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About Sourtoe Cocktail

Established in 1973, the Sourtoe Cocktail has become a Dawson City tradition. The original rules were that the toe must be placed in a beer glass full of champagne, and that the toe must touch the drinker's lips during the consumtion of the alcohol before he... - 104.486

Table Manners And Etiquette For Kids

In order to help parents teach their little ones some table manners, The Kensington Hotel has teamed up with etiquette and manners expert Jean Broke-Smith to give youngsters a series of tips in this video. The Kensington Hotel, a member of The Doyle... - 104.642

About Celebrating The True Taste Of Wales

They may be famous for leeks and Welsh rarebit; but Wales is out to show it has far greater culinary range to offer. For the 10th year running, excellence in food and drink ihas been celebrated at the annual True Taste Awards. The awards, managed by the... - 104.459

Banoffee With Caramelised Crisped Rice And Confit Grapefruit.

Banoffee (for 3) Ingredients: 1 pack of Gü ganache 1 banana 180g Dulce de leche 75g caster sugar 180g flour 90g butter 2 pink grapefruit 510g caster sugar 1 litre water 1 pinch of salt 100g whipping cream Banana cream 1 banana 180g Dulce de leche Using... - 104.433

What To Eat And Where To Eat It In Spain

When you go on holiday to Spain you will want to make the most of the food that is on offer. As this video shows, each of Spain’s regions have their own specialities, from paella of Valencia to gazpacho in Andalucia. WARNING - This video may make you... - 104.838

Toasted Pan Au Levain With Mushrooms

Serves 2 Ingredients: Mushrooms Butter 1 Shallot 1 clove of garlic Chicken stock Salt Pepper Olive Oil Crusty bread Pecarino cheese Method: Break mushrooms and chop them, not too small. Add a couple of knobs of butter to a heated pan. Chop a shallot and a... - 7.99149

About How To Pick Meat From A Crab

Seafood eating is a very healthy option. Here are some tips and tricks to pick meat from crab so that you can really enjoy seafood. - 102.553

Tasting Wine At The Vineyard Of A Us President

Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd President of the USA. History will remember him as being the chief author of the Declaration of Independence, but politics wasn’t his only passion. In Charlottesville, Virginia you can see where Jefferson's first vineyards were... - 128.508

How To Make Chocolate Mousse – Featuring Mark Hix

Serves 4-6 250g good quality dark chocolate, broken into small pieces 50g unsalted butter, softened 9 very fresh Burford Brown egg whites 6 Burford Brown egg yolks beaten 125g caster sugar Put the chocolate in a heat-proof bowl over a pan of simmering... - 8.5172

About 2011 Melbourne Food And Wine Festival

This video features Jamie Oliver and is about The 2011 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival - Australia’s internationally acclaimed celebration of food and wine. Each year, the Festival unveils a world-class program of more than 250 events over two weeks –... - 130.181

Myths About Red Meat

A new review of published evidence about red meat and its links to health shows that a moderate intake of lean red meat makes a significant positive contribution to both micronutrient and macronutrient intakes without risking any negative health effects. The... - 104.522

How To Make Fried Turkey Egg With Spring Vegetables

Chef, restaurateur and writer Mark Hix, (former competitor in Great British Menu) shows how to make fried turkey egg with spring vegetables Serves 4 Turkey eggs are rather like duck eggs and have a firmer white than a hen’s egg and a much larger yolk so are... - 8.80487

Planked Salmon With Maple Syrup Recipe

Salmon is good for health and a better option for having classic food. Do you want to have planked salmon recipe? In this video, Executive Chef is making planked salmon with maple syrup over a log fire. - 32.2627

Beetroot Salad With Goats Cheese Tortellini Recipe

In this video Dean Morpin, Keswick Hall's Executive Chef, shows how to make roasted baby beet salad with horseradish crème fraiche and goat cheese tortellini. - 30.2949

King Prawn And Salmon Linguini Recipe

Valentine's day is very important day for lovers. Want to have some special food recipes for your loved one. In this video, you would know how to make king prawn and salmon linguini. - 30.8326

Salmon And Lobster With Blue Potato Salad Recipe

Seafood with vegetable is a healthy option. Do you want to have some delicious seafood recipe? In this video, famous chef is making salmon and lobster with blue potato salad. - 28.1912

Hot Chocolate Soufflé Recipe

Hot chocolate souffle is a great treat for valentine's day. Do you want to win her love or impress her with this great souffle recipe? In this video, famous chef is making hot chocolate souffle. - 31.1524

Tapping For Maple Syrup In Quebec, Canada

Do you want to know natural way of making maple syrup? In this video, you would be able to know how to make maple syrup from maple trees in Quebec, Canada in traditional way. - 101.989

