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Laura Theodore Shares Holiday Survival Tips

In episode #15 of Whole Food Plant Geek, Jill McKeever and Laura Theodore, the Jazzy Vegetarian, talk about Laura's new book Jazzy Vegetarian Classics, Holiday Survival Tips, and 3 fabulous recipes for Portabella mushrooms. Grab your favorite beverage, pen &... - 92.5898

Just Eat It! Tasting Vegan Cuts October Snack Box

We are reviewing the snack box that arrived in October. It had chai, chocolate and few other things. Watch the video to know more on the products and how we like it. - 86.9784

Just Eat It 10 Sampling The September Vegan Cuts Snack Box

Last month, I signed up to to get beauty supplies and snack food samples in the mail. This week, they arrived! I couldn't wait to show you all the stuff they sent me. FUN FUN! Today I am going to show the snack items, try them and let you know... - 92.6989

Wfpg Episode 11 - How To Deal With Meat Loving Naysayers

Whole Food Plant Geek, Episode 11- How to Deal with Meat Loving Naysayers Are you new to eating whole food plant-based meals? New to being vegetarian? Are you worried about how to answer those big questions from your meat loving friends & family? Watch this... - 117.346

Wfpg #10 Clip - Whole Co Author Howard Jacobson, Phd

Whole Food Plant Geek FULL Episode 10 - Here's a snippet with Howard Jacobson, PhD. coauthor of WHOLE Rethinking the Science of Nutrition with Dr. T. Colin Campbell. - 91.4535

Whole Food Plant Geek Episode#9 - Fishy Supplements

Whole Food Plant Geek Episode #9 "Fishy Supplements" Sharing research evidence showing fish oil supplements do not reduce the risk of heart disease. And backing it up with words of wisdom about supplements from Dr. T. Colin Campbell's book, WHOLE Rethinking... - 108.334

Wfpg Episode 8 Super Immuned Mushroom Boobs

Whole Food Plant Geek Episode #8 "Super Immuned Mushroom Boobs" Today, we learn that eating one small mushroom everyday can reduce the incidence of breast cancer by up to 70 percent. Plus, immune boosting mushroom recipes coming up this week. - 108.031

Unsafe Eggs - Shrooms - Audience Shout Outs

Whole Food Plant Geek #7 - Unsafe Eggs - Shrooms- Audience Shout Outs The Egg industry is forbidden by USDA to promote eggs as healthy and safe. I have 6 pounds of mushrooms to eat this weekend - Shroom Vids all weekend! And I read off the names of new... - 97.3442

Use Tired Apples To Make Fresh Applesauce

Watch me turn 3 tired, bruised apples into a pint of lovely applesauce. I'm ready to bake now! - 106.3

Drying Herbs In The Microwave

When you have herbs coming out your ears and you're full of pesto, it's time to dry those herbs for another day. Microwave dried herbs retain their bright color and take a fraction of the time to dry. - 99.7113

Wfpg #4 We Can't Control Our Nutrient Intake

Whole Food Plant Geek Episode 4: Interviews, Apricot Bread, and trying not to do a full on book review of WHOLE and still talk about it. BIG NUGGET: We can't control how or when our body metabolizes nutrients. - 107.983

Thawing Frozen Bananas

I figured out how I can use frozen banana for baking recipes. Check it out! - 93.7981

Wfpg #3 California's Doctors Get Education In Nutrition

Whole Food Plant Geek, Episode #3: California sends physicians back to school for an education on nutrition. - 89.8895

Just Eat It! #8 - Vegan Queso

Today, we tried Food for Lovers Vegan Queso, the original and mild flavors. We asked our omnivore friend what she thought of it. - 94.4206

Genius Tofu Marinating Tip

Check out this GENIUS way to marinate tofu. It's a great way to make a little bit of mariade go a long way. - 102.433

What To Do With Cherry Tomatoes

Whole food plant geek, hot wife, awesome mom & camera ham. FOLLOW ME for practical plant based cooking, cookbook reviews and a few laughs. Watch how to make Creamy Cashew Cheese and a Tangy Chickpea Salad before you try this out! - 112.493

