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Caribou Cafe

If you are craving for some french cuisine and some good french wine then this is the place you should be. Chef Olivier is master of french cuisine and knows what's best. Watch the video for more details of the restaurant. - 108.094

Fratelli's Italian Bistro

Hypeehits talks about Fratelli's Italian Bistro - 1339 Chestnut Street - Philadelphia, PA 19107. It is a restaurant with delicious food, nice seating and an awesome bar. - 95.0778

Roberts Steakhouse Of New York

at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey - 105.483

San Marzano Tomatoes From Rosa Foods On The Best Of The Best

Chef Tony Clark makes three dishes. Len Foti from Rosa Foods lends a hand and tells us about Rosa's tomatoes and balsamic vinegar from Italy. - 95.2564

Chef's Kitchen Testimonials

TV chefs comment on the Chef's Kitchen facilities. - 109.746

Chairman's Selection Wines For The Holidays

Sparkling wines and holidays always go hand in hand. And this year around Marianne Matt from the PLCB, has a new range of chairman's selection wines that incorporates the festive season really well. Watch what she thinks about this selection and which is her... - 106.388

Champagnes & Sparkling Wines

There are a variety of champagne and sparkling wine bottles that one can serve to guests on holidays or just sit lazily around the fire place and sip on their glass of that superb drink. But choosing a good wine bottle is an art in itself. And in this video... - 110.779

Select Wines

In this video catch wine expert Steve Pollack, talking about the various unique selection of wine bottles from the Chairman's Select wine program. Get a hands on experience from the wine expert on what flavors and texture of wine will appeal to certain... - 107.781

All About Wines

Choosing a good selection of wine bottles, makes any party memorable for the holidays. Be it for wine pairing with dinner, serving wines or cocktails after dinner or even gifting wine bottles for the holidays! This video speaks it all. So watch this video and... - 101.411

Pairing Wines With Dinner

After preparing a sumptuous dinner for your guests, you are left wondering what bottle wine should you pair with that platter of meat or fish. If this is so, then watch this video and learn the easy way of pairing a bottle of wine for that delicious piece of... - 106.331

Wine Gift Giving

Watch this video for some great holiday gifting ideas. In this video Robert Peters talks about wine gifting to families and friends. He also lets us know which selection of wine bottles will work great when gifting. So grab some low budget wine bottles this... - 103.649

Holiday Entertaining With Wine

This coming holidays learn to splurge for (and spoil) your guests with these amazing low budget bottles of wines. In this video, Robert Peters speaks about the best taste in wine bottles, how to serve wine and more information about the holiday item in... - 103.852

Desserts With Alo Drink

Ever wondered what you could make with that bottle of ALO Exposed. If not, then go ahead and watch this video and see how chef Tony Clark blends these drinks with simple ingredients and prepares 3 delicious dessert recipes. - 89.6329

Entertaining With Wine

Before any party, as a hostess, you are always wondering what to serve your guests with their delicious dinner meals or which glass of wine will suit whose palate etc. If that is the case, then watch this video and get more information about different party... - 102.916

Philadelphia Lobster And Fish Company Review

This weeks restaurant review is about Philadelphia Lobster and Fish Company. Watch this video and see the owner John, as he fillets a Norwegian salmon. With such a precision and simple technique, watch how John slices open the salmon. - 101.12

Marathon Grill In Philadelphia Review

Watch this video for another food find in the Marathon Grill restaurant. This well-known restaurant serves something more yummy and delicious, apart from its steaks and grills, and that is its chocolate chip cookies. Find out more in what goes behind in... - 97.7343

Shipyard Brewery Prelude Special Ale

This video unveils the Shipyard Brewery Prelude Special Ale. A perfect brew to beat the winter chills, this one comes with the perfect undertones and hints of chocolate, barley and hops. It is definitely a good one to pair up with extravagant holiday entrees... - 98.1799

Sparkling Wines

Nothing ushers in the holiday spirit and cheer like the pop of the cork and the bubbles in your glass. Yes, sparkling wines adds that special oomph to any celebration. And if you think every sparkling wine is Champagne, you are wrong.Watch the video for some... - 106.934

