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How To Make Rice In A Pot And In A Rice Cooker (white Rice And Multigrain) & Nurungji, Nurungji-tang

This video will show you how to make: white rice in a pot, multigrain rice in a pot, white rice in a rice cooker, multigrain rice in a rice cooker, scorched rice (nurungji) and nurungji-tang. - 103.271

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day, Gangnam Style! Korean So-maek Recipe & Techniques With An Irish Twist

So-maek is a soju+beer cocktail widely enjoyed by Koreans. Rumour has it that Psy (the GangNam Style Star) introduced so-maek and the mixing techniques to Justin Bieber and MC Hammer this year and it became their favourite drink. Here are 6 fun techniques of... - 97.7514

Tips To Make Beef Bulgogi And The Spicy Pork Bulgogi

Grace and Steph of Crazy Korean Cooking are showing how to make Bulgogi. They have two recipes-beef and spicy pork. Let’s see what are the ingredients and how to make the dishes. - 85.0442