Wfpg #2 - Answering Questions, Baby Formula, And Elephants

WFPG Episode #2: Fan asks about breastfed kids, Whole Food Plant Geek t-shirt in the works, and Jill needs your questions for Leanne Campbell, author of The China Study Cookbook. - 102.941

New Series- Whole Food Plant Geek

Welcome to a new series where I talk about the whole food plant nuggets I come across in books and on the web. - 98.2899

Chop Celery Quickly And Safely

Today's Handy Kitchen Tip: Chopping celery quickly and safely. Here's a quick way to 'chop' and 'finely chop' a lot celery all at once. - 102.43

My Beef With Meat Book Review

Rip Esselstyn gets right to the point, making it plain & simple, why we should ALL be eating a whole food plant-strong diet. If you're plant strong and need help discussing the benefits with your meat-loving friends, Rip is here to save the day. - 108.08

Simple Way To Remove Almond Skins

Jill from Simple Daily Recipes shows you how to remove the skins off almonds, plus a simple way to store them and have them ready when you need them. - 114.871

Maggie's Homemade Shaved Ice

My kids stopped begging long ago, because I refuse to stop at those shaved ice-HFCS huts. However, our Maggie found a way to make mom-approved shaved ice treats anytime she has the craving. - 107.11

Tips To Freezing Fresh Green Beans

Did you come home from the farmer's market with a load of fresh green beans? Well, it's super easy to put fresh green beans up in the freezer. - 102.678

Tip For Roasting Purple & Green Cauliflower Tender

Jill McKeever, Simple Daily Recipes, shares a great tip for roasting cauliflower; getting it tender without drying it out. - 110.035

Power Foods For The Brain - Book Review

Power Foods for the Brain by Dr. Neal Barnard - Book Review from Jill McKeever at Simple Daily Recipes. Stay tuned until the very end of this video. Something happens that will cause you to jump out of your seat. - 95.5604

Freezing Spinach

Freezing Spinach on Simple Daily Recipes. - 89.0059

Wholistic Nutrition By Dr. T. Colin Campbell Part 3

Dr. Campbell uncovers the correlation between affluent diseases and dietary protein. Is this information new to us? He reveals scientific data dating back to the 40s that will surprise you. - 87.6033

Wholistic Nutrition By Dr. T. Colin Campbell Part 2

Dr. Campbell goes beyond The China Study and continues to speak about Dietary Protein, how much we actually need and what happens when we eat more than the optimal level. - 87.9273

Wholistic Nutrition By Dr. T. Colin Campbell - Part 1

Dr. Campbell speaks beyond The China Study to help us wrap our minds around plant-based nutrition as a true science. Part 1 - 86.8228

Brookshires' Smaller Cans Are A Bad Idea

Whoever came up with the idea of selling us less food in smaller packaging, then charge the same price isn't thinking this all the way through. In this day when we should be reducing waste, food manufacturers are creating more. - 88.1464

Eat Vegan On $4 A Day By Ellen Jaffe Jones Cookbook Review

Everyone can afford to eat plant-strong´╗┐ meals. Ellen Jaffe Jones has proven that in her book, Eat Vegan on $4 a Day. - 94.8932

Betty Goes Vegan Cookbook Review

Betty Goes Vegan by Annie & Dan Shannon, for all those plant-strong people who are struggling to find that happy place at the table with their meat-loving family. - 95.0682

Amazing Grass Drink Powder For Kids

Today, we tried out Amazing Grass Drink Powder for kids. Watch the kids real reactions. Totally unscripted and Amazing Grass has no idea we doing this. - 98.8826

Green Superfood High Protein Energy Bar

Totally unscripted: I divided up a Green Superfood high protein energy bar and asked my family to give their real opinion on the taste. - 95.3946

Supper Vlog - Pesticide Potatoes

This video talks about pesticide potatoes. Today there are hardly any veggies out there in the market available for the consumer without any pesticides that have been used on them. This can be very harmful and its obviously hard for a lay man to figure out... - 90.3734