Cocktails For The Holidays

You got to shake, stir and mix to get the party started. Watch the video as Tina Mary presents some absolutely amazing cocktails that adds to the sparkle and splendor of the holidays like nothing else. Explore the possibilities with the Ultra Premium Flavored... - 99.217

Rogue 24 Tasting Menu

Want to experience some great cooking skills? Watch Chef RJ Cooper, as he whips up two seafood dishes with a Mediterranean touch that is just clean, crunchy, simple and flavorful. These dishes are just mouthwatering and delicious with use of sea urchins,... - 94.3652

Holiday Table Dressing

Here are some great tips and ideas to decorate your dinner table for Halloween this year! Learn to make some creative center pieces for your table with simple easy-to-use items available at home. Watch Eric Schellack of Robertson's Flowers, to demonstrate how... - 98.6682

Chairman's Selection Wines

From Chairman's Selection Wines, comes the spicy pineapple flavor of Stanza, velvetty, saturated, vanilla red from Arrowood both from California and finally a dessert wine from the Middle East called the Dindarello Maculan. These are budget friendly, good... - 99.1945

Dialed In And La Merika Wines

Every wine has as a story to tell. And these wines from Dialed In and La Merika, speak volumes of rich taste, and texture that appeal to the palate of the American folks. Some can be combined with a grilled dish while others can be enjoyed just before dinner... - 100.398

Pairing Hunter-style Gnocchi With Rhone Valley Wine

Chef Chris Scarduzio from the famous Table 31 in Philadelphia prepares Hunter-Style Gnocchi only to be paired with Rhone Valley Wines. He uses an array of interesting ingredients which is as delicious as it looks and when savored with Rhone Valley Wines, its... - 89.1103

Pairing Rhone Valley Wines With Seafood Bouillabaisse

Chef Chris Scarduzio from Table 31 in Philadelphia cooks up delicious seafood bouillabaisse just to be paired with Rhone Valley Wines. Together they discuss the goodness of wine and beauty of the dish when paired with this wine. As they taste and savor, the... - 87.9934

Philly Beer Scene Magazine

Mat Falco and Neil Harner talk about the craft brewing industry in Philadelphia. They are reviewing Philly Beer Scene Magazine in this video. Watch this video to know more. - 79.9349

Water Works Restaurant Review

Water Works restaurant in located in the breath taking scene and is the right choice for a fine dining experience on a romantic evening or for holding events of any size. - 84.3843

Samson Street Soft Pretzel Factory Review

If you want to know where to get best pretzels it is the Samson Street Soft Pretzel Factory. Let’s visit the factory and know ever thing about the factory and famous pretzels. Factory owner Michael Gabbett shows how to make a pretzel. - 80.8383

Aversa's Bakery Review

Aversa’s Bakery is a place where you can get everything from breakfast rolls to dinner rolls. There are 30 kinds of Italian rolls that you can find here. Take a tour in this 20 years old bakery with Chefskitchen team and find out all about the bakery. - 85.0063

Cacia's Bakery Review

Cacia’s Bakery is a place which makes 200 pizzas, bread rolls and much more to help you choose from. This bakery started 50 years ago with some basic recipes. Now there are as many recipes as can be thought about. - 84.4853

Severino Pasta Review

Severino Pasta is a place for all types of prepared foods from pastas to salami, from pasta sauces to breads and much more. These foods help to cook quickly and deliciously. There are 30 types of raviolis made by the Severino Pasta. And this is not all,... - 85.7255

Capogiro Gelato Review

Capogiro Gelato is an ice cream parlor with over 27 varieties starting from the basic chocolate and vanilla flavors to the most complex ones. Gelato is an Italian ice cream with half the fat and calories and looks much like mousse. - 84.5737

Moore Brothers Wine Store Review

This wine store gets wine from the best vine grown grapes. All the wines in the store are from the small farms, which makes the store and wine special. There is a wide variety of wines in the store that come from 20 years old relationship with the farm... - 106.154

