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Diabetes Diet Dilemma

Get "Diabetes Meal Planning & Nutrition for Dummies" by Toby Smithson, RDN, CDE and Alan Rubin, MD. - 94.2388

Decisions, Decisions - Food And Diabetes

Get "Diabetes Meal Planning & Nutrition for Dummies" by Toby Smithson, RDN, CDE and Alan Rubin, MD - 93.8579

The Mystery Whole Grain

Join Toby and find out which diabetes friendly whole grain has a carbohydrate portion size 10 times bigger than rice or pasta. - 102.292

Better Diabetes Management- Finding Carbohydrates In Your Diet

Get professional guidance, proven effective through personal experience, at DiabetesEveryDay.com. Become our next new member. - 105.771

Wearing Your Medical Id?

Wearing medical identification in today’s busy life is very essential, and especially if you are suffering from some ailment or some genetic disease. It can save your life in an emergency, and it's not just for those who are at risk of some disease like low... - 110.722

Leftovers Can Kill, Are You Safe?

Leftovers are not good for health but do you know why? The very first reason for not eating leftovers, is that food loses many of its nutrients from the time it is cut to the time it is cooked because of the oxidation process. Watch this video to find out... - 109.783

Every Day Menu

If you are a diabetic then more than anything the most important objective of your life is to eat right. Because you are not among those who can eat anything and everything, you have to careful about your diet. Managing your food is really necessary, you... - 111.146

Diabetes And The Holidays

Holidays and festive season is around and it can be a difficult time to stay on track with diabetes management behaviors. Everybody wants to enjoy the festivals with their dear and near ones and enjoying traditional delicacies is the most important part of... - 110.44

Intro To Exercise For Effective Diabetes Management

Exercising regularly is an important aspect of diabetes self management. Toby Smithson who has lived with diabetes for 40 years is convinced and strives to help diabetic people understand the importance of the same. She has some important tips on how to... - 99.2162

Cook Food To A Proper Temperature

Toby Smithson, Registered Dietitian shares yet another simple tip to prevent food borne illness. You may get the best food and store it safely but if you don't cook it properly then you are more likely to fall sick. Toby suggests checking the internal... - 100.384

Keep Foods Cold To Reduce The Risk Of Illness

Storing foods the right way is essential in preventing food borne illnesses. Toby Smithson, Registered Dietitian tells us why it is important to store food below 40 degrees. This is one of the many tips that she shares to create awareness about food born... - 100.512

Separate Raw Foods From Ready-to-eat Food

It is not necessary that food contamination starts from the store. It can happen even at home or even in your fridge. Toby Smithson has some useful tips to avoid food contamination at home. These simple habits will help you keep food borne illness at bay all... - 96.2877

Clean To Reduce The Risk Of Foodborne Illness

Certain foods like meat, poultry and green leafy vegetables are prone to cause food born diseases. So, just investing in healthy food cannot bring healthy results. Toby Smithson enlightens with a simple tip like washing hands in between cooking to reduce the... - 88.76

E. Coli Can Be Anywhere...

Did you know food itself can be unsafe? E-Colic is a food borne illness caused by foods like chicken, beef and spinach. Toby Smithson who is a registered dietician has some safety tips to follow before consuming our favorite food that are prone to cause... - 90.862

Is Your Food Unsafe? Chicken Has Something To Say.

You may store healthy food in your freezer but are they healthy to eat after a power cut? Registered dietician has some food safety tips citing examples of food that perish even in the freezer after 4 hours of power failure. Chicken is one that has to be... - 98.3066

Diabetes & Mindful Eating

Really paying attention to what we eat, and how much, can jumpstart diabetes management habits. Let Toby share some tips and tricks that help improve mindfulness - 22.9494

Diabetes And Life - You Can Do This Project

Diabetes is not the end of your life nor it can put an end to your dreams. A little change in mindset and lifestyle can help you lead a successful life even with diabetes. Toby Smithson, who is a registered dietician and also diabetic tells her journey of... - 93.9316

Intro To Diabetes Self Management

Getting detected with diabetes is not an end but a beginning of a new healthier lifestyle if we set out priorities and do our duties to manage our diabetes. Toby Smithson advises just three commitments to manage your diabetes. Your family and friends might... - 101.789

Managing Diabetes During Holidays

You may be able to manage your diabetes well all through the year but when it comes to holidays or festivals, it becomes tough. Toby Smithson has few simple tips to help you stick to diabetes management rules, without getting stressful or becoming a spoil... - 101.378


Holidays are the best times in life where one enjoys good food at luxurious or exotic places with friend s and family. As a seasoned traveler, one must be aware of the very few pitfalls of eating out during a vacation, it could be disastrous. In this video,... - 91.3699

Managing Diabetes

New Year is the best time to start a resolution but Toby Smithon, a Certified Diabetes Educator doesn’t advise taking up resolutions for managing diabetes. She has simple advises like taking baby steps towards self management of diabetes rather than setting... - 100.213

Diabetes- Should We Avoid Certain Foods?

Diabetic and worried about giving your favorite foods? Toby Smith says you don’t really have to stay away from them, just watch your portions and manage your carbohydrate intake. One can replace high processed food with fresh fruits and vegetables. As one... - 100.187

Managing Diabeties With Asian Diet

People suffering from diabetes generally ask this question “can I enjoy Asian food and control diabetes?” Well, definitely you can, here are some useful tips by the host who helps diabetic people with healthy and delicious everyday food. She suggests... - 100.443