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The Corkscrew Diary

Watch this video and you'll know about the the Richness Of Allée Bleue Pinotage 2007, the angel's share of wine, the harmonious blend of the feminine and masculine qualities of merlot and chardonnay, the goodness and health benefits of red wine, sustainable... - 89.1214

Eagle Vale Estate

Deborah Gee heads to the Eagle Vale Estate in Australia. The estate is based in the heart of Margaret River in Western Australia's premium wine region. It is protected by a National Park owing to which no chemicals are used in its vineyards. The ideal cool... - 85.8447

Allee Bleue Wine Estate

Deborah Gee is visiting the Allee Bleue Wine Estate in South Africa. She is at the restaurant on the estate called "Cafe Allee Bleue" and Deborah gets some first hand information about various wines and the foods that go with it. The cook, Erica, dishes out... - 86.1843

Lunch On The Deck At Willamette Valley Vineyards, Oregon

Deborah Gee is visiting Willamette Valley Vineries in Oregon and it is wine pairing that is on her mind. Watch as her host cooks up a line of main entrees and gives her a run down as to the libations those could be poured to live up to that great food. Watch... - 85.7036

Wine & Lamb Pairing

Get ready to indulge in an exotic dining experience with Deborah Gee. Steamed asparagus and grilled lamb – plus three marvelous wines! The dinner is undeniably enticing! Watch this video and know which the wines are and how they taste! - 108.333

The Richness Of Allée Bleue Isabeau 2006

A blend of Semilliom and Chardonnay, this wine has a very nice citric appeal. A very subtly gold hinted wine, it gets a buttery creaminess from the wood. Experience a virtual tasting of this wine with Gee through this video! - 99.5779

A Tasting Party At Beyerskloof Wine Estate

Deborah Gee, through this video, takes you to an interesting place - Beyerskloof Wine Estate. She tastes the wines at this place. The most interesting factor is that all the wines were paired with seafood delicacies! Yes! Catch a glimpse of this tasting party... - 104.268

Take A Virtual Trip To Doolhof Wine Estate

Deborah Gee visits Doolhof Wine Estate. Along offering a brief outlook of the place, she also tastes some of the best wines and gets the people taking about the features of the wines she is tasting. An interesting video that will take you through an enticing... - 92.4443

The Feel Of Francis Coppola Diamond Collection Merlot 2006

A blackish red Merlot, it has the enticing aromas of ripe blueberry, currant, and spices. The palate is filled with the succulent flavors of crushed blackberry and juicy black cherries. Take a closer look at this wine and experience its effect as Gee tastes... - 98.5153

Zest Up Your Holiday Feast With Some Classic Wines

No holiday is complete without a marvelous feast and few classic wines. Through this video, Gee shares with some interesting dishes she prepared for her holiday feast. Plus, four marvelous wines from the Cornerstone Cellar! Voila! Feel your mouth filling with... - 101.925

Reviewing The Flavors Of Kim Crawford 2006 Pinot Noir Marlborough

A deep crimson red hued wine with subtle hints of black cherries, this is a wine from the 2006 vintage. A decent and easy to drink Pinot Noir, it is well structured and has the notes of sweet dark fruits. Enjoy a virtual tasting experience of this wine with... - 98.5503

Getting To Know Kim Crawford Unoaked Chardonnay 2007

This unoaked Chardonnay from 2007 is packed with the succulence of green apples and peaches. A dry medium-bodied wine with 12% alcohol, it has a crisp and clean touch on the palate. Get to know more about this masterpiece wine with Deborah Gee. - 98.1885

Getting To Molly Dooker Wines

Hailing from Australia, the Molly Dooker wines make elegant wine choices. Visiting the winery and tasting their wines is quite a non-feasible option. Hence, talk a virtual journey into the world of some exhilarating wines as Deborah Gee shares her experiences. - 98.6735

Tasting The Wines From Ribera Vineyards

Wine tasting is definitely an art, which is quite intense as well as intoxicating. Feel the experience virtually as Deborah Gee tastes four different wines from Ribera Vineyards - 2007 Chardonnay, 2006 Merlot, 2008 Syrah, and 2009 Viognier. This video is a... - 104.271

Molly Dooker Shake – What Is It?

