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Dr. Judi On Artificial Sweeteners

People are becoming more health conscious these days leading to the increase of consumption of artificial sweeteners and foods which are sweetened with no-calorie sweeteners. Most of us believe that these sugar-free foods and drinks are actually good for us... - 108.606

Halloween Cakes By Dian Thomas

Halloween is just around the corner and everybody is getting busy in planning for their parties. It is so much fun to have a party but adding that special cake even makes it more special. Cast a spell this Halloween with festive, Halloween cakes. Dian Thomas... - 107.322

Dr. Judi On The Value Of Real Foods - Part 1

Dr Judi is trying to explain the value of natural food through a study of Francis M Pottenger, conducted on cats. His study was really profound and was the beginning of understanding diet, especially for nursing mothers and pregnant women. Dr.Judi says that... - 103.85

Abe Mills Makes Breakfast

Breakfast makes Abe mills of Jericho Road feel at home. He is sharing the recipe of his favorite Saturday morning breakfast and also talks about his work with charity organizations with Maria!! - 80.7152


Maria is demonstrating how to make chicharritas to kids. Chicharritas are delicious chips made from green plantains. Something that Maria enjoyed having as a kid. She still relishes it. - 85.1021

Balancing Life With Parents And Children

The sandwich generation can relate better to this video. Dr. Judi explains the challenges they face living with their parents and children simultaneously and how to deal with this in a better manner. Dr. Judi shares some beautiful thoughts, so surely watch... - 88.8165

How Imagination Can Change Negative Emotions

Can you believe that Imagination can Change Negative Emotions? Angela Bussio teaches a technique which helps you to deal with your negative emotions and situations. Do watch the video to find out this amazing technique. - 96.1325

Funny Ideas For Halloween Party

Looking for some Funny Ideas for a Halloween Party, then this video has many of them. It also shows various games you can play with your friends. This is an interesting video. - 84.2785

Homemaking And It's Importance

Homemaking is not that simple as it seems. A lot of care and attention needs to be given to be a good homemaker. Maria shares her Homemaking philosophy in the video. - 95.7839

Benefits Of Sprouting

Daneen Ruggles explains why Sprouting is necessary. Sprouting increases the nutritional value of the beans. You can always store them and use it in your soups and salads. - 91.6121

Importance Of Eating Real Foods : Part 2

This is continued from Part 1 of the video. Besides Eating Real Foods Dr. Judi also speaks about fertility. She discusses which kinds of food should be eaten, not only raw but cooked as well such as whole grain. There is lot more to learn, so do check out the... - 97.3149

Importance Of Eating Real Foods : Part 1

This is an informative video as Dr. Judi shares her ideas on eating Real Foods. Real Foods are natural and not processed and are best for health. Watching this video will give you a better idea about the importance of Real Foods. - 96.6221

Motivating Women To Dare To Dream : Part 2

This is continued from Part 1 of the video. In this part Whitney Johnson narrates some wonderful examples which make us more aware. Only if we Dare to Dream, then only we can achieve it! - 96.0487

Motivating Women To Dare To Dream : Part 1

Many women are often afraid of dreaming, there could be various reasons for it. But as you watch the video and listen to Whitney Johnson, you tend to realize so many things. The video is really inspiring. - 96.1591

Yoga Balancing Postures By Syl Carson

This is a brief video explaining the different Balancing Postures in Yoga. It's quite simple and you can learn a lot from Syl Carson. Those who are keen on doing Yoga should surely check this out. - 92.0577

Great Tips For Food Storage

Are you looking for some useful tips for Food Storage? In this video Daneen Ruggles shows some great tips for emergency preparedness. This is especially useful for mothers with infants. - 95.6519

Do Yoga For Better Sleep

Are you having problems with your sleep? Then you definitely need to do yoga. In this video one learns the amazing benefits of doing Yoga and the best is getting good sleep. - 91.8765

Parents Expectations Can Affect Children's Behavior

This is an important video for parenthood. Parents Expectations play a vital role in shaping the behavior of children, which in turn shapes their future. Hence it's very necessary to communicate with them in order to understand them better. - 92.45

