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Sportscaster Heather Cox Reveals Nutrition Secrets Of Top Athletes

Want to know how top college football players reach elite status? Check out these Idaho® potato nutrition nuggets with sportscaster Heather Cox! - 102.64

Sportscaster Heather Cox's Tips For A Perfect Thanksgiving

National sportscaster Heather Cox shares some of her top tips and trick for making perfect mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving. - 106.455

Tips On Slicing Potatoes

While slicing the potatoes with the help of a knife, make sure to cut slices in same thickness to cook evenly. This is one of the basic tips, which people often ignore and make simple cooking cumbersome. So, please don't ignore this and make cooking an... - 109.129

Tips For Cleaning Potatoes

Cleaning vegetables are one of the essential part of cooking. These days people are falling for different diseases especially kids due to their food habits. Learn how to clean potatoes or any other vegetable before cooking. - 112.004

Sauteing Potatoes

Learn how to Sauté or shallow fry potatoes for lunch or dinner. By simply adding oil to pan then shallow fry for few minutes season with salt and oregano or parsley or any other seasoning. And make delicious recipes. - 112.304

Making Potato Chips

Simple technique to make chips at home. Peel potato, slice it with the help of mandolin, deep fry and seasoned to preferred taste. Everyone is going to love this. - 115.623

Making Baked Potatoes

For a perfect potato jacket you first need to bake potato. And baking potato was never been so easy, like any other vegetable one just needs to first clean potatoes with water then coat it with oil. Bake potatoes in oven and scoop out and fill with the cheese... - 114.013

How To Make Potato Strings

Kids generally don’t love eating home food, but when they get served regular foods in different shapes they are just curious to experiment. Potato ribbons are surely going to tantalize the taste buds of kids or why only kids even elders would love to have... - 112.863

How To Make Potato Ribbons

By using apple peelers how a tasty appetizer can be made learn from this video. Simply make ribbons of potato, put that in a skewer, deep fry and season with salt or any other flavour. - 124.06

How To Blanch Potatoes

Quickly want to make stir fried vegetables then blanching is a perfect way to save time. Just boil water add salt to it and put vegetables one by one. The more tender the vegetable less time it will take to blanch. Like green beans, carrot or cauliflower... - 110.802

Hasselback Or Fan Potatoes

Always wondered how fan potatoes hasselback are made. Here is the chance to learn the technique which looked difficult till now, but the chef has made it easier. So, call all friends and show them your culinary skills. - 112.403

Grating Potatoes

Wants to learn how to grate, potatoes, cheese, carrot or any other vegetables you just need to take a grater put that over a chopping board and carefully grate the vegetables. You can grate raw vegetable or boiled, according to your need and make different... - 113.086

Dicing Potatoes

Dicing can be much easier; one just needs to be careful while cutting the vegetables. Make thick slices of vegetables like potato and carrot and then cut that into cubes. And whoa you made it. - 116.165

Deep Frying Potatoes

With the help of this video anyone can learn how to deep fry not only potatoes but also another veggies for the perfect lunch or dinner or for any party. Learn to deep fry potato slices, french fries or julienne. - 112.195

Chopping Potatoes

In this video viewer can learn how to chop potatoes perfectly as chopping and cutting vegetables are an important part of cooking. If vegetables are not chopped properly, your dish might not get evenly cooked or it might not look nice on the platter. - 116.83

Boiling And Steaming Potatoes

If someone is not interested in cooking or doesn’t know how to cook people often laugh at them and ask do you know how to boil Potatoes? As if this is the easiest thing to do. Find out boiling and steaming is also an art and you could be perfect in this... - 117.453

Idaho® Potato Skins Revisited

A simple potato skin can be a great appetizer - it just needs to be personalized with your favorite fillings. Can be served as nacho style giving a twist of Mango Salsa or pineapple filling. Dress up potato skin by spreading mayonnaise and putting up caviar.... - 111.517

Idaho Potatoes Are Heart Healthy

Fitness expert Denise Austin giving news to the consumers that Idaho potatoes are now certified to carry the heart-check mark from the American Heart Association for foods low in saturated fat and cholesterol! So another reason to go for Idaho potatoes. Enjoy! - 104.336

Idaho Potato Commission Retail Comic Video, Bill Savilonis

When sale of Idaho Potatoes was going down a Superhero came to rescue and by using a simple marketing tool he made it a hit with the consumers. Even the marketing manager was so impressed. - 103.776

Slicing Potatoes With A Mandolin

With the help of a mandolin potato can be perfectly sliced for chips or for any other dish. By using mandolin one can get even sized potato, tomato, cucumber or carrot. Don’t ignore this utensil and make it a part of your kitchen. - 116.602

From Farm To Fork

Has anyone ever thought of how vegetables have been grown or what the processes are? How it managed to get a place in a platter? Look at this video and viewers will get an in-depth idea on how an Idaho potato makes it from the farm to their fork, as well as a... - 69.9651

Do You Want Energy

Kids favourite vegetable is potato but mothers don’t want them to eat because of calories. Not to worry anymore kids, you can have Idaho Potatoes which have no fat, only 110 calories and more potassium than a banana. So, mothers let your kids have what they... - 84.751

How To Roast Potatoes

Want to learn how to make perfect roasted potatoes than people simply need to chop the potatoes put that into a large bowl pour oil sprinkle salt and their favorite seasoning. Bake potatoes in an oven for some time and an appetizer is ready in no time. - 116.936

Creativity With Frozen Twice-baked Idaho® Potatoes

Organising a get together at your home and don’t know what to serve. Then twice baked potatoes are surely going to be your saviour. Just top potatoes with your favourite topping whether, cheese, or salsa. And enjoy the company. - 96.208

