Drmeenashah's Videos

Neck Exercises To Avoid Cervicial Pain

In this video, Dr. Meena Shah demonstrates a neck exercise to avoid cervicial pain and discomfort. It is very simple to learn and to follow. - 79.2151

Isometric Neck And Shoulder Exercises

Learn these Isometric Neck and Shoulder Exercises from this video so that you can avoid pain and stiffness in those areas. - 91.0824

Exercises To Lower High Blood Pressure

Dr. Meena Shah advises why it is important to be physically active. In this video, she also gives some tips on how one can stay fit and lower high blood pressure. - 79.6079

Lifestyle Changes To Control Blood Pressure

If you have been diagnosed of high blood pressure, then you must take care of yourself by making some healthy lifestyle changes. Watch the video here to know how self management and medical management can help you controlling high blood pressure. - 88.6308

Know What Is Fit For Being Fit

If you are a fitness freak, then you must know what is the right meaning of word fit. Watch this video and see how Dr. Meena Shah describes the word fit in her own way. - 80.1501

Makrasan Yoga

If you are having some breathing trouble, you can try makrasan yoga. The video here shows step wise description of doing it and the benefits of it. Watch the video now to get rid of breathing problems! - 88.1019

Stay Fit And Energetic Throughout!

If you feel lazy and dull at some times of the day, then you must take steps to be fit all the day. The video here, talks about such times and also how one can overcome them by make some easy changes in the lifestyle. Watch the video now to stay happy and... - 89.3461

Take Care Of Your Sick Child

If your child is sick, then he/ she needs your full attention. Besides, there are also a few things which you need to be taking care of. Watch this video out here and learn how you can take care of your child during such times. - 88.7415

Easy Breathing Exercises

What can be more rejuvenating than going out in the park every morning and doing some stretching exercises. If you want to experience the same, why not start with some easy stretching exercises shown in this video. They are quite easy to learn and easy to... - 93.2309

Make Your Home A Safe Place For Your Baby

If you have a small baby at your home, then this is a must watch video for you. Crawling babies are inquisitive by nature and it is therefore very important to make the house safe and secure for them. Watch this video and take tips on how you can do so too. - 101.363

Maintain Food Journal For Healthy Life

Do you often diet, but are still not getting desirable results? You must then listen to your body then. We often go on strict diets but do not find good results because our body is sometimes not comfortable with the changes. And therefore, the host in the... - 90.2017

Dr. Meena Shah Presents Upper Body Excercises With Breathing Techniques

In this video, Dr. Meena Shah's team shows you how to do a few upper body exercises along with the right breathing techniques. - 95.2588

Dr. Meena Shah Explains Why Exercising In The Morning Is Good

In this video, Dr. Meena Shah explains why you should make it a habit to exercise in the mornings. She has some good reasons why you should do so. So check out this short video to know more. - 96.2341

How Emotion Affects Health(hindi Video)

The video is in Hindi. - 77.6799

Dr. Meena Shah Talks About Losing Weight In Gujrati

The video is in Gujarati. - 73.8691

How To Know When You Are In Labor

A pregnant women who is close to delivery, keeps thinking about the labor. It is indeed very important for her to know the signs of being in labor. The video here shows a doctor telling an expectant mother of the signs that indicate the beginning of labor... - 97.0193

Be Regular With Your Exercising Schedule

Do you ever wonder why the results of exercising show early in some people and take a lot of time in others? One of the reason for so could be timely exercises. The video here talks about the importance of maintain a time schedule for the exercises and how it... - 97.8176

Tips On Massaging During Labor

Are you close to your delivery and are bothered about the labor pain? Just don't worry and watch this video which shows how to massage during labor. These simple steps suggested will make your labor pain free and easy. - 92.3707

Watch Your Baby Grow

Have you ever wondered how baby's grow in mother's womb? If yes, watch this video now as it shows the development process of the baby from the scratch. - 91.4797

