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Greensmoothiegirl Talks Xzubi

Did you know about xZubi? Watch to know more... - 101.674

How To Dry Skin Brush

Daily dry skin brushing stimulates the lymphatic system of the body, which is your circulatory system’s waste removal plant. The simple habit of skin brushing reduces cellulite, detoxifies for beautiful skin and many other health and beauty benefits! - 115.898

Why Greensmoothiegirl Loves Do Terra Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for medicinal and healing purposes by our elders for many years. It has been used in increasing energy, easing anxiety, and reducing inflammation. You can even use them in your daily diet. Check out this video to know more about... - 104.515

Health Food Store Tour With The Green Smoothie Girl - Milk Substitute

Cereals are the most convenient and popular breakfast. Cereals have many variations and is usually eaten with milk, but you can substitute your milk with other options if you are lactose intolerant or need some variety and extra nutrients. Find out all the... - 105.291

Natural Sweeteners For A Whole Foods Diet

Knowing the negative effects of sugar on your blood sugar levels, sugars are best avoided; however sweet taste cannot be eliminated from your daily diet as it is one of the most addictive taste. Robyn tells us about all the bad and good sweeteners which will... - 85.2929

Stacy In Arizona Tackles Fibromyalgia With Green Smoothies

Fibromyalgia is a medical disorder where the person has body wide pain and tenderness in joints, tendons and other soft tissues. Green smoothie girl talks with Stacy who tells her story of being a young mom, crippled by fibromyalgia and how green smoothies... - 95.1977

Rockstar Mom Takes On Her Baby's Diagnosis Of "failure To Thrive" With Green Smoothies!

Green diet has made a difference in many people's lives. Robyn talks with supermom Ashley whose daughter was diagnosed with severe food allergy, she was allergic to all dairy products and meat. Listen to her plight when doctors could not treat her and how... - 105.827

Mandy From Colorado Heals From Double Knee Replacement In Record Time

Listen to the story of Mandy who lost 30 pounds using the 12-Steps to Whole Foods program. Her doctors were amazed at her record recovery from a double knee replacement. Check out how greens helped her body heal faster and she was able to conquer her... - 104.56

Lisa From Colorado Shares Her Struggle With Lupus And How Whole Foods Helped Her

Green Smoothie Girl talks to Lisa who struggled with Lupus, which is an autoimmune disorder. She started looking for better alternatives and stumbled on the Green Smoothie Diet. Greens helped her feel much better and she felt like a whole new person. Find out... - 105.319

Kala Conquers Arthritis And Weight Struggle With Green Smoothies

Kale tells her story about how she conquered all the allergies, arthritis and other problems with the green smoothie diet. Being on the heavier side had a bad effect on her joints and she felt impaired. Listen to her talk about how her body reacted to the... - 105.468

James Beats Obesity And Heart Disease With Green Smoothies And Whole Foods

Green leafy vegetables have enormous energy and capacity to eliminate lethargy and obesity. Here is yet another inspirational story of James who lost eight pounds by adopting the green diet. Going vegetarian helped him shed all his excess weight and he... - 106.275

Is More Than One Quart Of Green Smoothie Too Much?

The Green Smoothie Girl, Robyn Openshaw, answers her reader's questions regarding green smoothies and nutrition. She clarifies about the quantity of green smoothie to be consumed, also gives reference of a lady who was entirely on green smoothie diet and... - 106.452

Introducing The Cornia Family: Greensmoothiegirl Makeover

A mother of four kids wants to know more about food nutrition for herself and her kids. She talks about all the different ailments she has been suffering from and the allergies that her kids have. She makes an appeal to the Green Smoothie girl to be their... - 93.5484

Introducing Karen Wilbert, Greensmoothiegirl Makeover

Karen Wilbert tells about her obesity and all the repercussions of food low in nutrition. She talks about her different ailments and is regretful of the fact that she did not learn about nutrition as a result of which she did not have the gift of good health,... - 106.465

I Want To Look Like This When I'm 67

Madeleine shares her experience with her first detox, how it shaped her life and how important raw food is to your body. She is vibrant and healthy even at the age of 67. Find out how nutritious raw foods are and also learn the health benefits of fermented... - 105.225

What Greens Do I Use In My Smoothies---and Why?

Greens are full of virtues. There are a variety of green leafy vegetables to choose from. Robyn reveals what kinds of greens she uses in her smoothies along with their health benefits. Get to know about her top five greens and some other spicy greens which... - 104.952

Donna Shrinks Melanoma Eating Raw Food And Using Essential Oils

Donna tells Robyn, the Green Smoothie Girl, about her melanoma diagnosis which is a rare and dangerous kind of skin cancer and what she is doing to shrink it with raw foods and essential oils. She found her health improving to a large extent with the raw food... - 105.71

Diabetes During Pregnancy Is No Match For Emily's Whole Foods Diet

Many pregnant women could be at risk of type 1 diabetes. Emily from Colorado, made whole foods and green smoothies her best defense against the symptoms of Diabetes during pregnancy. Find out how she tried all the healthy breakfast but still could not get rid... - 106.717

