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Grilling Rubs Add Flavor Even For The Worst Cooks

Creating your own grilling rub is a great way to add unique flavor to meals, regardless of the cooking method you choose, or your cooking skill level. - 98.7386

Make Mayonnaise Yourself By Mixing Two Unmixable Items

You can prepare mayonnaise easily at home if you know the process of emulsification, which means mixing two unmixable ingredients. Vinaigrette is prepared by temporary emulsification because the oil and liquid separates when it is allowed to rest. But for... - 89.811

How To Make Salad Dressings With 3 Ingredients

Have you ever thought of preparing salad dressing with just three ingredients? Dressings are basically cold sauces which involves no cooking, and can be whipped up in minutes. They moisten the salad and also add flavor to it. Check out the video for more... - 92.495

Different Types Of Salad For Every Meal

Salad is basically a single food or a combination, united or combined by dressing. You can add meat, nuts, grain, fruits, vegetables, cheese, lettuce or anything as per your choice. You can prepare different types of salad and serve it with every meal. Watch... - 89.9197

Use Food As Fuel Like A Fresh Flashlight Battery

Like any gadget needs a battery to run, food acts as a battery for our body. Apart from providing the required nutrition, right food also helps us maintain healthy skin, nails and hair. It is important that our meals are balanced and contain all the necessary... - 95.4328

Ravioli Dough As Easy As 1-2-3-4

Chef Todd Mohr has documented this video to teach you how to prepare basic ravioli dough. You can also learn how to roll the dough, and express your creativity by adding different ingredients and flavors to your filling and present it in a unique way. Check... - 93.6506

What Is Eggs Benedict Without Hollandaise Sauce?

What are Eggs Benedict without hollandaise sauce? Benedict is not made from poached egg, it is basically emulsification of two unmixable items to create a hollandaise. Egg yolks are the liaison which brings things together. Normally egg yolk and butter is... - 93.8138

Beware That Different Potatoes Cook Differently

Do you know that different potatoes have their own cooking techniques and different potatoes cook differently? Potatoes can be sauteed, fried, poached, bake, simmer, or roasted. There are two types of potatoes and the cooking time depends on the content of... - 94.3476

Poaching Fish, Chicken, And Eggs Benedict In Cooking College

Poaching is a moist cooking method. We must always poach fish, chicken, or eggs in a flavorful liquid. For perfection you need to understand the difference between boiling, simmering, and poaching. Watch this video and learn the amazing technique to make your... - 88.8082

Teaching Future Chefs How To Braise

In this video Chef Todd Mohr is teaching us how to braise. Braising is a combination of two cooking technique where the meat is first seared over dry heat, and then cooked in a liquid to make it moist. This method makes meat and vegetable tender and... - 89.4934

How To Cut Vegetables Using The Tip Fulcrum Method

Learn how to perfectly hold the knife and chop vegetables using the tip fulcrum method from Chef Todd Mohr in this one. Most of us do not even know the perfect way of holding the knife, which can be dangerous especially during hurried hours. Watch this video... - 93.545

The Real Facts About Eggs Say It Is The Perfect Food

Eggs have high protein content and thus they are an excellent source of nutrients for all human beings. In this video chef Todd Mohr is sharing with us some facts about eggs. They are great for the eyes and also prevent us from heart diseases. Watch out for... - 93.1341

How To Make Homemade Sauces Like The Pros

Chef Todd Mohr is sharing some tips to prepare sauces at home with just three ingredients. To prepare a sauce all you need is a liquid, thickening agent, and seasoning of your choice. Watch this video, and prepare the sauce of your choice like a pro in your... - 89.1388

Butter Facts From Culinary School In Baltimore

Professional Chef Todd Mohr is sharing some facts about butter in this one. Butter is a fatty substance produced by churning cream. It is basically unhomogenized milk and cream containing butterfat. If you have been thinking, how it is prepared and what are... - 93.1876

What Is Demi Glace?

Demi glace is a rich brown sauce prepared by combining together espagnole and stock. Usually espagnole sauce is prepared from brown stock, brown roux and tomato paste. In French cuisine traditionally veal stock is used to prepare demi glace. Watch this video... - 88.8698

Why Do They Call Them Mother Sauces?