Say Bye To Minor Discomforts Of Pregnancy

For all pregnant ladies out there, this is a video for you. Watch the video and learn how to cope with minor discomforts like back pain which occur in pregnancy. Correct posture and healthy lifestyle can help you in a long way. Watch this video to know more. - 93.0369

Lifestyle And Disease Management

Health is wealth' is a very old saying but holds true at all times. The video here also stresses on importance of being healthy and fit and guides as to how we can manage our diseases by regular checkups and following doctor's advice. So, if you also wanna... - 89.8794

Maintaining Complete Body Posture

If you are one of those who complain of body pain, then it is a time to check your body posture. Watch this video here to know how correct body posture can be maintained and how it helps in long way. - 96.4813

Learn Yoga At Home

If you want to learn yoga, this is a must watch video for you. Watch the video to learn how to breathing yoga kriyas like bhamari, sheetali etc. These asana will surely make you fit and healthy in just a few days. - 88.5209

Know About Breast Cancer And Mammography

"If you are above 35 then you must get yourself checked for breast cancer" says Dr. Meena Shah who is the host of this video. Watch this video now to know why the doctor says it and why she stresses on mammography test. - 96.5959

Tips For Avoiding Asthma Triggers In Kids

This video is a must watch for all those who have a kid suffering from Asthma at home. These children need a clean environment and the video shows how can we make the surroundings conducive to such children at home or even when outside. - 92.7765

Breathing Yogic Exercises

If you want to learn yogic kriys, then you must watch this video as here the host tells how to do asanas like krapaal bhati and others. Watch the video to know more. - 93.2001

Stay Healthy; Stay Happy

The key to staying healthy is to stay happy. The video here shows how to have positive thinking and attain a better health. If you want to stay fit and happy forever, watch this video now! - 77.3547

Positive Health

This video is in Gujarati - 82.9725

Timely Medical Check Up For Infants

If you are a parent of a small baby, it is important to know about the routine check up of the baby. The video here shows why the babies below one year should be taken for monthly checkups and what parameters should be considered while analyzing baby's health... - 90.7501

Stay Fit Forever

This video is in Gujarati - 58.9813

Holistic Approach For Living Healthy

This video is in Gujarati - 91.1706

Healthy Breakfast For Healthy Living

If you are missing out on your breakfast, do watch this video as it will make you understand its importance. An essential meal of the day, breakfast, needs to be planned properly. Learn how you can do that by watching this video. - 89.9103

Manage Your Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure is a not curable, but it is definitely controllable. Watch this video to know how you can control your blood pressure by following some simple advices. Do check out the video to know more! - 93.4915

Get Your High Blood Pressure Treated

If you or your closed relatives are suffering from high blood pressure, then this is a video that should not be missed. The host explains about the high blood pressure condition and also tells the harmful effects of high BP if not treated. - 105.902

Take Care Of Your Heart

This video is in Gujarati - 75.1309

Use Your Five Senses For Healthy Living

The five senses play a vital role in our lives and now we can also use these senses for healthy living. The host in the video explains how five senses can affect our sleep, our stress level, digestion etc. Watch the video to know more. - 110.118

Waist And Back Exercises

This video is meant for all those who are looking for some easy back and waist exercises. Here, the host shows two exercises which is for maintaining a healthy and flexible back and waist. Just tune in to the video and learn how to do them. - 98.0475

Quick Yoga For Healthy Body

This video is in Gujarati - 75.0693

Stay Healthy With Fruits And Vegetables

If you wanna stay fit and healthy throughout, here is a must watch video for you which stresses on healthy eating. The host here tells the benefits of green vegetables and fruits and how they should be consumed. Bon Appetite! - 93.7251

Tips For Having Healthy Labour

This video is in Gujarati - 75.0869

Control Cholesterol Through Medicine

If cholesterol scares you, the why not find ways of controlling it right now. This video speaks about how cholesterol can be controlled by taking medicines. Know about different types of medicines and how they can help you. - 73.4959

