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About Food Network Shows In 2008

Sarah East takes a look back at the year and tells us which new Food Network shows in 2008 were the favorites. We had some new flavor from Jeff Henderson, Giada deLaurentiis, Guy Fieri, Alton Brown and more. Agree or Disagree? Watch the episode anyway. - 72.2143

About Food Network Chefs And More

How early does a chef have to start in the kitchen to become Food Network material? Sarah East takes a look way back at some of Food Network's most popular chefs: Guy Fieri, Rachael Ray and Michael Symon. Ask Sarah East for more information. - 76.8154

About Kwanzaa And Food Network

Why is it when Sarah searched Kwanzaa on Food Network she found Sandra Lee and Alton Brown? What happened to African American culture? Either way Sarah looks into what Chef Jeff Henderson, Sunny Anderson and others do have to offer for the holidays. Ask Sarah... - 72.9295

About New Food Network Shows In January

Food Network seems to always have some new programming in store for its viewers! ALMOST Next Food Network Star Adam Gertler will be on the airwaves, as well as Ted Allen filling more airspace with reality contest show Chopped. Dinner Impossible fans can look... - 75.4778

Where Are Food Network Chefs?

Do you ever reminisce the days of watching Food Network years ago and then wonder where in the world some of those chefs have gone? The Rachael Ray Show and her 30 Minute Meals seem to run the spotlight, but look a little further and you'll see some of your... - 75.1734

About Food Network Holiday Specials

Thanksgiving was only the beginning of Food Network's extensive holiday programming specials. We've still got all of December to get through with Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas and New Years! Dear Food Network continues to give us holiday specials with Alton... - 74.6704

About Food Network And Food Gifts

If you haven't started your holiday gift shopping then why wait any longer?? The Food Network has all you could possibly want for you kitchen--and more--from every chef product including Rachael Ray, Paula Deen and Giada de Laurentiis! Know more about the... - 71.3306

About Food Network Chef Hunt

Videos of all assortments have been sent in by wannabe celebrities in hopes of being the Next Food Network Star! There's potential for an extremely interesting season five with everything from a man on his motorcycle to ladies drunk off wine; an aphrodisiac... - 75.4028

About Food Network Chefs On Street Food

Rachael Ray or Bobby Flay? Who's restaurant will grill the better burger? Will Michael Symon's new place in Milwaukee or Detroit be more popular? Meanwhile you've got new digs from Cat Cora and Guy Fieri! Don’t worry Sarah East is here with the latest on FN. - 71.3047

About A Thanksgiving Episode For Food Network

It's the time of year for thanksgiving, so let us all be thankful for the Food Network and all of it's wonderful chefs and shows! Sarah East says thank you to FN and her new correspondents give a shout out of gratitude as well for the holiday season. What... - 72.8484

Some More Thanksgiving Tips On Food Network

Whether you just want to be slightly tipsy, pretty drunk or completely wasted, the Food Network has all the recipes you need to enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday with the right alcohol. Sarah East shares all of FN's apple and cranberry drink recipes you need to... - 73.1135

About Leading Food Channel Food Network

Sarah East may complain about foodnetwork,com, but it is still the number one food site. In fact, they are so popular that they are launching a new site, F2 in 2009 and Kelsey Nixon will be co-hosting a new web video show. Speaking of hosts, FN has officially... - 77.4412

About Food Network Gossip

What has Sarah East learned from keeping up with the interviews with Food Network's celebrity chefs? Alton Brown thinks discussing race with food is unavoidable. Ted Allen needs to do a Food Detectives episode on Green Eggs and Ham. Bobby Flay is lying about... - 72.9011

About Food Network Thanksgiving Menus

Food Network is filling up your Thanksgiving Day menu with multiple ways to prepare your turkey and plenty of side dishes, desserts and drinks to accompany! Rachael Ray, Alton Brown, Sandra Lee and Bobby Flay are all airing Thanksgiving specials this week.... - 71.8288

Tips On Food Network Thanksgiving

If you're still trying to figure out your Thanksgiving menu or how you're going to get your turkey just right, tune into Food Network's Thanksgiving programming for the best advice and recipes from Alton Brown, Guy Fieri, Bobby Flay, Ina Garten and more.... - 73.3918

About Food Network Chef Series

There's quite a debate between Food Network lovers on which Iron Chef program is superior: the original Japanese version or the newer American version. Watch the debate here between Sarah East's correspondents. Which side are you on? Go to www.foodvu.com to... - 71.7494

