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Your Diet: Fats & Oils

Fats and oils play an important role in our diet. We should always remain conscious about using types of fats and oils in our food. A diet high in fats and oils is considered to be a diet high in energy. Many people eat more energy than they required and as... - 103.79

Benefits Of Walking

Walking is one of the best exercises we can do to keep ourselves healthy in the long run. There are various benefits associated with walking. It is a very plain and good exercise which can be done anytime and anywhere. You just need a pair of walking shoes to... - 93.8045

Health Benefits Of Exercise

Exercise is one of the healthiest things we all can do to keep our body healthy and in shape. But many of us do not exercise enough due to various reasons, like not having enough time or being too lazy. But the fact is that exercise saves our lot of time in... - 99.6927

Is Zone Diet Effective In Weight Loss?

The Zone diet is a very popular diet, which advocates consuming calories from protein, carbohydrates and fat in a balanced proportion. The zone diet is a proven way of losing weight. If you want to know more about this diet, check out the video right away. - 104.944

Healthy Skin Tips For Models

We all wish to have a healthy and glowing skin. A glowing skin is very necessary for us, especially for the models. Beautiful celebrities and super slim models we see on TV shows and magazines influence the public's view on what beauty is. If you are... - 97.9105

Obesity In Children

Obesity is one of the major concerns in children. As per the Center for Disease Control, the percentage of overweight children from the ages 6-19 rose to 11% from 1963 to 2002. In short, childhood obesity has risen to epidemic proportions. Watch the video and... - 105.474

Eating Healthy

We all know that eating healthy is very much necessary in order to remain healthy, physically fit, feel better. We can even reduce the chances of having diseases such as heart related disease or diabetes. By eating healthy we can boost our energy levels, and ... - 106.149

Benefits Of Regular Exercise

Exercise is an essential part of your life as it makes you fit and fresh for the whole day. Research have proved that regular exercise and physical activities can make you feel better, have more energy and probably live longer. One should not ignore the... - 107.446

Tips To Manage Your Food Portions

Losing weight is not so easy. We all love to eat good food. But unfortunately, weight loss require us to eat less and need to work out a lot. As per the recent studies, the basic element in losing weight is the proper serving portions of foods. Take a look at... - 98.6737

Tips To Live A Healthy Lifestyle And Have A Healthy Heart

Living a healthy lifestyle is definitely complicated in today's busy schedule. Stress is to be seen anywhere and everyone lacks the time required to do all the proper dietary choices. A healthy lifestyle is very much required for our body organs, especially... - 99.0936

Tips To Live Healthily To Have A Long Life

We all want a long and healthy life. There are various steps, which we can take to increase our chances of having a long and healthy life. Making healthy choices is the key ingredient to living a long and healthy life. We do have controls over how healthy our... - 103.186

How To Trim And Cut Beef Tenderloin

Purchasing a beef tenderloin whole and then cutting and trimming it yourself at home would be little challenging. Now you can learn step by step how to cut and trim the beef tenderloin. Doing so, you can save your money and gives you more control over... - 106.449

Healthy Snacks

We all love snacks. Besides the kid, even the adults say that snack is their favorite meal of the day. Snacks can really be important part of a kid or adult's diet. Your body receives an instant energy from the healthy snacks you eat. These healthy snacks... - 99.1283

An Overview Of Fish Oil And Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids fish oil is quite an effective oil for long-term health. It prevents many diseases and promotes overall health. One should try to find omega 3 supplement products made from the finest and purest fish oil found in the whole world. Check out... - 105.244

Health Benefits Of A Weight Loss Surgery

Undergoing any surgery is a major and life-changing decision, which has its own risks and benefits. The benefits of weight loss surgery are plentiful and vast, but it is still a major surgery, and as with any surgical procedure, there are associated risks.... - 105.169

Best Foods To Lower Bad Cholesterol

Many of us suffered from high cholesterol problems. Cholesterol medications are generally applicable for those whose levels of bad cholesterol don't respond to exercise and a healthy diet. If you want to lower your bad cholesterol levels, make sure to eat ... - 107.816

Going To Bed Early

There is a well said proverb: "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. Yes, you can become healthy by going to bed early. Your body has an internal clock. When you allow it to sleep during the darkest hours of the day, the 11... - 100.95

Better Food Tips

In today's society, leading a healthy lifestyle is a very common subject that is often talked about. Vitamins, minerals, fiber and healthy fats are very much required by our body in order to stay healthy and fit. This video will give you some valuable tips... - 97.5973

What Are The Good Fats That Are Beneficial?