Oven Shopping

Time to buy a new oven? Well you are not alone,the hostess goes shopping for oven with her daughter, find out what to look for when buying one. Oven is way too essential a tool for the kitchen,so let's do some window shopping here so that next time when you... - 89.9583

Handmade Bag Dryer

Ever thought of having a tool to dry your aluminium foil and Zip locks? Check out the innovative idea that the hostess shows you to make your own bag dryer, very useful when you want to reuse your aluminium foil, you can dry them on these dryers and use them... - 90.5398

We Don't Need No Spray Can

You can grease your muffin cans and baking cans without the cooking spray now! The hostess shows you a very easy way of greasing your pan. If you are out of cooking spray at home don't worry, all you need is the tip of your finger! effective way to cover more... - 85.0435

How To Pressure Cook New Potatoes

Want to know a quick and easy way to boil potatoes? Here,a simple,easy and effective way to boil potatoes in a pressure cooker, get over the fear and do not be hesitant to use this wonderful kitchen gadget which is based on the simple science of building... - 87.8073

How To Put Up Fresh Corn

Fresh corn from the farm! the very thought conjures up images of hot steaming corn on the cob on the cinders with that appetizing smoky waft of aroma, learn what else you can do with your fresh corn from the hostess who will give you all the useful tips on... - 87.364

How To Peel And Freeze Garlic

Love garlic but find peeling it a little messy? Here is a simpler way of peeling and storing garlic, Garlic has unmatched health benefits and a unique flavor that enhances the taste of any dish. In some of the cuisines its usage is a must, It is an... - 88.5573

Picking Blackberries

Picking up and collecting fruits from your own farm can be very therapeutic. The hostess got up early to collect and fill buckets with the blackberries , she is proud and happy to take it fresh from her garden. Growing your own fruits, nurturing them and then... - 87.2511

Storing Buttermilk Biscuits

Are you looking for something handy to store your biscuits. The hostess has the right solution for you, the storage containers can be picked from your grocery store without paying for it! Many plastic containers which we discard can be utilized in a... - 85.6405

Peas And Thank You Cookbook Review

Lovely chewy energy bars, bean burgers, mango cupcakes! The cookbook which the hostess is raving about has it all! This and much more in this cookbook of vegetarian recipes. Meat eaters find vegetarian cooking a tad boring but if you find the right cookbook... - 86.8538

The Happy Herbivore Cookbook Review

Finally a cookbook of vegetarian recipes with a difference! The hostess highly recommends this book, she shows some really outstanding recipes from the book which you can try. Often vegetarian cookbooks have no zing to it ,they contain the regular predictable... - 86.3206

Tips On Cooking Brown Rice

Want tips on cooking brown rice? The hostess gives some important tips on how to go about cooking it. Brown rice is a much better option than white rice as it is not robbed of its nutrition with all that processing, cooking it can be tricky sometimes as right... - 83.0003

Eat Plants Lose Weight

Stay vegetarian,eat healthy and lose weight faster! Plants give you enough nutrition and energy and help you avoid accumulation of extra fat in your body. They are pleasing to look at , easier to cook and gives you a feel good factor. There is also a lot of... - 103.646

Simple Daily Recipes Loves Forks Over Knives

Change your life and get a clear perspective on things.The hostess highly recommends watching this movie called 'Forks Over Knives'. The movie tells us how important eating healthy is and the wonders it can do when it comes to healing. It tells us about the... - 98.7667

Picking My Own Strawberries At Mcpeaks Orchard, Pittsburg Texas

Strawberries! Fresh from the McPeaks orchard, The hostess picks her own fresh strawberries. Deep red and absolutely appetizing and therapeutic. Picking up the strawberries in bulk for making your strawberry jam at home or just having them as a dessert with... - 85.5531

Guaco-bean Burrito Supper Vlog

Want to cook something healthy and delicious for dinner? The hostess helps you decide your dinner menu , It has lot of nutrition and lovely pleasing colors, greens and reds and it is also easy to make. Tortilla and vegetables rolled and stuffed in it, can... - 99.0843