Sanghi's Videos

Tips To Make Banana Dosai

This banana dosa looks different and delicious too. This South Indian dish is often served as a dessert or as an appetizer. Simple and easy to make Let’s learn the recipe from the Vah Chef. So try out and enjoy! - 96.6656

About Street Food In Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a city torn by politics and war, but whatever a citizens' race or religion, much of their customary street food is the same. Enjoy a glimpse of the amazing street food with Mona Ibellini. - 70.5061

What Is The Solution To Global Food Crisis

The World Bank warns that 33 nations of the world are at risk of social unrest due to rising food prices. From Mexico to Pakistan, food prices have doubled in the last three years and sparked riots in numerous countries. Food riots have become more common in... - 80.7415

About Alarming Food Crisis In Ethiopia

The escalating rise in global food prices, combined with prolonged drought, has left 4.6 million people in the poorest areas of Ethiopia coping with malnutrition and all the health problems associated with it. It’s time to be alarmed and do something to... - 76.5239

Ginger Chicken By Vah Chef

Ginger Chicken is a simple and delicious recipe. It is a popular recipe but it not found on restaurant menus commonly. Let’s learn to make the ginger chicken with Vah Chef. - 99.1092

Facts About Global Warming

The video teaches you the facts on global warming, which is greatly due to globalization of infrastructure via man. There are loads of consequences of global warming on our planet. Watch out for some current issues here. - 75.3546

About Street Food Varieties In Beijing

China is fast growing nation and so is its food culture. Chinese enjoy food as much as they like technology. Visit a local street in Beijing and you will find a variety of food being enjoyed by the people. Here is a glimpse of the street food in Beijing. - 69.9453

Tips To Eat Healthy When Dining Out

Who does not like eating out? But when on a diet it might cost you hard. This problem needs little thought and then you can enjoy food anywhere. Just follow Dr Melina’s easy steps and tips. - 99.9298

About Cake Decorations

Cakes the most enjoyed desserts are nothing without the pretty and attractive decorations they carry. These decorations make them perfect for the occasion. Check few decorations in this video. - 99.2776

Seven Most Effective Habits Of A Highly Suceessful Nutrition Programme

Corey Ritter, the trainer at the Fitness Factor shares with us the most effective techniques to stay healthy and fit. It is of course the food and nutrition and what are the other factors find out with Ritter. - 99.8918

How To Make Green Salad Attractive

Sanghi, the Chef shows how to make a salad and present it in a way that you eat through your eyes much before the food actually goes into your mouth. - 91.6431