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How To: Make Gourmet Oils At Home

Stretch your budget but don't deny your taste buds! - 81.2579

Stretching Thanksgiving Leftovers

It’s after thanksgiving and your refrigerators must be overloaded with leftovers. Before you decide to waste all that yummy food, wait for a second and watch this video. Donna shares her idea of using and storing thanksgiving leftovers. Watch and learn... - 104.477

Tips To Stretching Grocery Dollars: Produce Bag Fruit Fly Trap. No Chemicals, No Money

You get home from the grocery shop and you have a bunch of plastic bags. Why not re-use them and put them to better use than disposing them in garbage. Here is a great idea of reusing a produce bag. Make a fruit fly trap and not use any harmful anything!... - 98.9148

Tips To Stretch Grocery Budget: From Popcorn To Polenta

You could save a lot in your kitchen. Using an item to make variety of dishes is the smartest way to save. Rather than throwing away you could use a food item to make something else. Donna Miller has milled left over popcorn to make cornmeal and uses it to... - 93.5922

Tips To Saving Grocery Money: Uses For Pop Corn

Every penny counts in this brutal economy. Here are a few tricks you can use to save a buck and get a little healthier too. Using a food item in many ways could help you save. Here’s Donna Miller giving tips on how to "buy one item and use it multiple... - 93.2011

Tips For Saving Grocery Money And Stretching Food Dollars: The Mission

Donna Miller keeps sharing great tips and resources, from milling and baking with whole grains, to living more frugally and saving money on your grocery bill. In this video she explains her reason behind it. - 90.6816

Short Tip On Kitchen Space Use

Kitchens are the hub of the home, but everyone uses them differently and has a style all their own. Explore new ideas to use the space properly. Donna Miller is sharing tips on space sharing. Every inch counts when making the most of a small kitchen.... - 95.1761

How To Bake Bread In The Sun Oven

Keeping inflation and regular hikes in the fuel price in mind, it’s wise to switch to solar power. Dona Miller has this amazing solar oven which is extremely easy to use and eco-friendly too. Not only did the bread baked in this solar oven turn out good, it... - 86.4772


Donna Miller is demonstrating how to use a Nutrimill, a new and innovative, variable high speed grain mill that mills grains and beans into fresh flour in minutes. It's the first high speed, stoneless flour mill that has multi-texture capability. It's a... - 82.4388

Dehydrating Eggplant For Recipes & Storage

Dehydrating food items for storage purpose is a tried and tested idea. It’s easy on your pockets and takes care of your budget too. Watch this video and learn how to dehydrate eggplant which can be used to make several quick and easy meals. It is a great... - 81.0925

Fridge Clean Part 2 - Budget Stretching Food Ideas

Its very important to clean your fridge before leaving for holidays. cleaning a refrigerator isn't a herculean task if you follow the tips given by Donna Miller. - 80.0781

It's Easy To Make Pasta At Home

Making fresh pasta at home is quite easy, as long as you have the right equipment. If you are tired of store-bought pasta, then this video is just the thing for you. Watch and learn to make pasta right in the comfort of your kitchen, without any hassles. You... - 89.1771

Going Green & Back To Basics - Manual (hand Cranked) Grain Mill

Milling grain at home ensure that you have fresh grain at all times. Most of us prefer electric grain millers but once in a while, it is good to go green and use a hand cracked milling machine. The task may be more cumbersome when done without electricity,... - 103.683

First Steps & Cleaning Global Sun Oven

Cleaning ovens seems to be a very cumbersome task, and it can be tough at times. It is, however, very important to clean and prepare an oven properly to ensure that it functions well. To know of some simple tips that you can follow to keep your oven clean and... - 102.295

Dehydrating Grapes & Hot Peppers

Looking for a simple way to store grapes and hot peppers for longer periods of time? Then dehydrating is probably one of the best methods to adopt. It is not really as complicated as it sounds. All you need is an equipment that supports your need. Also, this... - 99.2771

Best Manual Grain Mill: Wondermill Junior Deluxe

Milling grain at home, by hand, does not have to be a cumbersome task. Watch the video to know of a manual grain mill that is easy to use and does not require you to slave and sweat in the kitchen for hours. This easy to use mill will ensure that you have... - 107.093

Prolong The Life Of Fresh Strawberries

We all love strawberries and the fact that these delicate darlings go stale real soon, bothers us all. Want to know of simple ways to keep strawberries fresh for longer? Watch the video, to find out these tips - which are pretty simple. - 87.4119

Dehydrating Apples At Home

Why do you go for store-bought dehydrated apple-pack when you can do it of your own? You will need only few simple tools and few simple tricks - that's all. Go through the video to check out the details and prepare crunchy and crispy apple snacks without any... - 85.1737

Use Credit Cards To Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Why not use those credit cards for something that doesn't get us into debt? This is a frugal way to keep your kitchen clean and re-use or recycle something that isn't usually used as a kitchen tool. Watch the video and find a better way to make use of your... - 85.1742

