Food Hound Tidbits's Videos

Review Of Times Scare Nyc - The Crypt Cafe, New York

Ghost Hunters grab your gear and head down to the 12th most haunted building in all of New York City!!! What was once a comedy club has now been transformed into a year round Haunted Attraction including an AWESOME restaurant called The Crypt Cafe! Join the... - 95.2242

Review Of Left Coast Kitchen (merrick, New York)

Follow the Food Hounds on their journey to one of the hottest gastropubs on Long Island where the servings are larger than life, delectable dishes to write home about... Left Coast Kitchen! What's even cooler than that - is that the Hounds were joined by a... - 96.3939

Review Of Monsoon Asian Kitchen & Lounge (babylon, New York)

Food Hounds... Monsoon Asian Kitchen & Lounge is an unbelievable experience of cutting edge cuisine! Follow Brimstone, Etan Wish and Mina Sanwald on their journey through fine Asian dining within the confines of a converted historic bank in Babylon, New York.... - 94.5977

Review Of D's Six Pax & Dogz (monroeville, Pennsylvania)

Food Hounds! If you are a lover of Beer... the KING of all Beers resides in Monroeville, PA and is known as D's Six Pax & Dogz! Over 500 different beers in stock at all times with over 50 on tap; this spot should appease ANY alcohol afficianado! Meanwhile...... - 96.5038

Restaurant Review Of The Porch At Schenley, Pittsburgh

On this episode, the Food Hounds bring you inside one of the hottest spots in Pittsburgh! Just steps away from the University of Pittsburgh and skirting the actual edge of Schenley Park; The Porch is a destination of delight that should not be missed.... - 91.3699

Restaurant Review Of Alma Pan-latin Kitchen In Pittsburgh

Attention... will the real Food Hounds please stand up! Why? Because ole' Brim is here to tell you about another tight spot in Pittsburgh that literally knocked our socks off! When you think of Authentic Latin Cuisine, most people forget that there are a... - 84.437

Facts About Gersha

Who would have thought that there would be an authentic Ethiopian Restaurant smack dab in the middle of Pittsburgh...? Well; there is and the Food Hounds found it! Abay Ethiopian Cuisine is unbelievably amazing and the what's better is that the Hounds learned... - 26.0556

Review Of Thai Time Restaurant In Binghamton, New York

For the first time, the Food Hounds break bread together for an amazing and authentic Thai meal... it's Thai Time! Deep in the city of Binghamton lies a delicious new place to eat not only well; but HEALTHY too! Join the Hound crew as they discover the... - 81.8254

Fifties Grill And Dairy Review

On the Hound road trip through upstate New York, the gang made a stop in Jamestown. It's the birth and resting place of Lucille Ball, and this amazing little eatery. Looking for burgers? Chicken? Ice cream and milk shakes? This is the spot for you! - 24.3655

Food Hound: Tidbits - Hooters (go For The Chicken Wings)

By popular demand, the Food Hounds visited the World Famous Hooters. Brimstone, Luscious and Etan Wish learned some interesting facts about Hooters in general as well as enjoyed some delicious grub! Join them on thier journey through 13 flavors of Wings... - 104.096

Review Of Press 195

Welcome to a NEW episode of Food Hound: Tidbits with a brand new introduction to the series! We couldn't have launched it for a better spot either... Brimstone, Luscious and Etan Wish popped into this amazing Rockville Centre hot spot for some insane flavors... - 91.6388

Review Of The Big Kahuna Restaurant

Food Hounds... Luscious, Etan Wish and Brimstone didn't expect to find such gold in them there Dix Hills area! The Big Kahuna offers food, full bar and billiards in a comfortable and upscale environment... without the high pricing! Watch as they see what the... - 89.7917

Food Hound: Tidbits - Harbor Mist (hauntingly Good Food)

Food Hounds! Welcome to Harbor Mist in Cold spring Harbor, New York... a piece of history here on Long Island. A former brothel in its yester-years, this spot is not only known for its delicious food; but also its three ghosts! Watch Brimstone, Luscious and... - 27.2949

Food Hound: Tidbits - Willy Joe's

As Brim puts it, the Fearless Four are all back together again for a brand new Food Hound Tidbit in Pennsylvania after the Great Allentown Comic Con. Come join them as they dig into some really delicious eats! - 24.0888

Food Hound: Tidbits - Bbq Nite

Brimstone, Luscious and Etan Wish headed over to a unique spot here on Long Island, New York. It was time for some Halal, Pakistani and done completely originally! This spot was off the hook, and you need to go there and check it out! - 24.7853

Food Hound: Tidbits - Roast Sandwich House

Brimstone and Luscious were over at the Roast Sandwich House in Melville for some tasty treats! Check out their freshly home made menu, including dishes that will keep you daydreaming for days. **Please note: The Braised Brisket Sandwich is on Sourdough NOT... - 25.8268

Food Hound: Tidbits - Ciao Baby!