In French culinary there are five basic mother sauces and by using these all other variety are prepared. In this video chef Todd Mohr tells how mother sauces can be prepared with basic ingredients and a thickening agent. Check out the video, note down the... - 94.1338

How To Make Consomme

Professional chef Todd Mohr has documented this video to share with us a unique technique of preparing consomme, a flavorful rich stock. It is a clear stock where impurities are clarified to make it taste great. Watch this video and know the process of... - 96.742

Make Tomato Sauce Like A Pro Not Like Grandma

Would you like to make tomato sauce like a professional chef? Chef Todd Mohr is sharing some great tips with which you can add different flavors to your sauce and make it taste unique. If you are a non-vegetarian then you can add ham or bacon to it, but... - 94.1846

Stock Vs Broth Makes All The Difference

Do you know the difference between stock and broth? Professional Chef Todd Mohr explains the difference between a flavorful liquid or stock and broth in this one. He is telling us how they are prepared and also their types. Check out this video for some in... - 93.1255

Your Chicken Mcnugget Can Be Better Than Fast Food

Chicken nuggets are deep fried delicious snack invented in 1950s by Robert C Baker. In this video professional chef Todd is showing us how to quickly prepare them at home with some easily available ingredients. If you are a food lover, watch this video,... - 93.8108

About Beer Shrimp Scampi

Tailgate foods don’t always have to be made on a grill. Use the saute method to make beer shrimp scampi instead. - 96.7652

About Filet Mignon Football Chilli

Football chili made with beef tenderloin makes the ordinary extraordinary. You can make it in advance and keep warm for the game with my tips. - 99.0444

Chef Secrets To Make Great Sauces

Great sauces can save a badly cooked piece of chicken. Sauces are simple, just a liquid plus a thickening agent. Discover the secrets to roux and make great sauces. - 106.167

How To Avoid Destroying The Color Texture And Nutrients In Vegetables While Cooking

Nutrients in vegetables usually wind up in the green colored water you’ve just cooked them in. Watch this live demonstration and discover how to retain color, texture and nutritional value of your vegetables. - 103.783

About Food News - Food Safety Education Month

It’s Food Safety Education month and Food News Friday gives you the details on how to protect yourself. Watch and learn to protect yourself from several illness and diseases and many more food realted facts.. Don't Miss it!!!! - 91.3679

About The Four Cooking Knives You Need

You only need 4 cooking knives in your kitchen to do most jobs. Save money by not over-buying more than you need, and take my advice for these 4 basic knives - 102.144

About Basic Ways Of Cooking

The Food Network is there for entertainment and advertising. If you want to learn HOW to cook, follow my five rules. Chef Todd Mohr is sharing very important and basic cooking rules which can be applied to each and every cooking in this video. Watch and learn... - 102.49

Pierogi Inspired by the Polish Festival, it's time to make Pierogi just like Grandpa did 50 years ago. - 100.523

About Polish Festival Being The Best Place For Pierogi

Good food doesn’t always have to be healthiest. Sometimes, good food is just good for the soul. Chef Todd Mohr explores his culinary roots at the Polish Festival in Riverhead, N.Y. - 88.0842

About Food News - A Global Update On Nutrition Labelling

Are you worried about choosing healthy foods according to labels and want to know about Hurricane food safety tips? In this video, Food In The News Friday brings you the plate update: Global Food Labeling, Modified Foods on the Ballot, and the USDA’s... - 89.4286

About Bourbon Chicken

The live cooking demonstration continues as I improvise Maple Pecan Bourbon Chicken using one simple method. - 90.9589

About Beer Bourbon Festival Cooking Demo

Cooking great recipes is not so easy task. Want to learn about some basic cooking techniques for making delicious and healthy recipes as well as fun with cooking? The Beer Bourbon and BBQ Festival is one of my favorites to create No Recipe Lifestyle dishes... - 89.0278

About Cooking Dishes From A Mystery Box

Cooking dishes isn’t easy when you don’t know the ingredients until the very last minute. What will I cook from the mystery box of food? - 99.2461

About Food News - Does The Us Have The Safest Food?