Gü Pear Belle Helene Recipe

Are you searching for delicious and yummy dessert for christmas? Do you want to know about chocolate ganache? in this video, Fred Ponnavoy is making chocolate ganache. It’s called Gü Pear Belle Helene. - 31.6469

About Boxty

One of the Ireland's traditional dishes is potato based boxty In this video, Padraic Óg Gallagher from Gallagher's Boxty house in Dublin shows how to make it. There are many variations on boxty, but if you want to make it yourself, you can use this recipe. - 116.017

Brandy Blazer Recipe

Christmas is a time when party throwers stock up to cater for even the most exotic request, but adding good quality nibbles like Dormen snacks can make all the difference. It’s all about taking guests on a journey of flavor and taste. Getting the right... - 32.1425

Poffertjes Recipe

Poffertjes, in Holland these baby pancake puffs are traditionally served with melted butter and sieved powdered sugar. Perfect for Sunday brunch, a lazy lunch or dessert. In this video, famous chef is making poffertjes. - 30.9477

Eggnog And Quail Egg Shooters Recipe

I love reviving old recipes and I think it’s time to celebrate this classic Christmas drink. The warmth of the alcohol and the sprinkling of cinnamon and nutmeg makes it Christmas in a glass. I always use Clarence Court eggs and Julian Temperley’s... - 31.8922

Collops Of Beef With Whisky And Mushroom Cream Recipe

Scottish celebrity chef Nick Nairn shows you how to cook collops of beef with Grant's Ale Cask Whisky and mushroom cream, served with wilted spinach and crushed tatties. - 30.4425

Cheesy Shredded Wheat Chicken Fingers Recipe

Chicken fingers are good snack idea for small gatherings. Do you want to have chicken fingers in just 6 minutes. Here Lesley Waters and Zoe Ball are making spooky cheesy shredded wheat chicken fingers. - 98.8719

Winter Fudge Recipe

Do you love to have yummy fudge recipe for small get together? In this video, Gizzi Erskine is making winter fudge. She is using clotted cream to prepare delicious and creamy fudge. - 98.8834

Chilli Prawns Recipe

This video features world cup winning rugby player Matt Dawson and Mitch Tonks the award winning chef reversing roles as they take part in The Redwood Creek Challenge in Bedgebury. Matt Dawson is making very spicy dish. Do you want to try chilli prawns at... - 26.8791

Nestle Cheerio's Autumn Fruit Pudding Recipe

Do you want to have yummy treat for kids? In this video, celebrity chef Leslie Walters is cooking nestle cheerio's autumn fruit pudding. Nestle cheerio's autumn fruit pudding is very rich in fruits and fibre. - 50.9915

How To Get Good Tables At Top Restaurants

Are you planning to go out for eating in top restaurant and want to have good table? Then you can find some tips on getting good table at top restaurants. In this Video, Famous Chef talks about some useful tips and experiences on how to get good dining at top... - 104.411

Prawn And Squid Ink Pasta Recipe

In Australia, one can get fresh produce such as seafood, sausages, olive oils from Adelaide’s Central Market very easily. Chef Brendan O'Sullivan is making prawn and squid ink pasta recipe. - 130.67

Tips For Tasting Whisky

Ludovic Ducrocq discusses about whiskey tastings. In this video, you can find some useful tips on how to choose younger and older whiskey and how taste changes while adding more or less water to whisky. - 98.9603

Tomato And Chilli Tuna Steaks Recipe

Do you want to have spicy italian dish? Tomato and chilli tuna steaks are very famous and delicious option to serve with lightly cooked vegetables or salad. - 30.5162

Summer Spicy Shredded Wheat Kebabs Recipe

Are you thinking about some spicy appetizers for your whole family? Then summer spicy shredded wheat kebab is a healthy option for you. In this video, Zoe Ball and Lesley Waters are making spicy shredded wheat kebabs. - 31.1949

Food Expert Richard Johnson On The Rspca Good Business Awards

Richard Johnson discusses about animal welfare practices in food industry. RSPCA is planning for business rewards to food retailers who are maintaining higher animal welfare standards. - 106.388

Mini Lemon Cheerio's Cheesecakes Recipe

Cheesecake is favourite treat for kids when they come from school. Mini lemon cheerio's cheesecakes are very easy to prepare quickly. In this video Lesley Waters and Greg Searle are making mini lemon cheerio's cheesecakes in about 10 minutes. - 91.3538

Summer Kebabs Recipe

kebabs are very famous for kids party if they are less spicy. Its very easy to prepare summer kebabs. Summer kebabs are great appetizers for summer. In this video, Janet Street Porter is making summer kebabs. - 91.1912