For one reason or another, you've probably heard about this hot spot in Massapequa, Long Island... They were featured on the Long Island Episode of 'Man vs Food', been featured countless times in the local media for their killer cuisine, and now they've upped... - 27.3247

Food Hound: Tidbits - The Library Cafe

Brim and Etan went to experience a little local Long Island history at the Library Cafe. This hotspot in Farmingdale, NY, was once a Public Library before it shut down and the Lessing's family came in and transformed it into a beautiful restaurant and bar.... - 25.6061

Food Hound: Tidbits - International Delight Cafe

I don't think that the Food Hounds were thouroughly prepared for the sheer overhaul of different foods that was the International Delight Cafe! Forget what you may have seen on Man vs Food... this video here is going to show you how this spot REALLY rolls!... - 27.4723

Food Hound: Tidbits - Ben's Kosher Delicatessen

Brimstone and Etan went to go celebrate Purim and St. Patty's Day at a landmark here in New York... Ben's Kosher Delicatessen (who are currently celebrating their 40th Anniversary). This little tidbit will show you a little from behind the scenes at Ben's... - 25.6065

Food Hound: Tidbits - Best Buffet

Brimstone and Etan heading over to Huntington, NY, to try out to amazing Best Buffet! This place is awesome and fully equipped with traditional Chinese dishes, always fresh food, hibachi grill, chef specials, freshly rolled sushi, and tons upon tons of... - 25.7764

Food Hound: Tidbits - Jake's Wayback Burgers

Here on Long Island, burger joints are a dime a dozen. Mixed together with all the fast food spots, some of the restaurants can be over looked. You should NEVER look over Jake's Wayback! This spot is awesome, everything is super fresh, and the milk shakes are... - 26.187

Food Hound: Tidbits - Gonzo's Mexican Restaurant

Brimstone, Luscious and Etan Wish headed into West Hempstead to check out Gonzo's. The food was amazing, and the spread was delectable. Please visit us at for all your foodie desires Music Credit: dvkun - Hispanic Dust... - 91.672

Food Hound: Tidbits - Tortaria

Brimstone, Luscious and Etan Wish had a long day in the city, and it was time to hunt out a new spot to review! They found Tortaria down by NYU. It's a brand new restaurant that is known for it's fresh juices, food and margaritas. Watch and enjoy their eating... - 26.1083

Food Hound: Tidbits - Doranonnie

Brimstone, Luscious, and Etan Wish hold a Tidbit with Danny Gagnon! You may remember this fabulous chef from Top Chef season five. He had recently opened this restaurant in Glen Head, Long Island, and we had to go down and check it out! The food was amazing,... - 25.186

Food Hound: Tidbits - Clearwater Charlie's

Right behind the Bellmore Train station is a restaurant that actually delivers fast, healthy, and amazing delicious food. This spot has amazing BBQ, and original dishes like the Catfish Ruben. We loved eating here, and encourage you to check out this local... - 26.986

Food Hound: Tidbits - Bravo! Nader

Brim and Etan stopped into Bravo Nader to try their delicious "Southern Italian" cuisine. Check out these good eats in this cozy restaurant right off Main Street! Check out more from us at: Go direct to your foodie desires:... - 24.8377

Food Hound: Tidbits - The Mineola Diner

For all your "Foodie" desires... check out our reviews from around the globe here: Before an amazing day in the city, Brim, Luscious and Etan stopped into the Mineola Diner for some old school eats, watch as the fun unfolds... - 25.0241

Food Hound: Tidbits - Chelsea Manor

Chelsea Manor is a great place to grab some lunch, and then come right back for happy hour and drinking into the night! The food is fantastic and the staff is very friendly. We thoroughly enjoyed eating here! For all your "Foodie" desires... check out our... - 25.4422