Find Out Secret Sales And Save Money

Do you want to know the secret behind spending less in the grocery shop? Many times you might have overlooked the best deals or offers, when you go for regular shopping. However, once you watch this video, you are surely going to cut on your grocery expenses,... - 88.3326

Tips To Prolong The Life Of Bananas

Keeping bananas fresh is a struggle that most of us face. Whether we are storing bananas in the fridge or keeping them on the kitchen shelf, these tend to go bad real soon. Extending the shelf live of bananas is one of the most practical ways to save money on... - 111.214

Easy Ways To Save Money By Reusing Paper

Reusing and recycling paper is not only an eco-friendly move but also something that can save you a lot of money. Watch the video to know more about saving money through reusing paper. You can also pass these easy tips to your kids, so that they also learn to... - 88.3798

Tips To Increase The Shelf Life Of Spinach

Spinach is an amazing vegetable. It is economical and packed with healthy goodness. It does, however, have one drawback, it wilts too soon. To know of some simple tips on keeping spinach fresh for longer, watch this video. You will be able to save a lot of... - 86.282

Reuse Plastic Bags To Save Money

One good way of saving money is to reuse plastic bags. Watch this video to know of easy measures that you can take in order to reuse a plastic bag that has been previously used for storing things. This will also save the environment from unwanted littering. - 92.0754

Saving Grocery Money On Condiments

Want to know of a great way to save up on your grocery bill? Making sure that the condiments are not wasted in any way, is one right method to use every last bit. Watch this video to know of simple measures that you can take as far as condiments and saving... - 89.3598

Easy Guide To Use A Home Grain Miller

Have you ever thought of milling your flour at your own kitchen? If you get a home grain miller, you can make your dream come true. But, before you buy one, you should go through this video to learn some introduction on this unique equipment. With proper care... - 86.8004

Easy Milling At Home

Think milling fresh wheat at home is a tough task? Then watch this video demonstration of the amazing Wondermill and see how easy the task actually is. With freshly milled wheat flour, you can rest assured that you and your loved ones are eating nothing but... - 87.2296

Food To Fight Allergies

Donna Miller shares a quick tip on how to combat those annoying warm weather allergies. Get more information from her blog Eat Grains. - 88.1416

Tips On Using Butter Wrappers

Are you fond of making healthy and delicious recipes on your own? Buying sprays, cooking oils and non stick goodies cost more. In this video, The Wheat Guy is sharing some useful tips on making butter wrapper at home which is used in greasing cookie sheets... - 101.015

Using The Cereal Box Bag

In this video, The Wheat Guy is sharing some money saving tips. She is talking about zip lock baggies for use between pancakes, waffles, burgers or meats. Must watch this video. - 76.3232

Salvaging A Burnt Toast

If you have ever burnt your toast and want to save it then you should watch this video. In this video, The Wheat Guy is showing you how she saved her burnt toast.. - 99.9119

Tips On Reusing Mesh Produce Bags

Saving money while keeping environment safe is a good thing. In this video, The Wheat Guy is sharing some tips on reusing mesh bags into scrubby which are more clean than the scrubby you buy from market. This saves money as well as environment. Watch this... - 101.856

Tips On Freezing Diary

When Diary products go on sale, most of them can be kept in freezer without much change in their texture. In this video, The Wheat Guy is sharing some tips on saving and freezing diary products. Watch this video to know more. - 100.481

Tips On Saving Money While Grocery Shopping

The Wheat Guy is sharing some tips on buying only one type of oats which can be used for making different recipes. Watch this video and know more about organic rolled oat.. - 87.6829

Tips On Salvaging Aluminium Foil

Many of us use aluminium foil and then garbage it after one use. It can be reused one or two times which would save money as well as environment. watch this video to know more about saving money tips in kitchen or grocery shopping. - 92.967

Tips On Organizing The Kitchen

Organized and clean kitchen is a key of success for saving money and time. Even if your kitchen is not designer then using some tricks you can organize your kitchen in a better way so that you can make healthy and delicious dishes conveniently. Watch this... - 101.697

Tips On Using Beans Instead Of Meat

Beans are very good for healthy heart. you can use dry beans instead of canned beans using some tricks. In this video, The Wheat Guy is sharing some tips on saving money on beans and making delicious and healthy beans for your healthy heart. - 100.737

Making Fruit Salad From Trivial Amounts Of Food

If you left with trivial amount of fruits and they are floating around waiting to become completely rotten; then you should watch this video to save money and make a delicious and healthy recipe. - 91.9605

About Bulk Food Storage

One of the easiest ways to stretch a grocery bill is to buy in bulk and use longer term storage. Watch this video to know more about bulk buying. - 91.6956

Tips On Counting Apples, Oranges And Bagged Items

Donna is sharing some tips on saving money while buying apples, oranges and bagged items. You should count your apples and oranges other than weighing them; this will save your money. Watch this video to know more. - 91.8635

How To Use Tomato Tops To Save Money

Fresh flour is a healthy option than store bought flour. In this video, Donna is reviewing different flour and sharing some tips to use your fresh milling flour at your home do that you can be healthy and save money. - 88.0261