Most of the people are apprehensive about fat, but do you know it’s also good for your health? Watch the video to know more. - 115.233

What Are The Keys To Good Health - Nutrient Density

Do you know that portion control diets do not help in weight loss? No, then watch the video and know the other key to maintain good health. - 107.418

What Do You Think Is The Most Shocking Health Disaster?

Do you have faith in conventional medicine? Watch the video and know about some most shocking health disaster. - 110.721

Models Way Of Eating - Good Or Bad?

Models maintain their figure with strict dieting. Do you want to know their way of eating and if it’s good or bad. Check out the video! - 103.659

Beauty Tips For Models - Healthy Skin

Flax seeds are very good for health. But do you know that it also helps in maintaining healthy skin!! Watch the video. - 111.711

Benefits Of Eating Fruits

Fruits are good for health as they are loaded with carbohydrates and other nutrients. Know about the benefits of eating fruits in this one. - 107.255

How To Trim And Cut A Beef Tenderloin

Beef Tenderloin is very healthy food option. Are you searching for techniques to cut and trim beef tenderloin? The Fire Chief shows you how to trim and cut a Beef Tenderloin in this video. - 119.656

Tips To Live Healthily And Have A Long Life

Everybody wants to live healthy and want to live long but because of pesticide chemicals used in many food products it is very difficult to manage healthy lifestyle. In this video, John Robbins is talking about human body and tips to live healthy and long... - 116.556

What Are The Health Benefits Of A Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight loss surgery has many health benefits. In this video, Peter Rantis, Director of Bariatric Medical, is talking about weight loss surgery and its health benefits. - 123.03

Different Foods That Can Save Your Life

There are so many foods and have capacity to protect from different diseases. Are you looking for healthy foods which can help you to prevent from cancer, diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure and many more? In this video, you would be able to have different... - 121.606

How Do You Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is a better option for being healthy. Do you know about healthy foods? Which foods are good for health? In this video, Expert shares a lot of healthy foods which provides better care of your heart, kidney and your body. - 120.176

Type Of Foods Can Lower Bad Cholesterol

Many people have cholesterol problem in today's era. Are you looking for foods and supplements to reduce bad cholesterol to have healthy heart? In this video, Dr. Brian P. Kessler is talking about type of foods which can help to reduce bad cholesterol. - 124.301

Basic Information On Fish Oil And Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Are you health conscious and want to know more about fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids? In this video, Doctor is talking about fish oil and Omega-3 fatty acids which are good supplements for good heart health. - 123.912

Basics Of Fats And Oils In Your Diet

Do you know about fats and oils? What are the different types of fats and oils in your diet? In this video, Doctor is describing types of fats and oils in your diet. This video is very educational to understood the impact of fats and oils in your diet. - 120.692

Do You Know Why Diets Fail

Everybody wants to have healthy lifestyle and shaped body. Do you want to know about the factors by which diet fails? In this video, Doctor is reviewing his book "Why Diets Fail". He is sharing his experience on diet and their success. - 108.393

Facts About Drinking Milk

One should not destroy animals for making their tasty meals. You can replace meat with many other vegetarian foods which can provide you same extent of protein. This video emphasizes on drinking milk and saving of animals. - 115.765

How To Shape Up Your Butt Doing Exercises At Home

Many people like to do exercise at home. Do you want to know some tips to shape up your butt by doing exercises at home? In this video, Coach Kendra, Fitness and nutrition expert gives tips to shape up your ass doing exercises at home. - 72.4546

What Are The Health Benefits Of Exercise?

Exercise is very essential part of healthy lifestyle. Along with good nutrition exercise plays an important role in achieving healthy body. In this video, host is sharing health benefits of exercise. - 83.4224

Benefits Of In Home Walking

Leslie Sansone is talking about benefits of in home walking. Leslie Sansone is a expert in giving weight loss tips. People are sharing their experience on losing weight while walking in home. - 119.502

Zone Diet Effective In Weight Loss?

Zone diet is a weight loss program which provides you eating tips and advice on weight loss. In this video, host is reviewing zone diet; whether zone diet is effective in weight loss or not. - 119.7

Do The Magic Diet Really Exist?

Do you really believe in magic diet and cleansing program to detoxify your body? In this video, Many experts are sharing their thoughts on magic diet and cleanse program. - 115.183