Are you worried abour safest and healthy food in US? Watch this video to know about the numbers from USDA on food safety in this Food In The News Friday. - 87.2182

About Fresh Ingredients Starts With The Freshest Ingredients

Fresh Cooking means you need to start paying more attention to where your food comes from. Do you know who grew your food? Watch this video to know some useful tips on growing fresh vegetables. - 92.3221

How To Saute

When you know how to saute, then you have power over your food choices. It's quick, easy, and you can sauté almost anything! - 91.5208

Tips To Make Sauce Quickly

There are three ways to thicken liquids, you'll know how to make sauces you want with these three methods. - 91.3078

Cutting Vegetables Blindfolded

Cutting vegetables is so much easier when you know how to use a chefs knife. Forget the chopper/dicer device, a knife is quicker. I can even do it blindfolded. Watch this video and learn the cutting techniques to make your cooking perfect. - 100.242

Cook Better With These 5 Skills

You can cook better when you know the necessary 5 skills. Live cooking demonstration filmed at the Speaking of Women’s Health conference in Raleigh, N.C. Watch and learn great cooking skills. - 100.517

About Food News In The News Friday

Trans-genetic Salmon, The Mediterranean diet burns like Rome, Severe Crop Losses in Europe on Food News Friday. Watch this video to know latest food trends and healthy options available in the market for living healthy lifestyle. - 88.0596

Hawaii Seafood Market Shopping

Hawaii seafood market is one of very famous market for fresh seafood. Cheff Todd Mohr takes you on a culinary tour of seafood in Hawaii seafood market. Chef Todd Mohr discovered a Hawaii seafood market where the locals go. - 91.9504

How To Cut The Pineapple

Cutting pineapple is a necessary skill if you’re staying in Hawaii for any amount of time. Cutting pineapple on a 300 foot cliff above the ocean makes it that much nicer to watch. - 100.11

How To Can Barbecue Sauce

Barbecue sauce is one of my favorite sauces. In this video, Chef Todd Mohr is sharing some tips on using how water bath to preserve barbecue sauce. Must watch this video!!!! - 100.594

How To Open A Coconut In Hawaii

How do you open a coconut? The best place to find out is at the Maui Tropical Fruit Plantation. Learn to open a coconut in a quick and easy way. - 79.098

About Top Stories From Usda

Food In The News Friday Top Stories: Chinese Cows and Breast Milk. Deadly Egyptian Seeds Kill 48, and lots of worthless rice. Watch this video to know more about food news. - 87.4715

Canning Jams Preserve During Summers

Canning jam allows you to take the best flavors of short-season products and enjoy them all year long. Watch this video and know more. - 99.1181

About Food Experiments For Kids In The Food News

Are you conscious about your health and want to know kid's healthy foods and current diabetic report? Food In The News stories: Food Experiments for Kids, False Organic Advertising, TV and Diabetes in today’s report. - 87.811

Easy Ambrosia Salad In An Orange Cup

Ambrosia salad is a perfect example of a No Recipe Lifestyle, because you can use anything you want. Check out this video to know more. - 23.1447

More Food News In The News Friday

Food In The News Friday revels a noted scientist scoffs at BPA scare. Keebler Elves are cooking up listeria in Georgia, and the latest from the USDA. Watch this video to know more. - 88.3675

How To Freeze Corn On The Cob Preserves In Summer

Freezing corn on the cob enables you to store the flavor of summer for later use. Don’t throw those cobs away, learn to freeze fresh corn. Must Watch this video. - 99.3348

Homemade Dog Biscuits You’ll Want To Eat.

Homemade dog biscuits have only 4 ingredients, are easy to make, and you can’t possibly mess them up. - 22.3761

How To Make Stir Fry Without A Recipe

How to make stir fry isn’t something you need a written recipe for. Choose your favorite ingredients and follow these easy steps. - 22.6843

High Protein Recipes You Can Just Make Up

High protein recipes aren’t needed in a No Recipe Lifestyle, you just make them up! This one-dish dinner is easy and flavorful too! - 22.7727

The Best Way To Cook Brown Rice

Cooking brown rice can be very confusing if you pay attention to a written recipe or package instructions. There’s more than one way to cook brown rice. - 123.14

About Boxers Diet For Knockout Nutrition

Boxers diets are very important to overall strength and conditioning. Do you want to know what Chef Todd Mohr's boxing coach eats for the best results. Watch this video to know more. - 91.6251

Stuffed Clams With Only 5 Ingredients

Stuffed clams are best when they taste like fresh clams, and not bread crumbs. With only 5 ingredients, this stuffed clam recipe is quick and easy. - 22.9717

About Shucking Clams In Record Time

I love to eat seafood; seafood is one of my favorite and healthy treat for any occasion. Do you want to know some tips on shucking clams? Shucking clams is quick and easy for experts but beginners need to get some tips and try at your home first. Watch this... - 101.301