Cop Beats Heart Disease Drinking Green Smoothies

Sam, a police detective and martial artist from Idaho Falls, who attended Green Smoothie girl's class narrates his fantastic story of how he has overcome the need for heart medication after drinking green smoothies and eating whole raw foods. Find out how... - 105.527

Barbara From Boise, Loves 12 Steps To Whole Foods

Barbara felt the changes in her body in just three months by eating all the greens. Listen to her talking about - how she experienced all her ailments disappearing with the green vegetables and healthy food diet. Greens are a storehouse of energy and... - 106.457

Young Moms Serving Whole Foods, Beating Fibromyalgia

Here is an incredible story of a new mother who has 6 children whom she is raising on healthy whole foods and has dealt with a disorder called Fibromyalgia, where you get acute pains in the body and joints and this has also been associated with emotional... - 102.95

Two Months Into Our Sugar Bet

Sugar is tempting but harmful. Robyn has been in the no sugar bet for two months now and is proud of it. Find out all the useful tips that Robyn and her partner in the sugar bet, share to stay away from all the harmful sugary delights. Sometimes craving for... - 107.188

The New Blendtec Twister

Robyn introduces her new favorite innovation from Blendtec, the twister jar. Get to know how is it better than the rest; in efficiency and how it can even blend those ice cubes and all the semi solid thick granules into a smooth paste. Green smoothie girl... - 85.3895

The Great Green Smoothie Debate

Robyn Openshaw, the Green Smoothie Girl talks about the green smoothie controversy. Find out how she makes those green smoothies and how she justifies and clarifies herself about the preparation of the smoothies. Though she agrees that eating salads and... - 86.7603

The Correct Way To Skin Brush

Did you know that brushing your skin can keep your internal system function properly too? Lymphatic drainage therapist Brandi Owens teaches us how the lymphatic system works and how to use a skin brush for best beauty and health results. Find out the benefits... - 104.144

Robyn Visits The Utah State Legislature

Have a look at the fun way to encourage people to eat greens that too raw! Our Greensmoothie girl throws a challenge to finish eating those raw greens before she finishes making her healthy smoothie. Watch the fun while Robyn churns her greens in the blender... - 85.4565

The Famous Dr. Francisco Contreras Explains How To Treat Cancer

Dr. Contreras, the son of the original integrative oncologist; explains cancer treatment at Oasis of Hope. This unique way of treating cancer in a way, helps the patients treat themselves by providing them with emotional and spiritual support. Listen to the... - 98.0764

Robyn Goes Through Autohemo Therapy: Ozone And Uv Light

Get to know about the ozone therapy, a non toxic way of treating cancer in Mexico. Watch Oasis of Hope Tijuana take Greensmoothie girl's blood, ozonate it, and put it through UV light to purify it. Medical science uses ozone for a variety of conditions;... - 106.908

Rick Beats 99% Fatal Cancer.....with Alternative Treatments In Mexico

Get to know the story of Rick Hill who defeated a 99% fatal cancer 37 years ago with raw food and alternative treatments, without any radiation. Find out about some lesser known facts like the use of cyanide in your diet. The raw food diet had a miraculous... - 106.068

Remove Pesticides From Your Food Easily

Do you want frozen fruits and vegetables to be pesticide free? The residues of pesticides are very stubborn and are difficult to remove by normal washing. Find out about the new equipment which would ensure 98 percent removal of pesticides using ionized water... - 106.161

No More Snotty Noses When Julie Got Rid Of Dairy Milk

Julie tells Robyn about how eliminating dairy from her kids diet got rid of the constant mucus problems they were facing due to lactose intolerance. To replace the nutrients she adopted the green smoothie diet. Know more about how to make dairy products... - 101.231

Nick And Kristen Share How Green Smoothies Have Changed Their Lives

Green smoothie diet have had lots of positive influences on many people , here is another story of a couple who went on a green smoothie and raw food diet, attended classes in six cities and have been able to tackle their hereditary issues of indigestion,... - 86.2056

Mom Of 4 Tackling Breast Cancer With Integrative Medicine

41-year old Christine and a mother of four diagnosed with breast cancer takes a different treatment called IPT and goes through only 10 percent of chemotherapy. Find out more about this form of treatment and also get to know what Christine who has been... - 101.596

Margaret's Miraculous Lupus Story--chalk One Up For Raw Foods

Greensmoothies can do wonders for you. Here is a chat with Margaret in Carlsbad, California who tells her story about her almost miraculous recovery from her illness using the green smoothie diet. Virtuous greens have the ability to fight diseases and... - 107.652

How Spirituality Helps Heal Cancer

A healthy mind stays in a healthy body. Sometimes illness and diseases are the manifestations of mental stress. Mental healing is vital to treat an illness. Equanimity of mind will get the mind and body in perfect sync and the healing process will be... - 106.461

How Dr. Thomas Lodi, M.d. Treats Cancer Holistically, Part 2

Dr. Lodi takes the discussion further about treating cancer holistically and explains more about the disease and its dynamics. Get a clear understanding of the disease and the healing techniques the foundation of which is strengthening the immune system and... - 102.227