Positive Thinking In 7 Days

This video is in Gujarati - 70.9505

Tips For Maintaining Health In Diabetes

This video is in Gujarati - 71.0693

Healthy Living For Diabetics

If you are a diabetic, it is very important for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The host in the video talks about healthy eating for the diabetics and explains well which foods should be consumed and which should be not. So, if you want to know more,... - 106.682

Maintain Correct Seating Posture

If you sit for long hours in front of screen, it is very important to sit in a correct posture. Watch the video here to see how to sit while working and why it is good for you. - 93.4431

Back Twist Exercise For Healthy Back

If you suffer from back pain, you really are in need of some back exercises. Here in the video, the host shows how to do back twist exercise which is good for flexible back. - 85.2883

Tips For Taking Care Of Sick Child

If you feel worried about your child getting sick after every few days then this is a must watch video for you as it shows how to take care of sick child at home. The host in the video suggests that besides taking to doctor and giving regular dose of... - 91.9441

Keep Fresh This Summer

This video is in Gujarati. - 82.9109

Stay Fit This Summer

This video is in Gujarati. - 83.1618

Know How To Manage Your Diseases

If you are one of those who find reasons for not going to the doctor for regular check ups, here is a must watch video for you. The host of the video tells you how to manage the diseases without visiting a doctor on regular basis and by keeping a track of our... - 94.6959

Tips On Burning Calories

This video is in Gujarati - 75.0605

Burn Calories With Yoga

This video is in Gujarati - 66.5088

How To Burn Calorie

This video is in Gujarati - 66.4295

Back Stretching - Bhujang Asana

Bhujang asana is one of the back stretching asanas which helps in keeping the back healthy and flexible. Watch the video to know how this asana is performed. - 72.0445

Exercise Benefits

If you are one of them who feel sleepy and lethargic all through the day, it is the time to make a daily 30 minute exercise schedule. Watch this video and learn how the body stays fit with daily exercise. - 81.0107

Regular Exercise Benefits

If you are worried about your sedentary life style and growing age, it is the time to take some action. Watch this video to know how inactive life reduces our body strength and leads to aging and on the other hand, how regular exercise make the body fit and... - 89.6505

Balanced Fitness

If you are a fitness freak, then you must be aware that balanced fitness is the key to healthy body. Here in the video also, the host explains how balanced fitness can be attained. - 68.5915

Easy Back Exercise

If your back hurts and you are looking for some easy back exercises, here is one for you to try. Just follow the video instructions and do it at your comfort! - 68.1991

Make Your Hips Flexible

If you sit for long hours in front of desktop, the chances are that the body starts getting stiff. Watch this video to learn how you can do some hip movements at your seat and make the hips flexible. - 64.9443

Avoid Frozen Shoulder - Arm Circles

If you feel pain in your arms, you must try the arm exercise suggested in the video. Rotating your arms by counting helps them to be flexible and pain free. So, watch the video now! - 88.5563

Yoga - Sitakari Pranayam

How about doing a breathing exercise that can cool down the lungs? In this video, yoga therapist biju acharaya is showing sitakari pranayam and Dr. Meena speaks about the health benefits of doing it. This is the easier version of cooling breathing and can be... - 93.7913

Yoga - Setu Bandhasan

Want a yoga exercise to strengthen the back muscles? In this video, the hosts give us a demo for setu bandhasan or bridge pose. As she says, it’s not necessary to place the palm on the feet, if you are not comfortable, place them on the floor and carry out... - 93.8665

Yoga - Vrikshasan

Want to try out some yoga asana to tone your heart muscles? This video has the demo for vrikshasan to strengthen the heart. But if you have a weak heart or some heart diseases, its best to practice tadasana instead of this exercise. - 93.2049

