Lauren Groveman's Videos

Beef Stock Recipe

Learn how to make homemade beef stock by roasting marrow bones and cooking on a low simmer with aromatic herbs and vegetables. Trust me canned stuff is no match to this both in terms of taste and health. - 93.4639

Chicken Stock Recipe

Chicken stock is generally made by boiling chicken and chicken bones in water with celery, carrots, onion celery, onion, and some garlic until the liquid rich and flavorsome. It’s a much better option that canned stocks but you need to know how to make then... - 95.9233

How To Roast Sweet Peppers

Roasting hot and peppers at home is remarkably easy if you know the best practices and that is exactly what Lauren Groveman teaches you in those awesome but simple little video. Watch this, you will thank yourself later. - 124.696

How To Butterfly Chicken

Learn how to butterfly a chicken correctly— for those who don't know, butterflying a chicken essentially involves cutting out the backbone to flatten it— which enables the bird to be cooked better and even. - 93.2265

Blanching And Refreshing

Blanching is one of the best way to keep your vegetables fresh for longer time. Check out the video and get some ideas about blanching and refreshing the fresh vegetables. - 123.608

Lauren Groveman's Kitchen - An Introduction

Lauren Groveman is a baking and cooking instructor and television presenter all rolled in one. She is an authority in the field of baking and her biscuit recipes are a rage. I am a big fan of hers and have captured some moments from her shows. Take a look. - 100.747