Green Smoothie Girl Sugar Bet

Sugar has many ill effects on the body. Staying off sugar can be difficult for some people; craving for sweet can be because of metabolic imbalance. Robyn and Matthew make a $10,000 sugar bet and invite you to join in the challenge. You will stay off sugar... - 97.7675

Expo 2012 Grant Lundberg And Robyn Talk Gmo

Genetically modified organisms have many potential health hazards for humans which could range from food allergy to increased toxins in the body. Grant Lundberf of Lundberg Farms stresses on having proper standards for the production of GMO. Find out more... - 89.3004

Dr. Tyson, Type 1 Diabetic, Uses No More Insulin, Thanks To Diet

Reverse the type 1 diabetes with raw food diet. Raw foods have the ability to lower your blood sugar levels. Find out what Dr. Kirt Tyson tells us about his experience with Simply Raw which helped him reversing diabetes in 30 days. Raw foods are not robbed of... - 106.021

Dr. Thomas Lodi, M.d. Opts Out Of "standard Of Care" Western Medicine, Part I

Treating a disease involves both body and mind because they are not independent of each other, they work in unison. Dr. Thomas Lodi, M.D. explains why he got disillusioned with the approach of modern oncology and opted out of a lucrative practice and went for... - 105.218

Dr. Connealy Tells Us Her Approach To Cancer

Treating cancer with a holistic approach makes it more curable. Dr Connealy has a whole new approach to treating this disease which she believes is not localized to a certain part of the body. She brings to light many issues which are not addressed while... - 112.085

Cancer Survivor Shelly Loses 65 Lbs On Green Smoothies

Lose weight without counting calories, Cancer Survivor Shelly loses 65 pounds by drinking green smoothies made of green vegetables which are rich in antioxidants and are full of nutrients. Find out how she also inspired her teenage son to embrace green... - 106.585

Breast Cancer Patient Ladonna Has Advice For You

Here is a chat with a cancer patient LaDonna who has advice for cancer patients. She is dealing with it with courage and composure and has found peace in the company of other women going through the same situation. Get to know her views on how to overcome the... - 99.7583

Answering Pregnancy And Breastfeeding Questions

Your most common Pregnancy and Breastfeeding questions are answered by Robyn Openshaw, the Green Smoothie Girl. She clears frequently asked queries like "how much weight gain is appropriate during pregnancy". If you weigh more than the given norm there is no... - 102.214

Andie Eliminating Breast Cancer With Diet And Alternative Treatment

Here is an inspiring interview with a 45 year old woman who fought her battle with breast cancer and has emerged as a survivor. The battle taught her the importance of eating healthy green vegetables and food which boosts the immune system. Get to know more... - 94.0467

Tips On Kids' Nutrition

How kids can get nutrition food? Kids are very choosy eaters. Every mother is finding it difficult to give proper nutrition to her kids in a right way. In this video, Green Smoothie Girl is giving tips for better and healthy food for kids. - 125.177

Interview With Green Smoothie Girl - Part 2

Raw food diet can change everyone's life. Do you want to have healthy raw food diet? In this video, Green Smoothie Girl talks about raw food diet. Here you can also find out some tips and techniques for better and healthy lifestyle. - 100.49

Interview With Green Smoothie Girl - Part 1

Do you want to know about healthy diet plan how to start it? In this video, Green smoothie girl talks her experience about her name and start up of her diet for healthy lifestyle. - 100.44

Review Of Sun Drenchers' Salad Dressings

Are you looking for high quality salad dressing? In this video, Green smoothie girl talks with owner of Sun Drencher about its salad dressings. You can found healthier salad dressing option here. - 99.5419

Review Of Ormus Green Product

Do you want to know facts about ormus greens and its products? In this video, Green Smoothie Girl discusses some of the ormus green products and its benefits. - 99.4196

How To Save Money Through Costco Membership

If you are running your family with wholesome foods then costco membership would be a cheapest option for fresh, cheap and healthy food. In this small video, Green smoothie girl talks about various vegetables which are cheap as well as healthy. - 79.9589

About Natural Sweeteners

Anything which is natural is always good. Here in this video, Green smoothie girl is reviewing about natural sweeteners from high to low quality level. In this you would be able to find out benefits and advantages of natural sweeteners against artificial... - 101.464

How To Cut Fruits

Eating fruits is a very easy task but cutting a fruit is difficult. People pay some money to grocery stores for cutting fruits. In this video, Green Smoothie Girl is telling you how to cut a melon and pineapple on your own. - 95.7521

How To Get Your Kids To Eat Right

Kids are very choosy in eating food. It is very difficult to give full nutrition to them. Every mother is finding it difficult for making her child to eat right and understand the significance of a balanced diet and nutrition. In this video, Green smoothie... - 93.548

Gardening To Have Low Cost Health Food

Do you want to have free green smoothies around a year for better healthy lifestyle? Whole plant foods a are very important part of the diet and the more you can eat them uncooked, the better they are nutrition-wise. In this video, Robyn Openshaw shares her... - 94.1224