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Fountain On Locust, St. Louis

Once a showroom for the Stutz Motor Company's Bearcat and Blackhawk, St. Louis's Fountain on Locust now serves up homemade food and ice cream martinis with a healthy dose of nostalgia. Oh, and don't miss the Polish Dill Pickle Soup! - 95.8257

Hot Spot: Scardello Cheese Dallas, Tx

If you like specialty, handcrafted cheese, Scardello Cheese in Dallas, TX delivers. Offering over 150 artisan cheeses plus charcuterie, salts, wine, beer & other accompaniments, Scardello Artisan Cheese is a hot spot not to be missed! - 99.5969

Elle's Patisserie, Springfield, Mo

It's a taste of Europe in the midwest. Elle's Patisserie in Springfield, Missouri serves up truffles, ice cream, pastries, macarons... dreamy! - 102.614

Aviary Cafe, Springfield Mo

Sure you can find authentic French food in the midwest! Food Channel's Beth Wray is downright obsessed with a sweet and savory crepe she found in Springfield, Missouri's Aviary Cafe. - 103.165

The Liffey Irish Pub, St. Paul Mn

The Luck o' the Irish has found its way to St. Paul, Minnesota. Belly up to the bar with Food Channel's Joy Robertson for some curried wings and a signature Big Ginger cocktail. - 99.5234

Food Channel Hot Spot: Rubamba

Gourmet Latin food is fresh, spicy and delicious at Rubamba in New Haven, CT. Chef Neil Fuentes takes us inside. - 90.486

Food Channel Hot Spots: Glazed And Infused

The word on the street is that the doughnut is the new cupcake. At Fulton Market in Chicago's West Loop, a pastry chef's vision is bringing the rumor full circle, no doughnut holes barred. - 67.398

Food Channel Hot Spots: Silver Dollar City

When you think about amusement park food, corn dogs and funnel cakes probably come to mind. But you can find some amazing homemade food at Branson, Missouri's Silver Dollar City that will warm your heart and sweeten your soul - 103.956

Smith & Wollensky Liquid Lunch

Nothing warms you on a crisp, cool day like a hot bowl of soup followed by a tender, hearty meal. That's the concept behind Smith & Wollensky's new feature menu promotion, the "Liquid Lunch." Song courtesy of Caro Emerald. - 103.84

Smith & Wollensky: The Art Of Braising

Smith & Wollensky's Fall & Winter menu features savory, braised items. Braising is a low and slow cooking technique that can make any cut of meat fall-off-the-bone tender. Executive Chef Matt King explains the braising concept. - 103.673

Nra 2013: Gaucho Ranch

Argentinian steakhouses are popping up everywhere, and consumers are ready to take the flavor home. Gaucho Ranch shared the flavor at the 2013 National Restaurant Association show in Chicago. - 99.0274

Roasted Red Bell Peppers

Need a roasted red bell pepper, but don't want to pay the price? Join Chef Cari as she roasts one over an open flame. - 102.733

Duck Tape Wine

If duck tape can't fix it, nothing can. That's the theory behind Duck Tape Wine. Premium Blend featured several varieties at the 2013 National Restaurant Association show in Chicago and as spokesman Henry Santos said, Duck Tape is just right "when you need... - 96.8961

Nra 2013: Gibby Dog

In 2006, Canadian Bruce Gibson and his family opened a concession trailer specializing in fresh cut fries. To set themselves apart from the competition, they decided to come up with a truly unique product. What happens when you throw a hot dog, cheese and... - 98.8626

Nra 2013: Specialty Food Association

The Specialty Food Association is a not-for-profit trade association that represents over 3,000 manufacturers. Members who participated in the booth at NRA included Char Crust and The Spice Lab. - 98.9962