About Food Network Site Videos

The Dear Food Network Campaign has begun and the airings start this weekend, but keep sending your videos--the program lasts through the holidays! Tune into fn.com for FULL episodes of some of your favorite network shows--just now Rachael Ray, yet! What are... - 75.3679

About Rachel Ray Wedding Party

Know all about how Rachael Ray is throwing a giant wedding in Houston for all the couples whose special day was ruined by Hurricane Ike. If Hurricane Paloma is as disastrous maybe she'll start a new series. Meanwhile, Paula Deen is doing good by supporting... - 72.0024

About Giada De Luarentiis

Maybe Giada de Luarentiis isn't traveling all about trying to save the world and doesn't have a house full of adopted ethnic babies--BUT she is now trying to fight hunger AND she's got baby number one! Do we sense some Angelina Jolie in her blood? Also, what... - 74.5348

About Food Network Chefs Lives Beyond The Kitchen

Sarah East has theories about what the Food Network chefs do on the side, because cooking shows, surely, can't be their only income. After watching that corn video, Sarah's convinced that Rachael Ray teachers her own version of kama sutra for sex therapy.... - 73.686

About Halloween Brace Friendly Recipes On Food Network

Food Network's Michael Chiarello is helping kids with braces still have plenty of treats--fewer tricks--for Halloween. Ace of Cakes whips up a creepy Exorcist cake! And Sarah East's least favorite reporter updates us on foodnetwork.com's latest poll... - 72.1915

About Food Network And Halloween Recipes

Haunted houses are always the thing to do at this time of year, but what about edible haunted houses?? Also, go online to find out the Food Network chefs' favorite Halloween treats...the trick is that most of them don't share the recipes for these treats. ... - 72.4415

About Food Network Halloween Party

Food Network chefs are too busy cooking up treats to destroy your teeth to have a Halloween party... BUT if they DID there is no doubt Giada de Laurentiis would have the ultimate slutty costume. What does Sarah East think the other chefs would dress as? Watch... - 72.5359

About Top Rejected Food Network Shows

Could it get any classier than "Everyone Loves Ramen" with Rachael Ray?? Sarah East tells us what she thinks the top rejected Food Network shows were and you can visit www.foodvu.com for the complete list of rejected shows. Sarah East tells more. - 71.3335

Which Food Network Chef You Are?

Sarah East wants to find out which Food Network Chef she is most like, because--well wouldn't we ALL love to know. Maybe not, but quizzes are still fun--Unless it says you are Rachael Ray. - 70.7978

About Food Network And Asian Food

Between Mario Batali and Giada de Laurentiis, it's clear that the Food Network enjoys Italians, but what about Asian cuisine? When did you last see any Japanese girls or someone like Ming Tsai cooking? Where was Ming's air time during the Beijing Olympics?... - 73.2245

About Food Network Chef's Restaurants

Rachael Ray has plans for a burger joint. Michael Chiarello is getting a new restaurant before the year is over. Michael Symon's restaurant opened on October 15. Bobby Flay is suing over a restaurant! Sarah East thinks she needs a restaurant. Know more in... - 73.2474

About Rachel Ray In News

Does Rachael Ray have throat cancer? No. Does she have to shut up for a while? Yes. Does she have breast cancer? No. Did she have an on-air mammogram? Yes. Did she make a dirty corn video? No and yes. Did Hilary Clinton reject Paula Deen? Yes. Sarah East... - 73.3678

The Worst Top Five Things About The Food Network

Sarah East and her new correspondent Luke--her favorite person--cover the top 5 worsts on the Food Network (according to them!). What would you rank in the top five? Rachael Ray? Bobby Flay? Aaron McCargo Jr.? Interesting isn’t it. - 72.9721

About Food Network In October

Anne Burrell returns for a second season. Rachael Ray and Tyra Banks team up against hunger. The NYC Wine & Food Fest is half over, but tickets for the South Beach Fest go on sale soon! Guess who else has a new magazine? Little Miss Semi-Homemade! There is... - 73.6979

More About Food Network

Who do you miss watching on the Food Network? When you're about sick of Bobby Flay and Rachael Ray, do you sometimes reminisce about some of the classics like Two Fat Ladies and Too Hot Tamales? Sarah East recalls in this episode. - 72.0374

More On Racheal Ray And Fn

Rachael Ray has been chatting it up with lots of celebrities on her show. She's seen John and Cindy McCain, Paula Abdul, Lynne Spears, Dr. Phil and his wife Robin McGraw--but not together...yet they still insist they aren't getting a divorce. Hmm... What’s... - 96.4132