Food Hound: Tidbits - Turf 'n Surf Po-boy

The Guys visit the Downtown to try out some nice seafood. Watch the video for some real time reviews. For all your "Foodie" desires... check out our reviews from around the globe here: Some of the best food we had... - 26.9638

Food Hound: Tidbits - Lee Gribbens On Main

Every con is notorious for their afterparties, it gives a chance for the vendors, artists and of course celebrities to relax and enjoy themselves in a laid back setting. This one was held at Lee Gribbens, only a couple miles away from the convention. The food... - 29.9117

Food Hound: Tidbits - The Aladdin Restaurant

While we were in Allentown, we had to get out and see for ourselves this Middle Eastern boom happening, and so we came across Aladdin. This place was unbelievably amazing. It's family owned and operated, with the authentic touch of Syria in all it's food.... - 28.2967

Food Hound: Tidbits - The Onion

Wanna try some Late night pizza at the "the Onion"... well do remember to check out our awesome review before that. Down in Austin, TX the Hound Comics™ crew needs a late night recharge after a long Comic Con day! So where do they go?! To the best damn... - 93.4333

Food Hound: Tidbits - The Recession Cafe'

Allan and Etan at Texas visiting the Recession Cafe... Hmm nice name actually. Watch the video for some cool review of the place. And do visit For all your "Foodie" desires... check out our reviews from around the globe here:... - 94.4929

Food Hound: Tidbits - Pop's Of Brooklyn

For ALL your Foodie needs... Please check out our Food Hound: Tidbits section at Brim and Etan hit up Pop's for some amazing eats! Who would have thought that such great food could stem from what originally was a bar... - 25.5484

Food Hound: Tidbits - Fogo De Chao

Etan Wish, Allen Chickering and Brimstone hit up the absolute best Steakhouse in all of Austin, Texas; Fogo De Chao! Watch as the guys get treated to the Brazillian custom of Churrascaria! And if you're ever in Austin, hit up: Fogo De Chao 309 E. 3rd... - 25.2711

Food Hound: Tidbits - Magnolia Cafe'

Welcome to the Magnolia Cafe South in Austin! Brimstone, Etan Wish, Terry Naughton, and Allen 'Vandal' Chickering eat some amazing breakfast at the 24 hour hot spot in Austin! Check out the delicious eats! Music Credits: Instrumental Electro House Mix -... - 24.8475

Food Hound: Tidbits - El Vaquero Mexican Restaurant

In Ohio, the Hound Comic™ crew sit down at an amazing Mexican restaurant! El Vaquero treated us to a bevvy of treats from south of the border!! - 83.0155

Food Hound: Tidbits - Mozaik Lounge

On this particular night, we thought it would be a nice change of pace to go to an eatery that wasn't exclusively a restaurant, and we were hearing about Mozaik all damn day! Well, people weren't lying, Mozaik is the place to be to eat some great food, have... - 27.0432

Food Hound: Tidbits - Cici's Pizza

For all your "Foodie" desires... check out our reviews from around the globe here: While in town for Wizard World Ohio, the Hound Comics crew hits up Cici's in Dublin! We eat, we play, Luscious even makes some... - 84.0001

Food Hound: Tidbits - Old San Juan

Hound Comics was back on the road again, in Greenwood Lake, New York! We stopped by an amazing Puerto Rican restaurant, Old San Juan. We had a great meal, including brown rice, two types of beans, chicharon, maduros, a full roasted chicken, hot sauce and... - 27.6797

Food Hound: Tidbits - Daylight Donuts

It's time once again for the Hound Comics crew to cause a little mayhem... this time; we make DONUTS!!! Join Brimstone, Mina, Etan and Tommy while they are taught by Daylight Donuts owner Shawn how to 'Make the Donuts' - VERY cool... Artist Credit -... - 24.9309

Food Hound: Tidbits - Tacos Locos

Brimstone, Mina Sanwald, and Etan Wish go to Tacos Locos in Chicago for breakfast before day 1 of Wizard World! The food was amazing and the staff was too! Tacos Locos (847) 928-2197 4732 N River Rd Schiller Park, IL 06176 For all your "Foodie" desires...... - 25.0947

Food Hound: Tidbits - Mr. Beef & Pizza

Hungry and on the prowl for something good to eat... The Hound Comics gang stopped in for some delicious eats at "Mr. Beef and Pizza" in Chicago! A Chi-town landmark... Mr. Beef is certainly a place to visit while in town! Mr. Beef and Pizza (773)... - 25.0373