Nra 2013: Ubons

Ubons Barbecue, the barbeque of Yazoo, Mississippi has a new product in its arsenal: Ubons BBQ Bloody Mary Mix. For years the BBQ masters have offered patrons a spicy Bloody Mary that features their famous sauce, and they quickly decided to share the... - 100.351

Nra 2013: Tanka Bar

Buffalo and cranberry may not be your typical go-to flavor duo, but the Lakota Indians who developed the combination sure were onto something. The ancestral technique of meat preservation served South Dakota's Pine Ridge Reservation well, and has since... - 100.334

Stewardship Of The Land

The Food Channel worked in conjunction with the United Soybean Board to go behind the scenes with four American farmers and find out what it takes to be a producer of soybeans. As we spent time with each of these amazing and unique... - 85.486

Nra 2013: Grillbot

Ethan Woods grew tired of cleaning his grill. He fashioned a handheld grill cleaner using a brush and power drill, then decided to create a grill cleaning robot--and the Grillbot was born. - 103.382

Nra 2013: Lord Nut Levington

Sanjiv Patel grew tired of the boring snack aisle, and found a niche in nuts. He developed intense and unusual, but complimentary, flavors that unfold in stages. Flavors like Thai Curry with Lemongrass and Bloody Mary with hints of celery. - 99.9148

Nra 2013: Vinedge

Radiation Oncologist Tim Dziuk and his wife love wine--but hate pouring out stale wine left in opened bottles. As a solution, Tim invented the VinEdge inflatable wine preservation system. It's compact, disposable, and available for use both at home and... - 100.043

The Faces Of Soy

The Food Channel, in conjunction with the United Soybean Board, has created a new documentary chronicling the life of a soybean farmer. We visited four farms, in varying seasons, and captured planting, nurturing, harvesting, and more. - 83.7217

Emergen-c Cocktail

If you're feeling a bit under the weather, you might as well drink to your health--with an Emergen-C cocktail. - 98.2863

Nra 2013: Gourmet Souffle

Chef James Clary from the Tower Club in Springfield, Missouri won raves for years with his souflee', but he wondered if there was a way for the fast-casual restaurant sector to offer the traditionally labor-intensive indulgence as well. As a result he... - 101.842

Nra 2013: Noble Color Party For Share Our Strength

Noble hosted its 16th annual Color Party to kick off the National Restaurant Association Show. This year's color was orange, to help raise awareness of childhood hunger in America. Noble partners, clients and friends gathered to enjoy great food and drink and... - 101.19

Certified Angus Beef

Wooster, Ohio's Certified Angus Beef Shows off its Culinary Education Center with lessons, hands-on demonstrations and it's first-ever cooking class. Food Channel's Joy Robertson spent the weekend with food editors from Taste of Home, Better Homes and Gardens... - 80.687

Nra 2013: Star Of The Bar

Who's the Star of the Bar at NRA Chicago 2013? Food Channel's Joy Robertson takes you there as master mixologists Steve Schneider, Art Tierce and Chino Lee square off at Castle Chicago. - 99.2123

Smarttender At Nra 2013

Is the bartender busy? Not to worry--behold, the SmarTender. Food Channel's Joy Robertson takes you on a tour and taste at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago. - 99.0281

News Canada: The Skinny On Tofu

What's high in protein, rich in calcium and gives you a health boost? Tofu! - 120.916

News Canada: Seasoned Seafood

Whether it's for your daily meal with the family or a fancy feast with guests, here are tips for selecting fish and seafood and preparing with spices, blends, marinades or batters. - 121.639

Hot Spots: Glazed & Infused

If you are craving that sweet & savory combo, you have to check out Glazed & Infused. They have a doughnut there that will kill the craving and leave you wanting more. Wash it down with a hot cup of Intellegentsia coffee and you are good to go. - 106.56

News Canada: Wine 'n Dine

Dinner party success with simple tips that are sure to impress! - 107.28

Sipping Chocolate With Askinosie Chocolate And Intellegentsia

Askinosie Chocolate paired with Intelligentsia Coffee -- and 'magic in a cup' was born. - 104.874