Something More About The Food Network

"Giada de Laurentiis says relating her to food porn is ridiculous! Emeril is tired of saying ""Bam!" "Texas Tech says Food Network is dirty. Sarah East says, ""Bow Down To me Food Network, peons!""" Right in this episode of FN Crazy. - 71.585

About Food Network Chefs At The Food Festival

October is a busy month at the Food Network with many of the chefs attending the NYC Wine and Food Festival, Giada starting a new show, Ina with a new season, Michael Symon with a new restaurant and let's not forget Emeril's birthday! What else is coming in... - 74.3278

About The Lives Of Celebrity Chefs

Some of our favorite Food Network chefs have been busy outside of the kitchen...and the next Bobby and Jamie Deen may be in the making. Could Giada, Tyler Florence, Jamie Oliver or Aaron "Big Daddy" McCargo be raising the next food network star? Sarah East... - 73.4356

About Cookbooks From Food Network Chefs

If you're running out of new recipes in your kitchen, have no fear--plenty of new cookbooks are coming to the shelf in October--from Giada, Ina and Tyler. On the other hand you may want to save your cash if you plan to buy Emeril's TEN books! Know what Sarah... - 74.3979

About Food Network Website

You might be FN crazy, but if you want to get FN dizzy then visit Food Network's website! There's information all over the place, but good luck finding any of it. Except of course their weekly poll....they've got that going for them, sort of. Watch Sarah East... - 73.1748

What Is New On Food Network

Guess what? Food Network has some new shows coming up--surprise, surprise! Adam Gertler and Chef Jeff both have something in store for viewers and Adam Roberts from the FN Dish is moving on to bigger and better things... or we assume he is...Sarah East tells... - 73.6046

About The Food Network Chefs' Activities

So much is going down with Food Network...Rachael Ray's cruisin' in a giant RV, Big Daddy has more shows in store, Bobby Flay wins an award and guess what magazine will be hitting the stands in October? Watch more with Sarah East. - 72.7103

About Food Network And Gaming

Want some Food Network entertainment that doesn't required following the programming schedule or commercials? You're in luck--Nintendo Wii has a solution for you! Or you can pick up the new Rachael Ray parody book! What’s more? Watch this episode of FN... - 72.5792

About Food Network Chef News

Emeril is going GREEN--but not on Food Network...Rachael Ray buddies up with the American Idol judges while Aaron McCargo Jr. buddies up with his fans..and guess who Paula Deen is bringing to her party?? Know more with Sarah East in FN Crazy episode. - 72.5701

Fn Crazy: When I Grow Up I Wanna Be A Food Network Chef

Did all of the celebrity chefs know their life's calling was in the kitchen from the start? Find out how Aaron McCargo, Jr., Duff Goldman and the Deen brothers got their start in this episode of Chef Beginnings! Watch more on this episode of FN Crazy. - 88.7941

About Chef Birthdays On Food Network

August and September brought for some big Food Network birthdays: Rachael Ray, Giada De Laurentiis and Mario Batali...Can you guess which one hit the big 4-0? Watch more with Sarah East. - 70.7739

About Game Shows On Food Network

Food Network wants to get more interactive with their viewers by bringing them on to the screen. The FN has several competitive game shows in mind... Sarah East isn't sure competitive eating has good results. Watch FN Crazy for more. - 72.0431

About Labor Day Programme On Food Network

Who would you like to invite to your Labor Day picnic? Sarah East thinks your 'fn' crazy if you want to bring one of those Food Network chefs. Michael Phelps is on the top of her list--chef hat or not. Watch this episode of FN Crazy for more. - 73.5142

About Food Network

Food Network decided they needed to drop $3 million on a women's promotion campaign they ran through August that they titled, "In The Kitchen," during their weekend daytime hours. Is that really what it takes just to get women viewers?? Watch this episode of... - 73.2262

About Rachel Ray's New Endorsement

When did Rachael Ray start cooking for dogs? (Or has she always been?) Learn about her new dog food line, Nutrish. And get the inside scoop on Alton Brown's beefed up version of Feasting on Asphalt...Feasting on Waves! Watch this episode of FN Crazy for more - 73.7708

About Food Network Hosts

So, after a few little white lies, Robert Irvine had to take the boot from the Food Network and Michael Symon has stepped in to host Dinner: Impossible, which premiered Aug. 20. Can he really fill those shoes? Watch this episode of FN Crazy. - 73.0621

About Food Network Chefs

Forbes magazine released a listing of the top ten paid chefs, four of which are currently working for Food Network...is it really right that a CHEF can make $18 million...any guesses as to who SHE might be? Watch this episode of FN Crazy. - 73.9937