

Although not as popular as wheat, rye is a hardy grain crop with a distinctive flavour that makes it a frequent additive to breads and alcoholic beverages, but that's not all. - 87.6211

Campfire Roast - Hints & Tips

If you find yourself sitting by a campfire this Easter long weekend I've got the perfect easy campfire roast, cooked in an oven bag that's so moist and succulent. - 87.3346

Rice Cooking Methods

It's back to basics. Cooking rice is one of the first lessons many of us learn in the kitchen. It's an easy and straightforward process that we sometimes take for granted. Here's some reminders. - 87.6436

Uses For Tahini

One of the mainstays of Middle Eastern cuisine is tahini, a ground paste made from sesame seeds making it a more refined product. - 86.9594

Devils On Horseback

This recipe has a weird name, but it's no indication of the flavour produced by its interesting ingredient combination. - 86.9989

Selecting Lemons

Lemon trees bloom and produce fruit year-round. In fact each tree can produce up to 270 kilograms of lemons in a year. - 86.6449

Chocolate Fondant Pudding

Does the idea of a moist cake like pudding with an oozing chocolate centre send your taste buds into overdrive? Then you are going to love my chocolate fondant pudding recipe. - 87.5903

Cooking Bulghur

Bulghur is a quick cooking whole wheat that's been parboiled, dried and crushed and can be prepared in one of two ways. Cooking or rehydrating. - 87.0566

Buying, Storing And Preparing Pomegranates

Most fruits have sweet flesh wrapped around inedible seeds. Pomegranates are the reverse; they're full of juicy seeds surrounded by a bitter tasting membrane. - 86.9376

Storing Spices

A spice is an aromatic or pungent dried seed, fruit, root, bark or vegetative substance used to flavour food. Here's some tips on how best to store them. - 87.3388

Selecting, Storing And Preparing Cockles

Cockles are bivalve molluscs that inhabit the sandy and muddy bottoms of marine coastal waters and are readily accessible when the tide is low. But don't worry you don't have to search the sandy shores for these tasty morsels just head to your local fish... - 88.7197

About Thickeners

Thickeners are substances which, when added to a mixture, increase its viscosity without substantially modifying its other properties. Here's a few basics. - 86.814