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We Love These Great Products

Looking for some great ideas for a gift? Then you must watch this video by Six Minute Style. Susan Doherty shares 6 products that are practical, useful and will definitely make good gifts for almost everyone. Gift giving tends to worry some people but with... - 106.678

Six Minute Style Green Lunches

In today's times, it is important to take every little step that helps towards the preservation of Mother Earth and her resources. Going Green is the need of the hour and you can start doing your bit by making a few simple changes at home, like changing the... - 108.742

How To Make A Rose Centerpiece Floral Arrangement

Few things add as much grace and elegance to a table as a beautiful floral centerpiece. Want to learn how to make a rose centerpiece in an easy and hassle-free way? Then this video is just the thing for you. Don't believe those florists who insist that floral... - 107.303

Chuck It Or Product Shelf Life

Now that it's spring cleaning time, how do you decide what to chuck and what to keep? To know of simple ways to ensure that only good enough products stay on your shelves after the tedious job of cleaning, watch this video. An expiry date is not always the... - 111.001

All About Sea Salt - When, Where And How To Use It

Salt is one of the most commonly used cooking ingredients. In fact, we cannot really think of food without salt. There are, however, quite a few choices when it comes to salt, sea-salt being one of the tastiest varieties around. Watch the video to learn all... - 109.299

Shopping Ideas For Holiday Gifts

Are you searching for suitable holiday gift for kids? Are you confused with kids gifts for holidays? Are you not able to decide on what should be gifted on holidays? In this video, Six minute style host, Susan Doherty is discussing about holiday kids gifts. - 92.4011

Tips On Easter Table Setting

Easter is time for celebrations and get together. In this video, Six minute style host, Susan Doherty is discussing simple and easy ways to set a table on Easter. You can get great tips on how to set a table on Easter. - 92.6796

Different Ways Of Using Vinegar

Vinegar is a very healthy ingredient. How we can use that for cleaning purposes, kitchen purposes and many more? Here you can check out some useful tips and ways to use vinegar. - 91.8984

Cost Effective Hair And Skin Care Tips

What are cost effective ways for skin care? Here six minute style host, Susan Doherty is discussing about three different ways for skin care. They are drug based beauty, departmental store based beauty and splurge beauty. - 92.1227

Menu Ideas For New Year's Eve

On the gathering of family and friends on new year eve; Do you want to have new year eve ideas for food menu? New year eve menu ideas are just a click away. In this video, Six minute host, Susan Doherty is talking about some useful new year eve menu ideas for... - 93.8093

How To Make A Holiday Wreath

Christmas is near and are you searching to make holiday wreath? Do you want to make christmas wreath? Here you can discover step by step making of holiday wreath. - 91.6734

Gift Ideas For Holidays

Susan Doherty shares some great holiday gifts and ‘must haves’ ideas in this episode of Six minutes style. She is talking about jelly sticky pad, egg shaped pot branded flannel sheets, themed cookbook and movie gift certificate. - 99.5577

Ideas For Decorating Pumpkin

With the help of pumpkin, coriander seeds, glue, stickers and black bean, you would be able to decorate pumpkin for holiday purposes. In this small video, you would get step to step instructions on how to decorate pumpkin. - 94.6788

How To Deconstructed Black Forest Cake

Six minute style host, Susan is making black forest cake deconstructed and showing you how to eat it. You can check out some cooking tips, techniques and ideas in six minute style show. - 95.2813

How To Plant A Potted Herb Garden

Do you want to have fresh herbs around you for quick use? Six minute style host, Susan Doherty is describing how you can plant a potted herb garden, so that it is easy to have fresh and cheap herbs for your better health. - 92.7724

Gift Ideas For Father's Day

Father's day Gift ideas for your dad? Here in this small episode Susan Doherty is discussing about where you can find out various useful tips and ideas for father's day. - 91.8026

Dog Lovers Wine Club Review

Dog lover's wine club is where you do good and feel good. While drinking you are also helping dog organizations around the country. In this video, Six minute style host, Susan Doherty is reviewing her dog lover wine club. - 112.45

Ideas For Kids Party

If you are a parent and often have social dinner parties, you have probably known the problem that arises when the kids at the table get fidgety and noisy because of boredom. Here are some great ideas to spruce up the dinner party for the kids too by giving... - 100.549

Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

Six minute style host, Susan Doherty shares some new and out of the box gift ideas that you can use to wrap up something unique for that special woman i.e. your mom. In this video, you would be able to have different box gift ideas for your mother. - 97.307

How To Make Baby Shower Diaper Cake

If you are looking for any baby shower gift then here you can get to know about diaper cake. In this video, step by step instructions are given for making baby shower diaper cake. - 94.1121