About Clam Digging

Clam digging is a family tradition, and now includes two Dachshunds who bury the clams faster than we can dig them up. Watch this video to know more. - 99.4401

Baking On A Grill When The Lights Go Out Baking on a grill becomes necessary when you've just made blueberry muffin batter and the lights go out. - 22.5833

About Food In The News Friday

Food In The News Friday brings you all the edible updates like coffee slowing cancer, extinct blue tuna, and the numbers from the USDA. - 86.9112

About Food Safety

Food safety is very much important in today's modern era; for being healthy we should eat healthy. Watch this video, you will get USDA numbers on food safety in this episode of Food in the news friday. - 100.491

Top 15 Father's Day Presents From The Kitchen

Chef Todd Mohr is reviewing 15 cooking tools which can be used as Fathers day presents from the kitchen. He is sharing a great idea for the dad that cooks. Men need kitchen gadgets. Must watch this video.... - 91.8939

Chocolate Macaroon Cakes With 5 Steps 5 Ingredients.

Chocolate macaroon is the best combination of chocolate and coconut and one of the simplest things for an impressive dessert. - 22.6024

New Ideas For Breakfast From Hawaii

New ideas for breakfast are difficult to come by if you’re limited by cereal or eggs. Loco Moco is a Hawaiian power-breakfast to fuel you through the day - 91.7132

About How To Grill Without Sticking

Grilling fish require some skills and techniques to avoid sticking on grill. Changing your grill’s heat is key to discovering how to grill fish without sticking to the grill. Watch this video to know more. - 92.1848

About Grilling Hamburgers

You’ll grill hamburgers perfectly when you discover that your grill can be an oven too. Change your cooking with a new way to use your grill. - 90.8648

About Why Grass Fed Beef Makes The Best Steaks For Grilling

The best steaks for grilling are the ones that will return the best flavor and nutrition while retaining moisture and tenderness. In this video, John Wood of US Wellness Meats explains why. - 91.3549

About The Best Strawberries

I love to eat strawberries at any time; strawberries are very good for health. In this video, Chef Todd Mohr is discussing about some gardening tips on growing strawberries. Must watch this video. - 91.8327

Q&a Cooking Webcast

Chef Todd Mohr is introducing live webcast for cooking questions. Watch this video to know more. - 74.7076

About Expert Advice On The Best Grill For You

The best grill for you isn’t necessarily the shiny one, or the hottest one. Holland Grill expert Donald Jones shows you how to choose. Must watch this video. - 91.1477

Fresh Strawberries Salad Recipe

Fresh strawberries salad doesn’t always have to be sweet. Play with your diner’s palates by throwing sour and bitter at them too! - 22.9156

Strawberry Sauce Like Candy

Strawberry sauce can be made like a candy syrup when you know the right temperature. Strawberries, sugar, water and a thermometer is all it takes. - 23.1272

Strawberry Pancakes Too Fast For Aunt Jemima

These strawberry pancakes know that Aunt Jemima is old and tired. Learn how to super-charge her for big, fluffy strawberry pancakes. - 22.6583

The Best Strawberries Are In Dirt, Not Plastic

Here’s a quick way to tell if you’re eating the best strawberries. Bite it. Is it white in the middle or RED? A strawberry farmer tells you the difference in this video. Don't Miss It.. - 79.9563

Strawberry Crepe Filling

Let’s whip up a strawberry crepe filling to complete the 6 course French dinner and enjoy our success with friends over a great meal! - 22.8528

Side Dishes For Dinner

Side dishes for dinner come easily when you stop searching for recipes. The 6 course French meal I’m making will have quick and easy side dishes. - 23.0919

No Recipe Beef Bourguignon

I’ve created a 6 course French dinner around the inspiration of Beef Bourguignon in individual ramekins. Do I need a recipe? No, I live a No Recipe Lifestyle! - 23.3036

How To Plan A Dinner Party Menu

Watch this episode for dinner party ideas from Chef Todd Mohr, as he organizes a dinner for couple of friends. Try his concept of organizing a party and how he decides menu. - 99.8855

Salad Nicoise

Salad Nicoise is another one of those dishes with a fancy-pants name that’s harder to say than to make. This composed salad can be anything you want.... - 22.9665