Making Potato Cups From Instant Hash Browns

Another useful tip from the house of Idaho Potatoes - here chef is describing how to use hash brown to make delicious potato cups and some interesting fillings like poached egg and mushrooms with some hollaindaise sauce. After trying this, people won’t stop... - 112.537

Denise Austin - On Idaho Potato

Don’t want to use regular potatoes which have complex carbohydrates go for Idaho potatoes. In this video Dennis the famous fitness expert will tell you the benefit of Idaho potatoes which is high in vitamin c and potassium. - 83.9816

World's Largest Potato On Display

World's largest potato display is of idaho potatoes. Idaho potatoes are very healthy and helps to keep fat and cholesterol levels low. It provides high potassium and calories for instant energy. It is very much beneficial in weight management. - 100.393

Idaho Potato Field Force Comic

Idaho potatoes are healthy and delicious vegetable for all of us. Idaho potatoes are low in fat and cholesterol and high in potassium. Watch this funny video of Idaho potato commission retail. Enjoy!!!! - 87.5813

Preparing And Storing Idaho Potatoes

Idaho Potato is one of America's favorite and healthy potato. Mr. Food is sharing some useful tips for preparing and storing idaho potatoes in this video. He also talks about how potatoes come from farms to the fork at your table. - 100.186

Interview With World Champion Cyclist Kristin Armstrong

World Champion Cyclist, Kristin Armstrong is talking about diet and nutrition for instant energy. She talks about complex carbohydrates which she used to get from idaho potatoes. She is sharing some weight loss tips while workout and healthy eating. - 88.0179

Tour Of Harvesting Idaho Potatoes

Idaho potatoes are healthy and delicious vegetable for all of us. Idaho potatoes are low in fat and cholesterol and high in potassium. Visit the idaho potatoes farms harvesting in this video. - 75.4127

Harvesting Idaho Potatoes

Idaho Potatoes are very healthy and America's favorite vegetable. In this video, host takes you on a tour of idaho potato farms for harvesting idaho potatoes. Idaho potatoes are low fat, low cholesterol and high potassium vegetable. - 87.8768

Handy Tips For Exercising

Women play an important role in maintaining health of whole family. Denise Austin, fitness expert is sharing some of exercise tips and cooking tips to make your family healthy. She also talks about good relationship between family. - 83.8189

When To Make New Year Resolutions

People who want to be healthy should make resolutions at new year and implement them for rest of the year so that it is easy to achieve healthy lifestyle. Denise Austin, fitness expert is sharing her experiences on idaho potatoes and idaho potatoes play an... - 101.076

About Exercising And Eating Right

To be fit in life, we need to have exercise and good eating habits. In this video, Denise Austin, fitness expert is sharing her experiences on idaho potatoes which she considered as healthy eating as a fitness secret. - 91.8717

About Good Carbohydrates

Idaho potatoes are good source of carbohydrates and have zero fat, which is really very healthy for health. Denise Austin, fitness expert is sharing some of cooking tips to prepare healthy idaho potatoes recipe. - 91.5806

Highlights Of Idaho Potatoes

Idaho potatoes are America's favorite vegetable. Many fitness experts, famous chefs are using idaho potatoes. People are reviewing idaho potatoes in this video. - 74.8446

Idaho Farmer Poetry

Idaho potato is one of the famous potato of America. In this video, idaho potato farmers are showing their love and care for idaho potato farming and bringing America's favorite potato to the plates of million of people around the globe. - 100.146

Mashed Potato Recipe

Idaho potatoes are ideal to add in your daily diet. You can make delicious recipes with idaho potatoes. In this video, Denise Austin, fitness expert is sharing one of her favorite idaho potatoes recipe. - 91.7272

Third Commercial For Idaho Potatoes Featuring Denise Austin

Idaho Potatoes are very healthy and provides good potassium and only 100 calories. Idaho potatoes are low in fat and cholesterol. Denise Austin, fitness expert is sharing idaho potatoes benefits. - 79.3251

How To Find Motivation For Exercising

Exercise is an essential and important part of healthy life. What should be the motivation factors for doing exercise regularly so that you can loss weight naturally? In this video, Denise Austin, a fitness instructor is sharing some of useful tips to... - 92.6617

Commercial For Idaho Potatoes Featuring Denise Austin

Idaho Potatoes are very healthy in nature with no fats and cholesterol and high potassium for your daily needs. In this video, you are watching a popular fitness expert Denise Austin commercial advertisement for idaho potatoes. - 63.6949

Nutritional Facts Of Idaho Potatoes

Idaho Potatoes are very healthy and good to add this in your diet. In this video, you would be able to know about nutritional benefits of idaho potatoes. Idaho potatoes are low fat, high potassium potatoes which results in health benefits. - 76.0922

The Harvest Of Idaho Potatoes

Idaho potatoes are very healthy potatoes. Idaho potatoes are low fat, low cholesterol and high potassium. In this video, host takes you on a tour of harvesting idaho potatoes which makes them so special. - 87.536

Lend A Hand Today - Day 1

Lend a hand today is a series on Today. Idaho potato commission is on Today Show.. Must watch this video to know more about Idaho potatoes. - 71.0518

French Fried With Flavoured Oils

French Fries can be made more tastier and unique by just topping flavored oils to them. Many flavored oils are available in the market for topping French fries for unique taste. - 99.3867

Another Commercial For Idaho Potatoes Featuring Denise Austin

Denise Austin, a fitness expert is talking about benefits of idaho potatoes. Idaho potatoes are beneficial because of low fat and high potassium. She is sharing her secrets of being fit and healthy body. - 69.9138

How To Peel A Potato Without A Peeler

Dawn Wells, demonstrates a unique way to peel an Idaho potato without the use of a potato peeler! It is very interesting and easy to peel potato without a peeler. Must watch this video!! - 99.4672