The Molly Dooker shake restores the full flavor in young wines. Do you want to learn this trick? Then watch this short, yet interesting and crispy video and learn the trick! - 100.041

Enchanting Wines For Valentine’s Day

Wines are adorable Valentine gifts. Along with adding a classic touch to the moments, those zest up the romantic spirits as well. If you are confused with the countless choices available, then here is a simple guide for you. Watch the video as Deborah Gee... - 87.2211

Vintage Virginia Wine Festival – A Virtual Experience

Vintage Virginia Wine Festival is a very prominent even held annually. It features about 50 wineries and 200-plus Virginia wines. Take a virtual journey down the lanes of this mesmerizing festival along with Deborah Gee and enjoy the moments! - 88.5755

Soiree – An Adorable Gift For Wine Lovers

Soiree is the premier in-bottle wine decanter. It is definitely an accessory that can be considered as neighbor’s envy and owner’s pride. Take a short virtual tour of this accessory to know about it in detail with Deborah Gee! - 86.9781

Pairing Wines With Wino Wings

Wino wings make a delectable pair for quite a few wines. In this video, Deborah Gee prepares three different types of wino wings. Then, she moves on to pair two wines – Watervale Dry Riesling 2008 and Coates 2006 Consonance Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon –... - 95.4237

Summer Grilling "sosatie Braai

African food is like a safari, a journey of discovery. Like the continent’s landscape and wonderful people, African food is bold and colorful, with rich strong earthy flavors. Braai is to Africa as Grilling is to America. Warm spicy air, gentle African... - 90.1605

A Toast To Tennessee

The eighth annual A Toast To Tennessee crushed it! And everyone were willing to work for wine... Thousands of wine fans, fine juices from rhubarb to rose’ and chardonnay to Syrah - fabulous, first rate offerings from a relatively new region on the wine... - 102.872

White Wine One

Deborah Gee, offers up some fine "toasted twists" with three white wines... Two out of three ain't bad... Asian, BBQ and Brie.... - 99.1353

The Toasted Hostess Tours

The Toasted Hostess and her friends at Hallmark Travels have decided to synergize and share some cellar doors of the ragged rough untouched Apulia from southern Italy. - 103.528

Wine On The Run

The Toasted Hostess Thais three on.. This toasted twist pairs East and West. Catering to a fast paced lifestyle while keeping up with the finer things in life.. Thai food take out with Riesling, Muscadel and Pinot Noir.. - 100.523

A Plate And A Glass

The Toasted Hostess put a new twist on wine tasting… instead of the proper, See, Smell, Sip and Spit…. Here is a tastier approach for all … Food Pairing... Food and wine pairing is an extremely personal thing…Next time you are... - 97.5311

Fish And Red Wine?

There are so many rules in this world… Red wine with red meat.. Fish goes with White Wine.. Sweet wine pairs with Blue Cheese… What a crazy world….. - 103.374

Rice Wine

The Toasted Hostess brings lights and camera to her toasted twists on sushi and five fine examples of SAKE! - 90.7475

Twisted Tortillas…

The trick is to blend taste profiles of food and wine to allow each element to stand alone, but when combined -- one compliments the other... See what I have done with the Australian Premier Wine Collection. - 104.535

An Overview Of Bigfishwines

If you want to know about the bigfishwines, you are on the correct page. Check out the video and get some detail. - 92.7852

Back Yard Bbq Fun

The backyard barbecue will never be the same. The Toasted Hostess shares her toasted twists on a classic family gathering. Fun, flavorful offerings are paired with wines that greet and serve the occasion in Tetra Boxes. Watch the video for more updates. - 95.8334

Wine On The River Event Review

The Toasted Hostess joined nearly three thousand people at a celebration of Wine on the River event that will give a feel for this unique twist on a festival. Wine, music, food, and fine people all supporting the charity efforts of l' Ete du Vin - a group of... - 104.514

Fine Wine From Georgia - An Overview

The people of Yonah Mountain Vineyards have been kind in affording the Toasted Hostess a preview of the good works they bring to life. Almost always when invited for dinner, you will find lamb on the menu. They have 4 offerings from Yonah Mountain Vineyards... - 110.572

Enjoy The Pizza Party

The Toasted Hostess are shaking up the norm and sharing the fun of food prep with the folks at her next little gathering. She makes the dough, they bring the show, and each guest brings their favorite ingredients to share the flavors of their world. Don’t... - 106.106