Designing A Hop Party With Dana King : Part 2

This is continued from Part 1 of the video. In this part Dana King is interviewed and talks about her experiences, as how she began taking interior designing classes. She really encourages people to come up with new and different ideas. - 92.5473

Designing A Hop Party With Dana King : Part 1

Have you ever designed a Hop party? In this video Dana King shares her experience on the show. She gives some amazing ideas which you will enjoy watching. - 91.5369

How To Live Within Our Means

This is a beautiful example explaining on how we can Live Within our Means. Many people think that a lot of money is needed to live in abundance. Once you watch the video, I'm sure you will not think so. - 96.5074

How To Organize A Twilight Party

Are you planning to throw a Twilight Party? If yes, then surely check out the video. You will get to learn right from making invitations to preparing the food. They are so many amazing ideas which you must have never thought of! - 104.622

Using Squash For Thanksgiving Decorations

Isn't it amazing that Squash could be used for Thanksgiving decorations? Dian Thomas uses squash for creating a Pilgrim and Mayflower scene, which is great for decorations and centerpieces. These look so beautiful and can be made easily at home. - 104.428

Some Thoughts Of Wisdom

Maria Carr talks about how we can we live with respect and gratitude. This in turn will help us take care of ourselves and the environment. It's a very thoughtful video. - 95.7489

Pumpkin Homestead

Pumpkin homestead is shown being created, which can act as wonderful show piece in parties, and get together. Learn some different ways of creating the pumpkin into beautiful carvings. - 63.2546

How To Carve Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a famous vegetable in west, and is of significance on many occasions. Find out how to make your pumpkin carved centerpiece on some party. - 67.4485

Raw Food Diet -part 2

Raw food diet is much better choice than the cooked version. The health issues are resolved, and longer life span can be assumed with raw food. - 59.0696

Raw Food Diet -part 1

Raw foods are natural, and real ones. Doctor discusses a study which was conducted on cats by feeding them with raw food, and cooked food. Generations of cats with raw foods where healthier. - 59.5538

Food Nutrition For Babies

Some of the foods rich in nutrition is essential for babies, and growing child. Strong dose of calcium, protein are all required to keep them healthy, and active. Find out some of the ways in which you can provise them nutrition. - 64.1501

Morning Sickness Tips - Part 2

Why one gets morning sickness, and what could be some of homely tips to avoid the seriousness of sickness, are being discussed in the video. Unlock them for your benefit. - 67.6121

Morning Sickness Tips - Part 1

Doctor discusses the tips on how to deal with morning sickness in pregnancy. With healthy dieting, and some mild medications, morning sickness can be sailed through smoothly. - 67.7936

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is the theme of this nice video. Significance of chair yoga is to increase positivity in your daily life. Some of easy to do exercises are demonstrated in this video. - 47.4306

High Blood Pressure Solutions Busted

Now it is possible to reduce your high blood pressure, as this video tells a lot about how to waiver the blood pressure. No cholesterol, no salt, these are some of the ways one can reduce the high blood pressure. - 43.9994

Preachings On Sugar Consumption

Dr. Judi comments on how much sugar should be consumed. An average American consumes too much sugar, which is responsible for obesity. Find out how much is needed. - 63.184

Feeds On Artificial Sweeteners

The artificial sweeteners are much in demand, for weight loss , and for diabetics. But there can be some side effects of artificial sweeteners, which shows that people who feed on artificial sweetener are consuming more of calories. - 63.9073

Decorating The Container Garden

Get pitched with some green decoration tips on how to make the best of your container garden, and embellish it with variety of green plants. D├ęcors can include cactus, and other ornamental plants. - 43.5857

Container Garden Making Tips

Get some nibble of creating a container garden in the comfort of your home. It is one of the most innovative ways of decorating your home. You can stuff in ornamental plants, or indoor plants. - 43.6422

How To Recycle The Household Items

Get witty with these simple, tips on how to recycle the household items, and use it for other purpose in general. You can transform just anything into a new thing. - 55.3652