Plate Restaurant Review

The Plate is another great restaurant in America. This restaurant has a menu that is very attractive, affordable and different from other restaurants. These are the few selling points of the Plate. - 84.0001

Sam Adams Brewery Review

The Sam Adams Brewery began with the purpose of providing European beers and lagers to the Americans. The company started in 1984. This brewery produces Americas most wanted beers and lagers. It also has one of world’s strongest beers to its credit. - 84.7324

Positano Restaurant Review

Positano Restaurant is famous for its Mediterranean cuisine. This restaurant makes the traditional food. The food here is authentic Italian and makes feel out of the America. What else makes it different from other restaurants? All the ingredients are made... - 85.6566

Radius Restaurant Review

Christopher Meyer the owner of the Radius Restaurant speaks with Chefskitchen host and tells her about the attitude of the restaurant. The restaurant began with a very non Bostonian attitude. It is majorly for the people who have travelled a lot and know ... - 86.0075

Termini Bros Bakery Review

ChefsKitchen host Eileen Braddy is taking a tour to the Termini Bros Bakery to find out what makes the food place so special. She is guided by bakery owner Vincent Termini Jr through the bakery. His brother Joseph Termini Jr. is also joined by them. This... - 86.8025

Di Bruno Brothers Review

Chefskitchen new food find is the DiBruno Brothers, the House of Cheese. Eileen Brady is visit the place and find out all about it. Di Bruno Brothers owner Billy Mignucci tells her about the exquisite collection of prosciutto. - 84.1461

Paninoteca Review

Monica Mc Neely of Chefskitchen is visiting Paninoteca and speaks with Leslie Tachiman the owner. The food place offers you the comfort of reading while you eat, and the menu is very wide. There are various kinds of Panini, breads and lot more. - 84.5915

Boston Flavors Kennebunkport Style Review

This video gives a glimpse of the Boston flavors Kennebunkport Style Restaurant. The video gives an idea about the food and the other services at the hotel. - 85.0419

Tips To Make Eggs In A Nest Recipe

Eggs in a Nest is just another breakfast recipe popularly served in restaurants. The chef from restaurant 555 shows how to make the dish to the Chefskitchen host. Watch the video for various tips and recipe demonstration. - 85.5573

Tips To Pair Food And Wine

This Chefskicthen video guides you on how to pair food and wine. Melissa Monosoff tells how food can and should be paired with wine. She says that Holidays and dinners are inseparable and wine becomes an essential part of the meal. It is important to serve... - 99.1011

How To Gift Wines

Holidays are an occasion of meeting up friends and family and this calls for gifts. When you are inviting someone over dinner or you are a guest at a friend’s place you surely need a gift. Now what can that gift be, may be wines. Watch the Chefskitchen... - 87.0491

All About New England Culinary Arts Forum

New England Culinary Arts Forum aims at spreading the culinary arts to the people at large. The idea behind creating the forum is to invite people to the resort stay there and learn few culinary skills from most chefs. This includes recipes, knife skills,... - 97.0498

Tips To Make Sandwich Healthy

The nutritional consultant Emma Fogt joins Chefskitchen host to talk about how sandwiches can be made healthy for kids. Emma says that sandwiches can be filled with vegetables and other healthy ingredients to make it healthy and taste better. - 85.8714

Cheese And Wine Pairing

Max McCalman, author of the book ""THE CHEESE PLATE"" and Daphne Payan of the French Trade Organization talks about pairing wine and cheese of France. The luxurious texture of cheese makes a perfect accompaniment to wine. - 92.9549

Cheese And Champagne Pairing

Max McCalman, author of the book ""THE CHEESE PLATE"" and Daphne Payan of the French Trade Organization talks about Entertaining with Cheeses of France. Cheese makes a great accompaniment to champagne, dried nuts and fruits. If you have crunchy cheese, go for... - 117.775

Types Of French Cheeses

The word Terrior means taste of the place. The Chefskitchen host is meeting Max MaCalman author of The Cheese Plate and Daphane Payan of French Marketing Council. Both the guests will tell us how the different cheeses of France are diversified ... - 86.8798