News Canada: Sweet Alternatives

For healthy cooking and diabetes prevention. - 89.0771

John Kelly Chocolates

Our mission is for everyone to have the same experience we had when we first tasted it a creamy and silky revelation, with intense and luxurious chocolate flavor. If you love chocolate, we think youll be amazed at just how good fudge can be. - 95.21

Interview With Hubert Keller And How To Make The Best Burger Ever

Hubert Keller is one of America's most acclaimed chefs. French born and trained in the art of French cuisine by the likes of Paul Bocuse (recently named the "chef of the century"), Chef Keller brought his culinary talents to America and opened world-renowned... - 101.797

Interview With Hannah Keeley

Hannah Keeley, star of public television's "Hannah Help Me" reality series, visited with The Food Channel and shared some of her Mom Coaching tips—like how to get kids fed and out the door to school in the morning without the tears and travail. - 112.789

Interview With Drew Edelmeyer Of Nora's Wine Bar

The Food Channel had a chance to sit down with the manager of Nora's and speak to him about the Nora's experience and what separates it out from other Italian restaurants. - 100.358

Ella And The Christmas Star Cookie

This is an original Christmas story that will warm your heart and give you some great holiday recipes at the same time! You first met Ella last year, in The Night Before Christmas Cookie. Now, The Food Channel crew present a new story, with brand new cookie... - 101.952

Breaking Bread With Neighbor's Mill

Scratch Baking at its Best. We wish you could sniff the aroma of bread baking in this video interview we did at Neighbors Mill in Harrison, Ark. Guess youll just have to use your imagination. - 101.944

Dan Akyroyd Explains The Bass-o-matic

Dan Akyroyd explains the product, the bass-o-matic and how Sear's is having a sale on it. - 94.8627

A Tuscan Moment: Vestri Chocolate

Pam and Toni visit Vestri Chocolate in Florence, Italy. - 97.077

Andrew Dun With Insight Beverages

The Food Channel had a chance to speak with Andrew Dun from Insight Beverages about a new product they were featuring at COEX 2010. - 103.857

A Tuscan Moment: The Italian Butcher

Pam and Toni visit their local butcher in Florence. - 97.1704

A Tuscan Moment: Claudio And Alba's

Pam and Lorenzo visit a winery in the chianti hills, Claudio and Alba's. - 102.201

Raves & Faves: Timbers Bar & Grill

Youre never too far from your neighborhood bar. Thats the theme of Timbers Bar & Grill, and with multiple locations in the Las Vegas area, it has to be true. - 105.983

Raves & Faves: Watermarc

If youre traveling to Laguna Beach, you have to check out Watermarc. This is the next stop on the Food Channel Raves & Faves Tour. - 102.529

Raves & Faves: Original Pancake House

When you think "Las Vegas," you tend to think casino, nightclub, and late night events, right? So, when we did our Las Vegas Raves & Faves tour we asked, "Are there any good breakfast places in Vegas?" We found one! - 96.9498

Raves & Faves: Peppermill Restaurant And Fireside Lounge

If you know Las Vegas, you know the Peppermill Restaurant and Fireside Lounge. It's the kind of place that always makes you feel like it's 3 a.m. and you are wide awake. See the full video and story! - 100.045

Raves & Faves: Nora's Wine Bar And Osteria

In a city known for innovation, Nora's Wine Bar & Osteria stands out. The concept is new, on-trend and focused. Where else can you get the mix of old and new, where you can sample wines straight from the latest equipment in wine dispensing, and watch as they... - 94.5709

Raves & Faves: Martinis

There's a new breed of gaming bar in Las Vegas, born out of a desire to offer high end food, first class gaming, and a magnificent decor to people as they relax and unwind. Martinis is a concept with great food, a celebrity chef and neighborhood ambiance. - 100.928