Yoga - Virabhadrasana

If you are a weak hearted person, here is an yoga exercise that could help relieve your fears. This asana is called virabhadrasana or warriors pose and the two hosts in the video show how to do this exercise. Watch the entire video for the demo and get to... - 94.4001

Yoga - Tribandh

If you are practicing kapalbhati, here is a pranayam or breathing exercise that can be done after kapalbhati. As the name suggests, tribandh involves locking three areas of body, anus, abdomen and chin. This pranayam helps massage the hormonal organs of the... - 73.3325

Yoga - Parvatasan

If you are aware of the health benefits of yoga parvatasan or mountain poses, here is a video of the demo. It’s a very simple to do exercise and can be done anywhere. Watch the demo and follow the host's instructions to do it successfully. - 93.4119

Yoga - Kapalbhati

Want to strengthen your respiratory system with yoga? Here is a video by Dr. Meena Shah and yoga therapist biju acharaya and together they show us how to do this kriya which means an action which creates an equal and opposite reaction. In this kapalbhati... - 95.5079

Yoga - Pranasudhhi

Nostril breathing can help cool down the brain and to know more watch this video by Dr. Meena Shah. Before showing the demo she speaks about the importance of breathing through each of the nostrils and how it affects the brain. It is always important to know... - 78.3563

Yoga - Abdominal Cleansing Breathing

Want a breathing exercise to make your abdominal organs like pancreas, kidney, stomach and intestine? Here is a video by Dr. Meena Shah and her co host biju acharya who is a yoga therapist and together they show us this cleansing breathing exercise. As... - 87.5517

Yoga - Ushtrasan

Want to try a camel pose in yoga? In this video, two hosts give a demo for camel pose that's good for heart and back; it also helps the back become more flexible. They show the pose with one hand which is easier and with two hands which is bit difficult but... - 74.0561

Yoga - Chest Breathing

If you are suffering from any kind of lung diseases like asthama or TB, here is a simple breathing technique to alleviate the pain or trouble. In this video, Dr. Meena Shah is accompanied by a co-host and he shows all of us a simple chest exercise. As he... - 95.4195

Yoga - Brramari Pranayam

Want a breathing exercise to calm your nervous system and something that would help bust stress. Here is a video by Dr. Meena Shah and she gives demo for brramari pranayam. It’s simple breathing technique and practicing it for just 3-10 times would suffice.... - 66.8147

Rules For Pranayam

Doing pranayam or yoga breathing can be very helpful but only if one follows few simple rules. In this video, Dr. Meena Shah speaks about a few important rules that one needs to follow while doing pranayam. Follow these tips and practice pranayam regularly to... - 73.6855

Yoga - Bhastrika With Arms Movement

Want to charge up your energy? Here is a video by Dr. Meena Shah and she gives a demo for a yoga breathing exercise bhastrika with arms movement. It’s an easy to do breathing exercise and infuses one with lot of energy. The tip at the end of the video... - 74.3251

Yoga - Ardha Pavan Muktasan

Yoga can help relieve gas from the intestines, watch this video to find out the pose or workout called ardha pavan muktasan. The hosts in the video show us the demo in two different directions for easy understanding and also inform about the various other... - 71.4723

Yoga - Utkatasana

Want a yoga exercise that would benefit your heart and lower body? Try doing utkatasana along with the hosts in the video who show the demo and also speak about the health benefits of this move. It’s a simple to do move and can be practiced anywhere. - 65.5401

Yoga - Nadishodhan And Anulom Vilom

Breathing is an important part of yoga exercises and therefore, Dr. Meena Shah has come up with this nadishodhan and anulom vilom breathing techniques which are very useful in acidity and any such health disorder. Both the techniques help calm the mind and... - 82.4533

Yoga - Kati Manthan Asana

If you want a simple workout to keep your heart healthy, here is yoga kati manthan asana that helps. In this video, the hosts give a demo and speak about other health benefits of doing it. - 68.7459