No Recipe Baked Scallop Dish Coquilles St. Jacques sounds like a difficult dish to make, but I’ll create a No Recipe baked scallop dish using basic cooking methods faster than finding a cookbook. - 23.3377

About Planning Dinner Party Menu

Chef Todd Mohr decided to prepare a 6 course French meal for you and friends. It starts with dinner party menu planning in this video. Check out this video for more details. - 99.5464

How To Live A No-recipe Lifestyle

/blog When you live a “No Recipe Lifestyle”, you enjoy Freedom, Confidence, Health, Family and Money-saving benefits. - 90.5261

Tips To Make Terrific Trifle For Mother's Day

Touch Mom's heart with a homemade Mother’s Day gift. A dessert Trifle can be made by children with ingredients already in your kitchen! Just another simple recipe from Chef Todd Mohr. - 25.7341

Don't Leave Shirred Eggs Off Your Menu For Brunch

/blog Shirred Eggs are easy to make ahead of time, and in individual servings should be on your menu for brunch. - 2.87124


Crepes are a great brunch menu idea if you’re looking for something quick, easy and elegant. This dish is just perfect for a Mother’s day food gift. Learn this simple and popular dish from Chef Todd Mohr. - 101.023

Tips To Pick Fresh Asparagus

Fresh asparagus isn't mushy at the tips or woody at the stem. Both the asparagus are not fresh. Can you pick which asparagus is fresher? The test is simple. Chef Todd Mohr helps you out. - 101.236

Tips To Buy Fresh Tomatoes

If you buy your groceries from a super market think again, you might be getting cheated. The grocery stores stock vegetables for a long time which leaves the vegetables not so fresh. Try buying from a local market for fresher vegetables like the fresh... - 100.825

How To Save Money While Buying Grocery

Want to save money? Well, here you can learn best tips to save on food. Check out the video for more detail. - 100.475

Tips To Buy Fresh Apples

Buy fresh ingredients and you save money by not wasting spoiled food. Which apple is fresher? Find out today with the suggestions from Chef Todd Mohr. - 92.5853

Powerhouse Quinoa Salad

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A good meal not only helps you break nightlong fast but also gives you right energy and nutrition. A quick and easy quinoa salad instead of fatty meats for your first meal will save you from the 10am energy... - 94.4494

How To Copy Restaurant Recipes Yourself

You can copycat restaurant recipes yourself if you follow my four basic steps. - 90.0271

4 Steps To Recreating Restaurant Food At Home

You can create restaurant style recipes in your own home and dine like the rich and famous! - 90.3843

Quick Dishes For Everyday Cooking -- Taco Fish

You can make quick dishes for everyday cooking with a basic breading procedure. 5 quick dishes came out of the "Whip Up Dinner" webcast, this is one of the easiest. - 79.559

Shrimp And Cannellini Beans Florentine

Fast dinner ideas come from quick methods and the ingredients you have on hand. Chef Todd Mohr is making shrimp and cannellini beans Florentine recipe for dinner. This is another on the spot recipe from the chef. - 101.915

About Simple Dinner Cooking Ideas

End up cooking delicious, and healthy meals for your family by registering on the link being shown in this video. You can also get your queries answered here immediately. - 101.638

About A Quick Dinner Idea From Chef Todd Mohr

A simple dinner recipe is one that doesn't come from a cookbook, it comes from items you already have in your kitchen and some inspiration. Just as all other Chef Todd Mohr’s recipes. - 101.594

Chicken Stir Fry With Quinoa

A quick dinner recipe using chicken stir fry and quinoa will free you from the kitchen quickly and make a great healthy meal too! This recipe idea can be used as an inspiration for many other dinner menus. - 101.646

About Herbs, Spices And Seasonings

/cooking-with-spices/ to get your FREE downloadable Cooking with Spices Guide. Use herbs and spices in your cooking to accent the ingredient or create an ethnic flavor profile. - 91.0942

About Preparing Green Beans In Advance And Storing It

Chef Todd Mohr in this video shows the technique of par cooking beans and other vegetables so that they can be stored and used later. This method of cooking is a technique for a stress free cooking experience. - 100.393

Difference Between A Flaky Pie Crust And A Mealy Pie

The flaky pie and mealy pie dough are so different, although they are made with the same ingredients. There are few more points of differentiation in making the flaky or mealy dough. Find out with Chef Todd Mohr in this video. - 92.9708