Raves & Faves: Katella Deli

Everyone in the restaurant business has a story. Some, though, go a little deeper than others. In the beginning, back in 1965, it was as simple as selling rye bread to the Jewish community. Today, Katella Deli is the marriage of a bakery and a restaurant. - 96.6712

Raves & Faves: China Grill

China Grill offers a different type of dining experience. They have a large menu with hundreds of different types of ingredients. Bring your best friend or a huge group and try their half plates. At China Grill, it's all about sharing. - 92.5913

Raves & Faves: Big Dog's Draft House

Big Dog's Draft House & Brewing Company is ideal for any transplants from Wisconsin, or anyone wanting the experience of food and beer pairing with a northern flavor. - 95.5162

Top Ten Snack Trends For 2010

The Food Channel presents its Top Ten Snack Trends of the Year. The list is based on research conducted by The Food Channel in conjunction with CultureWaves, the International Food Futurists, and Mintel International. Here are the trends we see shaping how we... - 96.5697

Raves & Faves: Louise's Trattoria

We brought chefs from Italy. I pulled my grandmothers recipe book off the shelf—its her meatballs we now serve. We went back to 100 percent fresh, with our oils and our cheese direct from Italy. We brought it to life again. The resulting concept is... - 97.5932

Top Ten Side Dish Trends For 2010

The Food Channel presents its Top Ten Side DishTrends. The list is based on research conducted by The Food Channel in conjunction with CultureWaves, the International Food Futurists, and Mintel International. - 99.8717

Top Ten Dessert Trends For 2010

The Food Channel presents its Top Ten Dessert Trends for 2010. This video takes a quick look at these sweet trends with a music montage featuring some luscious dessert photography. - 99.4922

Raves & Faves: El Cholo Cantina

The El Cholo story began back in 1992 when Alejandro Borquez pushed away from the dinner table and said to his wife, Rosa, "You are such a good cook we should open up a restaurant." See our video to see how it's grown. - 92.7065

Top Ten Chocolate Trends For 2012

Chocolate. That's really all you have to say to get most people's attention. There is simply something about chocolate that makes people smile, open their mouths, and accept the treat. This year The Food Channel, CultureWaves and the International Food... - 102.758

Top Ten Breakfast Trends For 2011

The Food Channel presents its "Top Ten Breakfast Trends for 2011." By partnering with CultureWaves and the International Food Futurists and Mintel International. The Food Channel has been able to identify the most significant food trends in breakfast for... - 101.69

Top Ten Beverage Trends For 2011

The Food Channel presents its Top Ten Beverage Trends for 2011. The list is based on research conducted by The Food Channel in conjunction with CultureWaves, the International Food Futurists® and Mintel International. - 99.6302

Path To A Chef: Chris Hanmer

The Food Channel crew has the opportunity to meet chefs in a variety of locations—trade shows, exhibitions, and in their own restaurants and kitchens. We always love the stories of how they became a chef, so began collecting them in this Series we call... - 85.9682

Path To A Chef

Have you ever been curious about how someone gets to be a chef? We were, so we asked. In this video interview series, you'll hear how these pros got started and where they plan on going. You might also get some advice from them if you plan on pursuing a... - 89.7892

Top Ten Food Trends For 2012

The Food Channel has released our 2012 Trends Forecast -- the top ten food trends we see for the coming year. This report is put together in conjunction with CultureWaves, the International Food Futurists® and Mintel International. Here's a look at what we... - 101.148

Top Ten Dessert Trends For 2011

The Food Channel presents its Top Ten Dessert Trends for 2011. The list is based on research conducted by The Food Channel in conjunction with CultureWaves, the International Food Futurists® and Mintel International. - 99.7755

Mixology: Dark And Stormy

This National drink of Bermuda is extremely easy to make but has a complex taste. The refreshing feel and the taste of the drink gives you an illusion of no alcohol traces at all. Watch the video to learn more about this cocktail. - 104.678

