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How To Order Wine At A Restaurant

Believe it or not, very often we end up getting the bad wines at restaurants and there is hardly you can do anything after you have ordered it. Here are few tips on ordering wines at a restaurant and enjoying the same. The host in the video suggests checking... - 129.986

Chocolate Shop Red Wine Review

If you are thinking of gifting a chocolate wine to your beloved for the Valentine's day, here is a video to show you what not to buy. Its easy to get carried away by chocolate wine but as the host of Madeline Puckette tastes the wine and has a... - 120.768

How To Open A Bottle Of Wine With Corkscrew

If opening a bottle of wine is a nightmare, here is a video to help you open your wine bottles like a sommelier. The host in the video suggests using a corkscrew which costs just 6 USD and does a great job. She also has a step by step instructions with tips... - 126.933