Yoga - Hridayanjali Mudra

If you want a healthy heart, try this simple to do hridayanjali mudra which can be done sitting. As we see, both the hosts sitting in different styles, follow the one that is comfortable for you. Along with health benefits, this mudra helps relieve stress,... - 78.7575

Yoga - Adit Hariday Mudra

Yoga and mudra goes hand in hand. Therefore Dr. Meena Shah has come up with this simple to do adit hariday mudra which helps to make the heart healthy. This mudra also helps the lungs function normally. - 88.8207

Yoga Back Curl For Healthy Back

Want to try out a yoga exercise that could get you healthy back? Watch this video, where the hosts show a yoga back curl exercise called nuakasana. It’s simple to do and can be practiced anywhere. At the end of the video, find how this one move helps... - 78.0917

The Right Way To Recite Omkar

If you have heard about the importance of reciting omakar, here is a video by yoga expert Dr. Meena Shah. She shows the right way of reciting omakar for maximum benefit of body and soul. This short and quick video is very helpful for anyone who wants to... - 85.9017

How To Eat Foodyoga 4 U-eating For Pleasure & Satisfaction

Dr. M Shah, throws some light on effects of wrong meal time habits on our health and shares tips on proper eating habits. - 67.1841

Yoga For Healthy Back

Want to strengthen your back with one of the most ancient form of exercise? In this video, one finds two different yoga exercises to do for a healthy back. The moves or asanas are half moon pose or ardha Chandra and trikona asana. These are simple to do and... - 72.4343

Health Benefits Of Yoga

Want to know about yoga and its health benefits? Watch this short video by Dr. Meena Shah who tells us about yoga and few of its many health benefits. For more information, the she can be contacted though her phone numbers and email address given below in the... - 79.5603

Neck Exercise On A Chair

With sedentary life being the norm of the day, neck pains have become common. Dr. Shah, in this video shows some simple neck exercises to destress and relieve neck, head, and/or back pains. - 85.5001

Upper Body Exercise On A Chair

This video is in Hindi. - 81.7635

Leg Exercises On A Chair

This video is in Hindi. - 81.7767

Tips For Weight Management

This video is in Gujarati. - 85.7899

Sukshma Yoga Workout For Small And Big Joints

Want to try out yoga exercises at home without paying for an expert trainer? In this video, one can find all the moves for flexing small and big body joints from toes to fingers. This video has complete sukshma yoga workout for everyone who are not very well... - 93.1917

How To Control Automatic Stress

Dr. Shah talks about stress, its effects on our health and ways to combat stress in our daily life. - 83.5813

Tips For Stress Management

This video is in Hindi. - 96.1459

Healthy Ways To Increase Your Energy

DR Meena, gives us tips on how to enhance body energies by increasing our blood circulation and shares a few ways in which we can stabilize our circulatory systems. - 101.359

Heart Rate And Exercising

This video is in Hindi. - 77.7415

Stemcyte Stem Cell Bank Facility

Dr. Meena Shah is showing important exercises for healthy pregnancy. During pregnancy, healthy food as well as exercise is very much important for good health of mother and child. - 83.6824

Medical Care Of Child

Child's care is very much important. Dr. Meena Shah is discussing about medical check ups for kids. What are the factors which are checked generally for routine checkups. She also discusses about important vaccination for your kid. - 100.146

Calcium Needs For Women

Women require more calcium than others. Calcium plays an important role for healthy bones and teeth. Dr. Meena Shah is suggested for how much women require calcium during pregnancy. She also suggested calcium requirement for old age people. - 84.3485

Healthy Sources Of Carbohydrates

What are the carbohydrates and what are the healthy sources of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates play an important role in weight loss and balanced diet is very important for maintaining good health. - 63.5813

Mother's Role In Child's Health

Mother plays an important role in maintaining child's health. Mother should teach child about healthy food and healthy tips for being healthy. She should plan good and healthy lunch or dinner so that child understand benefits of healthy eating. - 60.3311