Mixology: Autumn Martini

This video gives you a sneak peek into preparing autumn martini - a concoction of rum and various other things. Watch how the owners of Smith and Wollensky, whip out a drink in matter of minutes without much effort at all. Watch the video and learn more. - 116.927

Mixology: Samuel Adams Brewery Manager Explains The Boston Lager

The Boston Lager was introduced in 1984 - it is complex and got a good balance between the malt and the hop. The great amber color, the citrus and pine notes to it, is something which is unique. The bubbles drives the aromas up at the top so that you can... - 115.947

The Dish - Chicago Gourmet 2012

The Chicago gourmet held at Chicago is one of the most crowded and overwhelming places to be. Its buzzing with people, mesmerizing conversation, excellent food and a variety of great wine to go with. Watch the video to find out more about this event called... - 109.97

The Dish - Chicago Ribfest 2012

If you live in Chicago or you are passing by the city, you must visit the Chicago Ribfest that takes place every year, whipping out the most amazing pork ribs you will ever eat. Held during the onset of summer, this is the perfect way of starting your summer... - 110.167

News Canada: Coffee Perfecto

Addicted to coffee and is it the only way you start a new day? This video is just the right item for you. Watch this video to find out the different types of coffee beans - the Arabica beans and the Robusta beans. Coffee beans are known to have over 800... - 107.004

Zombie Burger + Drink Bar - Des Moines, Iowa

Halloween is around the corner and you are planning to find a new haunt or you are just in a hurry to welcome the zombie apocalypse, either way you are going to scream for more when you are here. The food, the drinks and ambiance of this place is sure to get... - 109.872

Interview With Padma Lakshmi!

The multi-faceted Padma Lakshmi, host of TV's "Top Chef," cookbook author, model and actress, visited with us from high atop Times Square in New York this week. She was up there on a billboard in a special kitchen that was recreated to simulate the Frito-Lay... - 97.2626

How To Slice Cream Cheese For Sushi Rolls

Some sushi rolls just kicks it up a notch with a hint of cream cheese in them. But, how many of us know the perfect technique of slicing cream cheese for sushi rolls? This video, documented by the Japan Food Channel is a tutorial where you can watch, and... - 112.398

Chicago Favorite: Vanille Patisserie

If you're a connoisseur of fine European-style pastries and desserts, you may want to check out Vanille Patisserie in Chicago. It's kind of a little hidden gem of a place that's about to become a bit more famous thanks to an upcoming appearance on the Food... - 105.141

Behind The Dream Trailer

Behind the dream is an original documentary about the Love of Chocolate Foundation, which inspires, and encourages students who aspire for a culinary profession. With the generosity of the sponsors this foundation has been providing scholarship and guidance... - 110.129

How To Dye Easter Eggs With Onion Skins

Celebrate this spring with colorful, vibrant Easter eggs. The video gives you simple and easy instructions to make your Easter eggs at home using yellow onions to dye them, which give a classic rustic look and is environment friendly and safe. - 107.601

How To Shuck An Oyster

The professional chefs at a seafood restaurant make it look easy, but it’s all about technique—specifically, the precision placement and leverage of your oyster knife. Here the Chef shows how to shuck an oyster the easy way, just like a pro! Oysters can... - 105.616

How To Grill Peaches

Here is a simple way to impress your guests at your next BBQ. Grilled peaches are best served with salads and pork or after the burgers are done, serve them with low fat vanilla ice cream for the perfect summer dessert to end the meal! The hostess shows you... - 86.511

Chinese New Year At The Phoenix Restaurant In Chicago

The Food Channel takes you on a tour of Chinese new year festival at the Phoenix restaurant in Chicago. Watch this video and enjoy the celebration. - 111.863

The Future Of Seafood

Tory Mcphail, Executive chef at Commander's place is talking about future of seafood in this video. Must watch this video to know more about seafood. - 99.3824

