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Simon Woods Wine Videos: Alsace Pinot Gris

Rich and exotic, yet also with the potential to be profound, Pinot Gris from Alsace deserves a far wider audience. Simon Woods tastes three quite different examples, but is a fan of all of them... - 95.6066

Does Travelling Affect Wine Taste

Have you ever feel that a wine which taste best on holiday and changes its taste at home? In this video, Simon explains how travelling and days changes wine's taste. - 57.7066

Tasting Of Chablis, Gruner Veltliner & Pinot Gris

Are you looking for low alcohol wine? In this video, Simon Woods is tasting a selection of white wines which are Chablis, Gruner Vetliner & Pinor Gris. - 92.4093

Mondavi R Versus Mondavi M

In this video, Simon is comparing Michael Mondavi Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and Robert Mondavi Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Watch the video and find out which one is better than other. - 84.86

Tasting Of Italy Inspired Red Wines

In this video, Simon Woods tastes Italy inspired red wines sangiovese and montepulciano and two Italian red Chiantis wines. - 95.8501

Tasting Of Wines From Italy, Spain And Georgia

Are you wine lover and in search of classic and tasty wines. In this video, Simon Woods tastes five white wines from which three are from Italy and one is from Spain and one is from Georgia. Check out this video for details. - 94.187

Tasting Of 2009 Duboeuf Beaujolais

Georges Duboeuf is one of the most popular and famous wine merchants in France. In this video, Simon tastes six wines from Georges Duboeuf. - 92.4635

Tasting Of Champagnes

Champagne is a sparkling wine with great taste. In this video, Simon tastes six different Champagnes and describes what does zero-dosage mean. - 96.0974

Tasting Of Southern French Beauties

Do you love to have French wines and want to know which French wine is taste good? In this video, Simon is tasting Southern French Beauties. - 96.9165

Tasting Of Sauvignon Blancs

Are you a wine lover and want to try amazing wines? In this video, Simon is tasting assorted sauvignon blancs from Chile, South Africa and New Zealand. - 96.1234

Review Of Red Bordeaux From Olivier Dauga

Olivier Dauga is one of very famous wine making consultants in Bordeaux. In this video, Laura is reviewing four red Bordeaux from Olivier Dauga. - 92.2853

Tasting Of Australian Red Wine

Simon Woods tastes his way through Shirazes from three of Australia's top regions for the grape. But he kicks off with rather tasty. Simon is reviewing four Australian red wines. - 93.2521

Spanish Red Wine Tasting

Spanish has a long history to produce wines. Spanish wines are very popular wines. In this video, Simon is sharing some tips on taste of Spanish wines. - 97.1497

Tasting Of Chilean Pinot Noirs

Are you in love with wines and want to know about amazing wines? Simon Woods tries 3 wines from a company that has done more than any other to establish Chilean Pinot on a world stage, compares them with a rather tasty competitor, and chucks a red Burgundy in... - 95.6202