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Beef And Mango

We had to do a quick and fast beer episode, so we whipped up a beef quesadilla with a mango salsa. The combination might look contrasting but creates an explosion of different tastes when combined. Try this! - 76.2383

Make Some Chicken Curry

This is an adaptation of the famous yellow chicken curry from India. The flavors and aromas are delightful to the senses! It is best served with rice or fresh Naan bread but I find it a great accompaniment to beer. Cheers! - 92.9912

Welsh Rarebit To Go With Your Beer

Cheese and bread. Those 2 ingredients are the making of something good. And, when you add a fancy name, great presentation, and some beer, it’s savory, yummy, goodness on a plate. The Fish Tale in this episode is a fantastic brew. It really complemented the... - 78.5681

Tasty Lamb Sliders

This little lamb sliders recipe is inspired from the Sunday Night Football Cookbook, and would make for a wonderful snack for your next pigskin party. Can't just eat one and they are a little more than bite size. Try this with your next beer. - 78.1577

Pierogie Recipe

This is the traditional Perogie recipe that can be easily made at home. The video steps you though, from making your own pierogie dough, to a variety of pierogi fillings. - 69.6339

Takoyak Recipe

Octopus balls or takoyaki are popular ball-shaped Japanese dumplings that is a kind of savory pancake made of batter and cooked in a special takoyaki pan. It is typically filled with diced or whole baby octopus, pickled ginger, tempura scraps and green onion. - 78.0216

Vegan Pizza From Scratch

Lets make some vegetarian pizza from scratch with green peppers, salted onions and mushrooms. I am sure all you vegan pizza lovers will find this video useful and interesting. - 84.2242

Chicken Diablo Recipe

I simple love diabolo chicken. This Spanish chicken dish was big hit with my wife and me. It’s a bit spicy and the recipe tastes a bit like buffalo wings, but devoid of all the calories. Watch this video, you will like it. - 72.8631

Fish Sausage

Fish sausages are traditionally popular in countries such as the Thailand, Philippines, Japan, Malaysia and China but off-late its getting popular in the US too. They go very well with beer. Take a look at the hand rolled cod sausages in the video. - 71.2041

Fixing Salads

When you talk of salads, fixings do mark the difference between a calorie filled meal and a healthy meal. If you introduce the wrong type of fixings and hoard them up, you may as well choose to eat a big cheeseburger with fries. In this video we see how goat... - 96.6006

Twice Cooked Potatoes

This is now my undisputed favorite way of doing potatoes. I have actually tried various kinds but have discovered the red-skinned potatoes turn out best with this method. I hope you enjoy this video. - 93.7137

How To Brine Pork

If you have never brined pork meat before cooking, you have no idea about the desirable effects it can bring and how tender and juicy the meat can become if you brine it. Brining is a method many chefs use to produce tender and juicy meat. In this video we... - 95.3945