Interview With Padma Lakshmi

The multi-faceted Padma Lakshmi, host of TV's "Top Chef," cookbook author, model and actress, visited with us from high atop Times Square in New York this week. She was up there on a billboard in a special kitchen that was recreated to simulate the Frito-Lay... - 106.458

Top Chef Rick Interviewed

Top chef Rick has been interviewed, and he shares his culinary adventures and skills with style. He is one of the most celebrated chef, and tells his story in retro. - 107.639

Executive Chef Jon Beatty Interview Review

Do you want to know about Jon Beatty, the Executive Chef at Davanti Enoteca in Chicago? The video depicts interview of the chef on various food related topics. Get the glance of the video for more updates, and details. - 108.768

How To Celebrate Mardi Gras

Are you planning to celebrate Fat Tuesday? Time for king cakes, muffulettas, gumbo, beads and feathers. Here are some tips to help you get in a New Orleans Mardi Gras state of mind. - 119.948

Celebrity Chef Tyler Florence Interview Review

Do you want to become a chef like the Celebrity Chef Tyler Florence? The video depicts interview of the chef on various food related topics. Get the glance of the video for more updates, and details. - 108.159

Advice For Aspiring Chefs - An Overview

Do you want to become a Chef? The video depicts certain advices from different renowned chefs for wanna be aspiring chefs. If you also want to become a chef, watch out the video and get tips from it. - 104.243

Debi Benedetti Interview Review

Debi Benedetti, owner of “Beyond the Possible” is giving interview to the representative of the Food Channel. She is talking about the food chain and what efforts she has to put in to run the chain smoothly. If you are interested to know more about Debi... - 109.734

Tips To Prepare Fresh Ginger

Ginger is the most important ingredient of kitchen. Cooking with Caitlin visits the Oriental Wok in Hyde Park to learn how to prepare fresh ginger and pair food with beer. Check out the video for more detail. - 116.282

Top Ten 2011 Trends Forecast

The food channel brings you the top ten food trends forecast. Check out the video for more detail. - 118.716

Bill Hale Interview Review

Bill Hale, President of Hale Group is giving interview to the representative of the Food Channel. He is telling how he started the group, what was his motto behind to start the Hale group and other details related to the group. If you are interested to know... - 109.574

Food Festival Show

Food festival Oak Street show is an exemplary example of food celebrations. People make this a gala event by indulging in food traditions, and dancing to the core. - 107.214

A Talk With Sally Smith

Sally Smith looks for that cultural fit while bringing in a new leader to the Buffalo Wild Wings team. She says to 'wait for great.' You can check out one of Food Channel PRO's Leaders with Guts. - 111.761

America's Night Out For Gulf Seafood

You can mark your calendars now for December 1. And, while you are at it, contact your favorite local restaurant and see if they'll be participating in America's Night Out for Gulf Seafood. Check out the video right away. - 99.9377

Interview With Todd Graves

The food channel got the chance to talk with Todd Graves. He tells us about the restaurant business. Check out the video for more detail. - 106.87

A Talk With Todd Graves

The food channel got the chance to talk with Todd Graves. He tells us about the restaurant business. Check out the video for more detail. - 110.874

Fritzi Woods Interview Review

Fritz Woods, CEO and President of Women’s Foodservice Forum is sharing about her organization to the representative of the Food Channel. If you are interested to know more about Women’s Foodservice Forum, get hooked up with the video! - 111.885

Overview Of Food Channel

If you want to know about the food channel. Check out this video right away. Don't miss it!! - 110.461

Culver's Butter Burgers & Frozen Custard - An Overview

Craig Culver, one of America’s most famous chefs is talking to the representative of Food Channel about Culver's Restaurant. The Culver's is known for all the good reasons especially its food items such Butter burgers & Frozen Custard. If you are interested... - 109.094