World Cup Curry Recipe

Do you love to have world cup curry? Curry is a spicy dish of asian cuisine. If you want to have special and spicy dish for your dinner; then here you can have step by step instructions to make world cup curry. - 31.5521

About Sheep Cheese

Ship cheese is a healthier option for healthy lifestyle. Experts are discussing about sheep milk and sheep cheese. Here are some sheep cheese tastings You can check out!!! - 99.5285

How To Taste Beer In Quebec

Beer Lovers want to know about their taste? Here experts are discussing about different beer tastings. You can get some useful tips to increase your beer tastings. - 99.2798

Tips To Open A Wine Bottle

If you are a wine lover and want to have some tips on opening wine bottles then please check this video. In this video you can get some useful tips on how to sabre a bottle of champagne for your next coming cocktail party. - 90.1446

Cucumber Mojito Recipe

Summer is good for having fun with family and friends and cucumber mojito is also very delicious for summers. In this video, you would be able to know how to make delicious and yummy cucumber mojito. Try this delicious cucumber mojito. - 85.0613

Jonathan Ansell Talks About The Grant's After Hours Club

Jonathan Ansell is enjoying whiskey grant's after hours club. He is telling about his experiences after becoming a member in www.grantswhisky.com/afterhours. He also talks about the club and reflects on the research. - 74.9313

Dirt Tasting

Have you ever tasted dirt? Do you want to know about various types of dirts? Chef Arthur Potts Dawson discusses the types of dirt and tells about how to smell dirt. He discusses his secret trick for better food and tastings. - 99.9987

Fruitful Muffins Recipe

Fruits are always delicious and healthy option. Here you can have fruitful muffins recipe in an easy way. Lesley Waters is making fruitful muffins in this small video clip. - 30.7152

Review Of Granville Island Market

Granville island market is one of the finest and famous public market you can get fresh vegetables and fruits which are locally grown. This video take a trip around the Granville Island Market so you can taste what makes it so special. - 107.765

About Cheap Hotel Review In Melbourne

In this video, you would get a great meal deal in Melbourne, Australia. Chocolate Buddha is one of famous restaurant in Melbourne where you would be able to find out cheap and healthy food. - 92.3706

Review Of Victoria Market

Queen victoria market is very much popular for its fresh and healthy vegetables and seafood. Every year it attracts a million of tourists for beautiful market. Here you can enjoy any food, any cuisine, any course and any food tasting. - 101.597

About Sweden - The Home Of Fresh Sea Food

Sweden is a largest fishing auction place. Here you would be able to find out fresh seafood. Prawns, lobsters, oysters, shrimp anything you want to have fresh is available here in Sweden. - 99.9415

How To Shell A Shrimp

Seafood is very delicious and healthy food. Do you want to know about shelling shrimps? Here are some tips and techniques on shelling a shrimp in an easy and quick way. - 100.216

Review Of Pater Lighthouse

Peaceful and natural island for enjoying food and eating fresh seafood. It's a romantic place where you can feel every kind of weather and nature. - 91.6645

Catching And Cooking Lobsters In Sweden

If someone wants to have good seafood. Then Sweden is very famous place for seafood. In this how to brief video we are telling about how to catch lobsters and cook them easily. - 102.127

Review Of Michelin Star Restaurants

If you are planning to travel at Gothenburg, Sweden. You should see this video. In this video experts are reviewing four different michelin star restaurants for different sweden flavors and dishes. - 95.9336

About Irish Seaweed Kitchen

A new and very different cookery book written by a relatively unknown Irish writer is hitting the shelves. ‘Prannie Rhatigan’s Irish Seaweed Kitchen’ is a comprehensive guide to healthy everyday cooking with seaweeds. In this video, Prannie talks about... - 109.378

Chicken Cassoulet With Trealy Farm Italian Fennel Sausage Recipe

Do you want to know about how to make chicken cassoulet? In this video, Maryann Wright cooks oakland's organic chicken cassoulet with trealy farm italian fennel sausage. - 25.3679

How To Pull Off A Last Minute Cocktail Party

Are you worried about last minute cocktail party? In this video, wine expert Joe Wadsack is discussing about some food pairing and hosting tips to organize last minute cocktail party. - 101.839

About Collectables

In this Video, Jamie Breese talks about how to make money with the collectables in your food cupboard. This is a very good news for food fans. For more tips to earn money check out this video. - 95.3001

Vanilla Fruit Strudel Recipe

Mums are always looking to feed their families in the best way they can. But as we all know, families can be fussy…not everyone has time to cook several different meals and pay attention to keeping everyone happy! So what recipes are there that work,... - 102.091